2009-05-24-Steadfast Participation Needed

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Topic: Steadfast Participation Needed

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael



MONJORONSON: Good afternoon, this is Monjoronson. It is a distinct privilege and pleasure to be here with you today. Many of you have been prepared for the work that we are doing through the Magisterial Mission. You have been prepared by the Christian religion and other religions, which focus upon and are centered upon the First Source and Center, your Creator God. Many of you see the Creator as a Father figure, who is benevolent and who brings the best of the universe to your doorstep, if you wish to engage it. You have been prepared as well by The Urantia Book, which has described the workings of the universe in a superficial manner. It is extensive in its explanations, but is very short on describing the era into which your lives are now being injected.


You have had a closer view of your personal relationship with God through your celestial teachers and angels, and through the personal presence of Christ Michael, Machiventa and emissaries of the Most Highs. I am very privileged to be here with you, as this is a wonderful era for your world that will bring about the earliest stages of the days of light and life to your world. We have brought you many lessons through your celestial teachers in the Teaching Mission, and we have presented you with an outline of the Magisterial Mission, which are the fundamental building blocks for the healing of your planet, and its coming of age in an era of sustainability. We have shared with you sustainable practices through Sondjah’s work, who has worked closely with me. You are being prepared for the future.

This co-creative effort of bringing your world into the days of light and life, for an evolving, developing and maturing civilization cannot be done without your help. We have said this before. Yet, many of you have withered away and left this mission and the Teaching Mission. You have abandoned this hope. I am not here to chastise you, or to denigrate your efforts heretofore. I am here to remind you that this project is life-long and will take many lifetimes to fulfill.

Many of you have come to us seeking answers for immediate [use] or for results that would be shortly coming to you, but this is not the case. This is not a mission of miracles; this is a mission of steadfast, plodding development of maturity and the integration of celestial plans through your co-creative minds and efforts. You may wonder why this is progressing so slowly, and it is because it is much like an investment program: You contribute to it regularly; you make investments where you can make a difference; you withdraw from areas that are not working. But to withdraw from investing altogether creates shortcomings in the program. You wonder why we have not progressed more quickly—it is because many of our key players have withdrawn from the program.

Can you imagine the largest civilizational undertaking ever to occur on a planet? This is it! Can you imagine the largest human designed program, ever? You may think of the pyramids; you may think of building the Aswan Dam; you may think of building the huge reservoir of the Three Gorges project in China; you may think of building the railroad networks of North America. Think of the largest project that you can, and it is miniaturized compared to the project that we are working on. Now imagine what would happen if key players, key engineers or architects of the engineering company that built any of these projects suddenly died or withdrew themselves from the project, without explanation, without criticism, without sharing themselves with the project?

You begin to have an idea of the human resource difficulties we are having with the Magisterial Mission as we strive to engage you and millions of other people materially, physically, mentally, socially in this project. It is huge! We must replace key players with others, who must become acquainted with the project. Where do they come from? As the numbers of the individuals who are well acquainted with our project withdraw or withhold themselves, we must bring in new members from outside, who must be re-acquainted with The Urantia Book, with the Teaching Mission, the Magisterial Mission and the co-creative design team process.

Remember, this is a volunteer project. No one is coerced to participate. And in return, your payment is not material—it is in the soul growth that you will experience during your material lifetime. It is in the growth of your personality, its expression, and your contribution to that of humankind, to your civilization. When key players withdraw, we must find replacements. Only a few have the tenacious perseverance to stand the test of time without seeing any results, only knowing that they are doing the right thing for the right reasons, with or without any evidence that their contributions make a difference.

These are complex problems and are not easily solved overnight. These problems and challenges that we face take years to unfold and to re-integrate and solve. The resources are limited; the resources are human—this is the limitation that we face in this grand project. It is no wonder that it will easily take eighty to one hundred years for this project to bloom. It may take twenty to forty years for the presence of the planetary managers to be globally recognized as an existent project on your planet, recognized even by non-religious individuals as something that is having an effect on their planet and has an agenda, and affects business, governance, commerce, trade and finance. Yes, it will take that long for this to be recognized as an eminent force on your planet. Even then there will be hundreds of millions of non-believers who withdraw and withhold themselves.

You are here because you have hope, you have faith, you have a personal relationship with me, Christ Michael, your guardian angel, your celestial teacher and with God—your Thought Adjuster, expressed in you. You are here because you will have had this faith for the duration of your lives. You are here because you want to contribute, and so we recognize you—we know you by name—and we call upon you to remain steadfast. Do not be disappointed when results are not forthcoming in two weeks, two months, two years or twenty years. Be patient my friends and work with us even though progress is slow on your terms.

