2009-04-13-To Live A Balanced Life

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Topic: To Live a Balanced Life

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am enjoying the peaceful atmosphere here this evening. I really enjoy hearing you speak in this group because I feel you are giving your very best. You are not worried what others may think of you. You simply want to add to the truth, beauty and goodness. This type of attitude will be helpful when ministering to your fellows day by day.


I can appreciate you that strive to live a balanced life. You work, rest and play. You make time for study and service. We know this is not our world, but it is our home for the meantime. To tend to obligations helps to make our lives better and that feeling of doing the right thing is a direct connection to Father. Even the smallest of deeds strengthens spiritual circuits between you, the Father and your fellows.

I know each week as we visit I am always renewed in Spirit and the overwhelming sensations I have doing my particular job, seem to be made clear and I am reenergized to go forth and be about the Father’s business. The holiday that Christians just celebrated is a good reminder that this life is to go on and that we will be made into the morontia form just as the Master was.

I am MARY. I am with great joy to see you once again. I learn as much from you as Abraham does. Even though the stories of old about the Resurrection are not quite right, they still perpetuate hope and feelings of good will.

Meeting the Master for the first time upon the resurrection, I had no idea who He was. I was simply trying to do what I thought was best, which was finding the body of the Master to embalm properly. This was such a devastating time for all of us who had experienced His crucifixion and we simply wanted to take our traditions and pay honor to the Master’s flesh. Me and my sisters had our plans for this and they were not to happen because the body was gone.

It is difficult for us who have our little traditions and habits to set it aside and try to see the bigger picture. The bigger picture was the Master had fulfilled His promise by resurrecting and appearing to me, not as I had known Him before, but I recognized His voice and the manner in which He spoke to me. For the Master to have appeared to a woman first really had done a lot to up-step women’s status in the churches.

So, I went from disappointment to not being able to continue the traditions when somebody dies, to being given a message by the Master to go and notify the Apostles that the Master had arisen. Many times we are so stuck in our traditions that it is difficult to receive new information. Even now many of the Christian churches still promote the old information and then wonder why the numbers of people are not what they used to be. Hopefully the churches know they must evolve, just as everything else has had to.

Thinking back to those days of the appearances by the Master had certainly opened our eyes and indeed we were elated at this new information and the possibilities of what would become of us after our lives in the flesh were over. You each know that disappointment can be the closing of one door and an opening to another, but it is just difficult to keep the brain and heart synchronized.

There are many issues that you wish to see come to fruition and they do not and we have to learn from history that maybe something else is in the works. Maybe something else Father wants to happen. We know He is our Sovereign and has knowledge of all that was, is and is going to take place. If we can quickly get over our disappointments, then we can quickly reconnect with the Father to find out His will and what He wants to see happen.

Maybe somebody had wanted to be a doctor and it is not going to manifest. It is probably because this person has ties to the Correcting Time and will fulfill greater assignments than being a doctor. This is not to say Father does not want you to have your dreams, of course He does. I am saying your flexibility will help you to evolve with serenity instead of chaos. At this time in our history, we have learned that anything is possible and our open minds will help us to reach our goals faster.

This week try to look for what is really happening in any given situation. Some surface dilemmas are an illusion for some deeper occurrence. Be not afraid to stray from tradition, especially those that you have no understanding why you are doing them anymore. Your feelings of inner-peace can be a guide that will show you logic and practicality. Just like the Master’s resurrection, we know all things are possible.


That is all for this evening. Know that we are both overjoyed to spend time with you. From Abraham and myself, we send you with our love. Go in peace. Until next time, shalom.