2009-07-15-Role of Adjusters in Sleep

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Topic: Role of Adjusters in Sleep

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Jonathan



Monjoronson Jonathan TR): Thank you for joining this circle, I am Monjoronson, and I am willing to address your questions.


  • Question 1:

Mary: Thank you for being here with us. This first question is as follows: We have been told that our Thought Adjuster often works with us in our sleep. What kind of spiritual input do we receive? How do we interact, participate, and learn in our dream state?

Monjoronson: The role our Thought Adjuster undertakes while the human mind is at rest and the body is sleeping is one of sorting and sifting, both in regards to experiences already lived and in preparation for hoped-for experiences that will benefit the growth of the human soul. This period of time wherein the human being is asleep is an interval wherein the mind is more passive and receptive than directive in its thought pattern. A reflective form of thinking and imagery unfolds and, on the mind level, the human being relives and adjusts to, sorts out and comes to understand, events in life as they occurred.

Yet these experiences may not have had their deeper attention for a spiritual reflection or a determination of worth and value to the individual so a dream sequence can help to illuminate one's relationship to the experience. At the same time in the regions of the mind beyond consciousness the Thought Adjuster is overlaying patterns of divinity, unifying structures of spirit which will bring greater clarification to the human soul as it organizes those experiences into those patterns of spirit. Because the mind is more a watcher than an actor the Divine Spirit is able to implace those patterns, whereas in waking life the greater frenzy of thinking can push those patterns too far into the background to be serviceable.

There is little direct activity of spirit in the dream life. Perhaps I should more accurately say that there is no greater spirit activity in the dream life than there is in your waking life. It is only that the Thought Adjuster is active while the mind is more passive, while in the waking life the human mind is as active as the Divine Spirit. Because this spirit is in a dimension above and beyond mind do not expect to witness it within your dream sequences; these are projections of the mind accompanied by the emotions.

While the Divine Spirit is overlaying patterns for your future growth it is also observing your less encumbered reactions to your dream sequences and noting how you respond. These responses are less inhibited than would be your waking responses wherein your morals, ethics, and other values may condition how you behave. While the Divine Spirit within you knows full well the origin of your being, your nature, and your character; because you are a freewill creature the Divine Spirit still remains surprised by how you choose to act. So while you are in your slumber period the Divine Presence can gain insight into your own being.

I will address a dimension of dreaming that may perhaps contribute to this question, and that is the gradations of lucidity and the cloudiness of a dream. These experiences of extreme clarity are at times interpreted as spirit contact. While this may the case, on the whole these lucid experiences are the result of a final coordination and placement of thoughts and experiences and emotions into a synergetic wholeness and are viewed instantaneously rather than sequentially through thinking patterns or lines of feeling. That all-encompassing sense of understanding creates the sensation of lucidity, and such clarity of perspective and understanding is often then credited to the Divine Spirit as the one who placed it within you.

Much of the work that the Divine Spirit does while you sleep is for its own benefit in the preparations for your life experiences ahead and for the compiling of your experiences recently had. Nothing is given to you which is unearned. It is more in a sense like bookkeeping and organizing than bequeathing you with a knowledge or a wisdom which you may learn on your own.

I hope this answers the question.

  • Question 2:

Mary: Thank you, it did. The next questions reference the human ego. The first question asks if you would explain how the human ego originates in the mind.

Monjoronson: You ask how the human ego originates in the mind. I will describe it this way: The human ego is an expression of the human personality. The personality must express itself by way of mind through body. It is how it expresses itself that may be called ego.

There is a teaching that promotes egolessness. This is impossible as long as a personality is functioning, for every willful act is ego. If the personality were to remain static, make no choices, there would be no choices. So the ego comes about when personality chooses to act and does so. It is the expression of personality.

Personality is changeless; it is who you are, but your ego may change. As you mature spiritually your will focus adjusts, and the ego manifestation may shift from selfish pursuits to altruistic endeavors. You might say that your ego is your costumes and your personality is the actor or actors.