From our perspectives, we see the progress as having been incredibly rapid, but we are at the point now where we need further resources. More people are needed who are willing to engage a celestial, angelic—even Divine—project as this. There are those who are outside of your belief systems that you are acquainted with who are willing to believe in this project because there is nothing else available on human terms that can provide a plan for developing your civilization into a sustainable civilization. They have hope, but they do not know where to place their hope, and so we must now go out and scatter seeds in fertile fields in other belief systems, and let them know that we are here, that this project has been engaged

If you are disappointed, it is because you have set your expectations too high for immediate results. If you have withdrawn, saying it is not workable, then you do not know God’s infinite patience. We ask that you share some time of stillness with your Thought Adjuster, and wait upon the Lord to speak to you in your life, and to draw you into opportunities. Be open to options that come to you and then say “Yes,” for this is the affirmation of the Universe: Yes! Decide to be a player in this project; decide to be a co-participant with Christ Michael’s project, the Correcting Time. Whether you see results in two weeks, two months, two years or twenty years, it does not really matter to you, your life and your soul’s growth, for this is an experience of living, a co-creative faith-filled life, living for the higher good of yourself and your planet. Know that you have been called upon, and whether you hear your Thought Adjuster, hear a celestial teacher or not, you have made a decision to be here. Many of you are fully steadfast for the duration of your lives, and we salute you, we praise you and we especially thank you for the energy to assist us in the co-creative healing of your world.

Above all, do not despair and do not feel that you have been abandoned, for you have not. Whether you believe in the Teaching Mission, The Urantia Book—even your Christian faith does not matter when you have a personal relationship with your Thought Adjuster from within. This is the most important relationship that you can ever experience in your lifetime, so do not despair about what is around you, but take joy with what is within you, for the Divine is with you—you are personally, intimately guided by your Thought Adjuster when you will to do God’s will. Open yourself to that guidance. You may find that that opening will guide you to assist in this project. Perhaps it may not, but surely engage your human civilization, your human institutions, social institutions, which so desperately need open minds and open hearts to engage these projects with right thinking and right intentions.

We urge you to open yourself and remain steadfast to the projects that you work in. It is not necessary that everyone on the planet work with the Magisterial Mission, but it would be helpful if many would. It will also be very helpful when others are invested in your human institutions for the highest and greatest good of all, to assist in them becoming sustainable programs. This is the key to the healing of your planet—to strive toward the sustainable development and the maturation of sustainable social institutions. This cannot be done without your participation.

I will draw you a metaphor: Imagine you are in a cavernous auditorium, a cavernous astrodome or some mega-facility, where there is only the floor and the doors to the outside, and it is pitch dark inside of this facility. You are there, wandering around with just a flashlight, and the walls are so distant that your flashlight cannot even reach them. You are in the darkness, wandering around, pointing your flashlight here and there, up and down, trying to find marks on the floor to guide you. You do not know where the exit is until someone on the perimeter opens a single door, and though it may be a thousand feet away in the pitch darkness, you see this light, and so you move towards it. You move towards it, having the faith that the ground beneath you is even, level and safe. You move towards it with your flashlight to show you the way. Your flashlight is the small amount of faith that you have in yourself and in your surroundings—and in your future.

The door is the light of Christ Michael, of your Thought Adjuster that draws you forward, ever saying, “This is the way. Come to me and all will be well.” This is the beginning of the engagement of a relationship between yourself and the Divine. You live with the Divine every day; that light that is within you. Have faith that you are being guided, be still and look. In the stillness and silence of your meditations you will find that door that opens to all possibilities—that the door is opened for you. You do not need to fumble about in your life, going here or there to find a way to move forward, for there is already a powerful light that draws you into the future, that keeps you feeling safe when all others are in doubt. You know that you are safe with the light that comes through the door, and so you move towards it. Your faith is a wonderful beginning to carry you through the darkness of life.

Trust yourself to know the way; trust your Thought Adjuster within you, the God presence that guides you to show you the way. With your faith take steps forward into the future now, for the future lies in this moment. I know this sounds very simple to you; it is very child-like, but this is how to begin—with child-like faith. This is a part of the relationship with the Divine; it is intimate, it is caring, it is supportive. These are tumultuous times in your world, in your nation and even in your communities and perhaps in your personal life. Trust that through these changes, you will be guided. Be open to the nuances of faith, those tender moments where openings and options are given to you, where you can say “yes.” Do not stand back in fear, but move forward; say yes, engage this moment now to move forward.

