2009-07-04-11:11 Troopers and Full Reclamation

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Topic: 11:11 Troopers and Full Reclamation

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Machiventa, Michael

TR: George Barnard



Machiventa: “Anytime is the right time for me to speak with you, my dear friend and co-worker in Michael’s army. At this juncture in my career, my daily life is all about ideas and plans, meetings regarding these plans, and the organizing and bringing to fruition of these same plans. In these early days of the Correcting Time the number of possibilities are almost overwhelming, and all potentials are dutifully considered. In as much as anything that could go wrong, effectively did go wrong on your world during the long reign of Lucifer, we also now have Michael’s far-reaching mandates to pull all former rebellious planets back into the Nebadon fold.

“At once, the efforts of the members of the growing 11:11 Progress Group are miniscule in comparison to the overall worldwide endeavors of Lightworkers of this important new age, whilst in its organization it is sound and impressive by its many sidedness, as well as its potential for extreme longevity through close cooperation with the Secondary and Primary Midwayers of Progress. A long-ago dream has become a certainty, indeed, that this celestial/human alliance will do three things: continue to grow, continue to run still smoother than it does now, and encourage ever more members to make close contact with their celestial Teachers.

“There … for now I palmed off my regular duties onto my brother Melchizedeks to be with you, to thank you, and your many 11:11 troopers, for the excellent work you do, and to assure you that there is no reason to doubt that you are on track and will achieve far beyond both your, and my, original estimations. Thank you. This 11:11 effort will never die. I am Machiventa wishing you well, and stepping aside now for you to receive a word from your Creator.”

Michael: “This is your Father/Brother Michael come to add his thanks and well-wishes to those of your Planetary Prince. We are grateful to be invited into your home. Thank you, my dear ones, for being so active, positive, and creative in my domain. Trust that many citizens from regular worlds envy you for the myriad opportunities that so present themselves here.

“Thank you, my dear receivers (channelers) for almost daily conveying your Teachers’ messages to thousands of my subjects. My gratitude goes to the dear ones who translate our words (into Spanish, French, Portuguese and Dutch), as my commendations go to those who diligently take care of the (internet) technology requirements, and follow-on lists. As well, and not in the least, do I express my deep-felt appreciation for the more than one hundred healers of varied expertise, who daily practice their gifts on those less fortunate than they. Continue to do this in my name, and according to the Father’s will.

“Finally, my heartfelt thankfulness goes out to those who outnumber you ‘better than’ ten to one – your celestial siblings of many kinds. Because of their essential dedication, the full reclamation of this troubled world is a certainty. Thank you. Thank you each and everyone. I am Michael. My love goes out to you all.”