  • Next question.

Mary: By what mechanism does the ego grow and flourish?

Monjoronson: It grows and flourishes as the personality discerns and more greatly discerns the will of God and adjusts its decision making processes to conform with the higher realities of deity, the spirituality of universe function. When a personality by way of mind is honest with itself the ego becomes a noble character of expression. When the personality is disingenuous the ego takes on the appearances by which it gets its notorious name and reputation. When realization is made deep within the mind, acknowledged by the personality, and acquired by the soul, the ego will manifest that in your active life.

In some regards your ego is an indicator of not just your attainment spiritually but of your balance and your reckoning with that attainment. You are adjusting it to your daily concerns, to the practical activities.

If a personality is extremely oriented to the external realities of life, it overlooks the eternal signals and impulses of Divine Spirit which is directing the soul upward to God, and the ego then becomes more powerful in the direction of life¹s actions, and the personality will become confused in values, relying too much on external rewards and gratification. For the ego to flourish, as you have asked, the personality must be in central control and let the ego do the peripheral acting, and this is accomplished well through stillness.

  • Your next question?

Mary: You already answered the next one, but there's one more: Are there specific techniques an individual may employ to minimize the negative effects of the ego? You did say the personality being honest with itself as opposed to disingenuous might answer that.

Monjoronson: Yes, indeed, as you have read in the text of the Urantia Papers that on the higher spheres of the morontia realm the morontia form more truly reflects your personality, that the beings around you see you for who you truly are; no hat, no cloak, no makeup can obscure your real nature. So it is true in the human life for the ego if the personality is open and honest and transparent, overcomes fear and protectionism, and bravely faces life with its understanding and its own ignorance, and is willing to face and adapt as it grows.

As the master when he walked upon your world preferred to become a man among men, to have others look at him and say, Behold the man, when people saw the master they felt like they knew him even when they did not, for he radiated that assuredness of personality presence and did not alter it with ego appearances. If you can be expressive of who you truly are your ego will manifest that. If you seek to alter your appearance, the negative qualities ascribed to ego will come about, and others will be required to reckon with those manifestations.

The most powerful and potent tool for such transparency is learning the will of God as it is applied to your destiny as a child of God and an ascending citizen in this universe, then to sincerely live that realization every moment.

Mary: Sincerely living may be the answer to a final question I was going to ask: What first steps should we take to create an atmosphere of peace and love on this dysfunctional world that will be sustaining of an upward movement? Any further comments?

Monjoronson: I affirm your observations. It is the best method not only for the first step but for all subsequent steps. Note that Michael in his mission on Urantia began with the transformation of himself and then let that work upon his twelve close apostles and those nearby as well and let that ripple effect extend around the world as those souls transformed by his teachings and his presence shared that. He always frowned on taking up arms and going against the powers that be, whether they were those of religious authority or those with governmental powers, for this will never increase peace and harmony; it will only galvanize opposites. When [individuals are] inspired by the character manifestation of another being who is residing in the light, they will transform themselves; no force is required.


I will close with an analogy. You have a flower, the sunflower. It is one, it is whole as a flower. Within it are many, many seeds which are developing. You say the flower is in its fullness when all seeds are ripe. Not one seed saw to changing another seed to make it ripe; it merely absorbed the energy given to it by the plant and became mature in its own right. If all human beings address their spiritual work in this manner then peace and harmony will be realized. To do the first step is to begin at home maturing your own souls, discovering the will of God, incorporating truth into your living, and being honest with yourselves and your relationships with God and others.

Mary: Thank you so much for talking with us.

Monjoronson: You are welcome and I give my thanks to those who have submitted these questions. I am ever willing and have pledged myself to loyally be at the service of my fellow human beings on this planet. I will make every effort to contribute to the upliftment of this world, to be an assistant in Michael's plan of bringing about Light and Life. I welcome all of you as dedicated comrades. I enjoy your love and I enjoy your service. Thank you.