When you are in fear faith is challenged, is it not? You are now in the early and beginning phases of the transition era and you have seen something very unusual occur in your world every year in the last two, three or four years. Know that this will continue, and your faith will continue to be challenged. Know that with your faith, you will be buoyed up when the flood, for example, comes to you; you will be given a life-vest, a life-saving circle to grab and to keep you safe. Never will you be abandoned.

[Daniel: Did you note the shift in “voice” of the speaker? The last part sounded like a Melchizedek Teacher speaking.]

I am willing to engage your questions if you have any.


Student: From your observation point, can you comment about the extent to which world leadership is willing to work toward a universal world government?

MONJORONSON: Slowly, my friend, slowly. What you are seeing in progressive nations is an acknowledgment that there is much more in common than there are differences, and that by remaining separate and aloof and withdrawing from the global community, there is much danger in this position. The financial turmoil of your world in the last year to two years has created a greater awareness that you are all in this together, and that when one prospers, others must as well prosper to sustain the prosperity, but when one falls, all fall in some degree. The leadership is aware of this, yet there are local interests to withdraw and stay aloof as a way of maintaining national and personal power.

Few have put it in terms of sovereignty by questioning the necessity of staunch, strict and rigid sovereignty, but this is the issue, is it not? When sovereignty dissolves slowly, the separations dissolve, and then the bonds of togetherness must strengthen. Your leaders recognize that militarily, strong military aggression is antithetical to progress. It is opposed to oneness, prosperity and common interests, that war is counter-productive, commercially, economically, and financially. Few leaders of the world have truly engaged the potential good for commonality. Particularly, political leaders are fearful of this for they are in a balancing situation. They intellectually and managerially understand that oneness, completion, and integration are a necessary factor for global stability and sustainable peace, but that they do not want to proceed too aggressively, for they may have the support—popular support—from their homelands withdrawn from them. It is a very slow, slow process to bring everyone up to the same plateau of awareness of the necessity of an integrated global community, and how to work towards that deliberately and intentionally, yet maintaining your unique identities. Thank you for your question. (Thank you.)

Student: Monjoronson, in one of your recent sessions, you said for us to make sure that we set the frequencies of our filters higher than that of the highest frequency of pathogens. Later you explained similarities between radio and TV frequencies with our own. I see that “intent” is a major part of this, but how can we tell if we are raising our frequencies high enough? How do we know the frequencies of the pathogens?

MONJORONSON: It is not necessary to know the frequency of pathogens; it is not even necessary to know that your efforts are effective. It is simply sufficient enough to begin, and you can begin this way: Do this in the early phases and stages of your personal meditation, daily, where you sit in stillness. Then state aloud, or in writing, what your intention is for your meditation. Why are you doing this? What is to be fulfilled? What do you wish to accomplish? What is your intention for taking this time to be with God?

Then, having made that intention known to the Divine, to your guardians, deliberately bring in the line of energy that proceeds from Paradise through your crown chakra and flows through your base chakra to earth center. See this wonderful blue-white light fill your whole being, your whole body as though your human form were a balloon. See this wonderful light filling every nook and cranny of your mind—not just your brain, but also your mind.

Now, with your will as though your hand were reaching forward to grasp that line of energy in your mind, grasp that line with your consciousness. Fill your consciousness with that light; become one with that light and see yourself begin to radiate that light from every level of your being, from the physical level, to the cellular level, to your nervous system, to your aura. See yourself being completely filled and radiating with this light. When you have done this, you have filled yourself with the nearest presence of the Creator. You have filled yourself with its light.

And how will you know that you were effective? Quite simply that you will first of all begin to love yourself as God loves you; to accept yourself as God accepts you; to appreciate yourself as God and your Thought Adjuster appreciate you; and to recognize you as important in this world and in this universe. How will you know that you were effective in raising your consciousness? You will radiate love, acceptance, appreciation, and recognition to your fellow brothers and sisters of the flesh. Though you might abhor what they do, this is truly not who they are. You appreciate them as emissaries of the Divine. And, though some may be spiritually retarded, they have the potential to become quite spiritually advanced, so you accept them as they are, where they are, as you accept yourself and love yourself.

Love’s expression demonstrated is the proof of your having raised your elevation of the frequency of your whole being. It is living in the now, this moment, being at peace without an agenda for yourself, without an agenda for others, without an agenda for your children, for your neighbors, for your relatives, for anyone in your life, but to appreciate them and accept them also, as children of God. Surely no human on your planet is perfect; no one can step up to the highest levels of performance of this light, but to strive to do so is wonderful. To strive to do so, to strive to have the intention of doing so, is paramount in your own progress. If you are resistant to this progress, perhaps you may [also] be resistant to overtures of opportunities that would raise you. These opportunities will not be missed eventually, in time and in the duration of your infinite career.

Hold your intentions high to be of the light, in the light, filled with this light, in your lifetime. Surely you had a wonderful example and model in your Lord Jesus/Christ Michael’s manifestation in the flesh. You have been given a true and accurate description of his life in Part IV of The Urantia Book. It describes so succinctly and clearly his performance, his behavior, his light among you during his lifetime. Surely this is a wonderful example. Surely it is not this that you have to live up to—surely not, but you are anticipated—believers are anticipated to engage this as one of their intentions for their lifetime. Do the best that you can; hold the highest level of vibration for your self for this is love.

You of this world understand so little about love. Love is more than emotion, more than something physical. It is more than even coming close to one who you live with in an intimate relationship for years. Love is the cooperative, cohesive force in the universe that expresses itself throughout the universe that holds everything together, for God’s energy pervades the entire universe. It holds everything in the highest regard, provides this energy generously to you, to be used in many, many ways. Love is the coordination and support of the Creator from Paradise. You have access to it, you have immediate fulfillment with it by calling upon it, engaging it, filling yourself and your life with this light. I appreciate your question. I appreciate you all here. (Thank you very much.)

Student: Sometimes it seems like these small acts that we can do are so small. Perhaps we wonder if there is something that we are missing.

MONJORONSON: Yes, perhaps there is something missing, and that is part of your journey; part of your search is to find it. Find God’s presence in your life, and then express it to others, and express it to yourself. So many of you would be so much more empowered if you accepted and appreciated yourselves even a little bit, as your pets do, as your children do. You would be so much more empowered to share God’s love and expression with others, were you to accept yourself, appreciate yourself, and recognize yourself as an important ingredient and contributor to your world. Many people do not do much for others, but they are shining beacons of light that give other people hope, a brightness in their smile, the elevation of their voice, the connection with others through their eyes and their smile. You can give much to others, without knowing it.

It is important to be in the light and of the light and express the light every day in every way possible—particularly to yourself and then to others. We are not saying that you should love yourself selfishly or narcissistically—give love to others and love will be returned to you. You remember the parable of throwing pearls before swine? Remember the time that Jesus passed by the man who would not be open to receiving him? You too, have a capacity to understand this. There is no need to argue with other people to convince them of your point of view. Simply be the beacon, and they will be drawn to you. Thank you. (Thank you.)

Student: Are there any parts of the world that are more advanced in recognizing the mandates of entering into the era of light and life, or is the world pretty homogeneous?

MONJORONSON: The world is mostly homogenous. Places where it is most accepted is in the minds and hearts of individuals, and they are sparse and few, but sufficient for us to work with to begin elevating your world to the days of light and life. That is why our emissaries of light, yourselves, must be radiating with God’s love, and also to share what we are doing in your world. Soon the necessities of your world will require that this information be shared with others to give them hope to survive, hope to last, and hope to continue on. Remember, this is the early phases of the transition era, and there will be a yearning desire for answers, for hope, and for a way forward. You have been given this; you know what is required to have sustainable social institutions; you know the way. It is now a matter of attracting those who are like-minded, and this is the place where sustainable places on earth exist. Thank you.

I will engage one more question, if you have any?

Student: You mentioned that here in the United States, we need to be proactive in the distribution of wealth in the world, and I can see that we’ve done a great amount of that, to the extent that some of our ultra-nationalistic citizens are creating a backlash against immigration and foreign aid. Do you foresee that this will resolve itself, or become more of a problem as we move forward into building a sustainable world?

MONJORONSON: It will resolve itself for the benefits for it are far greater than those who are so conservative—and when I say, “spread your wealth,” that does not mean to send millions or billions of dollars to other countries in the form of money. It is in the form of education; it is in the form of self-help programs to help others; it is in the form of free clinics and unbiased birth control programs and services. It is through your human resources that enable individuals to become greater than they are, without bias, without preference for gender, nationality, ethnic preference, cultural, or religious groups. Generosity of this type will heal your world rapidly, and it will show this nation to be larger than its stingiest members. It will show itself to be concerned about individuals and that it will be served, as it serves others throughout the world. Thank you. (Thank you. I hadn’t thought of it that way. That helps.)


Any others? (Pause.) I thank you for your time today. I thank you for your participation to engage with us on these topics, and to share with you and with the world, our perspectives of your world. You are truly those who anticipate the future, for the best that it can offer. Thank you so much for your blessings, your participation on our work. Thank you for your co-creative efforts. You may think they are small, but remember that many candles held together can light a large room. Good day.