2009-07-26-Time for Global Contacts

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Topic: Time for Global Contacts

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, Rayson

TR: Daniel Raphael



MONJORONSON: Good afternoon, this is Monjoronson. (Group greetings.) I am pleased to be in the company of my friend and your teacher, Rayson, who has a couple of lessons to share with you as well. My report today involves the further discussion of the concept of the “dots,” as was mentioned several weeks ago, where your group here, and the Co-Creative Design Team work around the world are several dots. We told you that it was now time to move ahead, to connect with other like-minded, like-hearted, congruent groups and associations of individuals, who are similar to our work, who are compatible with our work.


As you know, our work has been global for decades and centuries, and it has developed cohesiveness on this side, although on your side it has diverged and renamed itself many hundreds of times, so that the names and titles are much different. Now it is time to reconnect with these groups around the world. There has been an increased activity in doing so; members of various groups, as some of you are aware, have mentioned that there seems to be an urge, an attraction, a gravitational pull to some central point, for all these groups with an unnamed and unimagined, finished development, bringing not hundreds, but thousands and hundreds of thousands, and millions of individuals together in like relationship. The potential of this will be much greater than you, individually.

Several of you are aware of social networking, whose software may be useful in some regard to our work, where you list the factors that are significant for your organization, such as a co-creative design team process, and the Magisterial Mission, and post these. Your group would be matched with other groups which are of congruent or similar directions, intentions and values. This will enable you to share like-projects and in the end, over time, you will find that the similarities far outweigh the differences among your groups. This will make you much more powerful.

“How does this come about?,” you may ask. It comes about, my friends, by first becoming aware that there is something going on in the world, whether that is the concern about apocalyptic events, or through the 2012 phenomena—whatever it may be that awakens you.

The second, and much more important factor is the raising of global consciousness by individuals consciously, intentionally and purposefully directing their consciousness to the whole of the consciousness of others around the world, so that you become a mighty force for uplifting your world. Of course the “intent” you hold in mind when you project your consciousness is vitally important. Many of you have the right intent: the intent of oneness, of wholeness, of completion, of universal love and sustainable peace and the overcoming of differences and the acceptance of similarities, so that you see more processes and factors and characteristics of similarity, than you do of difference. Your consciousness has brought the “dots program,” as we may call it, if you wish, into existence, where it becomes recognized by you that this is occurring, and that through our urging, you intentionally move forward to find other groups, such as yours.

Your teacher, Rayson, and others have told you many times before that the evolution of your software on the Internet is advancing rapidly. It will continue to do so and it will eventually serve more accurately the needs of individuals and more accurately serve the needs of diverse groups, diverse groups that have similar intentions for existence and objectives and goals and visions. This is becoming more and more honed—I would not say perfected—but it is becoming more and more accurate in its design.

You of the Teaching Mission, Urantia Book and the Magisterial Mission will forever remain “small potatoes” in this large field of earthly endeavors of social, economic, religious, spiritual and financial associations. You must join with others, and others must join with you. You will eventually find that you will not have to compromise your goals, but to define those goals that are similar to others, and others will find goals that they have, similar to yours. It is quite true in fact, that the division of most of your groups is very, very similar, though the language for stating them may be quite different. You will find the association of the dots, more and more a movement as it moves ahead. There will truly almost be no organization at all, though this may be funded by some institution, institute, or some foundation to assist this process, and surely the Melchizedeks and midwayers are actively involved in this process right now, as I speak.

It is to the advancement of peace, the advancement of a sustainable civilization that many organizations have goals to uplift society and to benefit humankind, wherever it is on the earth. Know that this will be evolving very rapidly as the associations become more and more frequent, and the density of the population of these associations becomes greater and greater. Those individuals who see this and measure this on the Internet will be very eager to enhance, perfect, develop and let their software evolve to more effective and efficient levels. I will now answer any questions, before teacher Rayson takes the forum.


Student: Is there any particular focus that we should begin with when working with other groups?

MONJORONSON: Let me put this in the negative, rather than the positive this time. You will find much better results and effective development by working with groups which do not take positions, but rather have common interests with yours. You will find that those groups, which are caught in a web of ideology and take an ideological stand, will not serve this process very well at all. This is a process which engages the—what you might say the 10% of global population— those individuals who are concerned more about the process and outcome, rather than the immediate goals and the linear effects of moving ahead step by step. We are talking about vision holders for your civilization. Does this answer your question, though it is a bit roundabout? If not, ask further please.

Student: (Pause.) I can’t come up with anything at the moment, but….

MONJORONSON: Then as you consider your question, consider this then, that this is not a highly refined process from your perspective, but from ours it is energetic, it is a matter of consciousness and consciousness development. We are able to measure the mental and emotional attitudes of millions of people, to assist us in moving you ahead. Do not be overly concerned about specifics that you have to deal with, but those [that] are at the hub of associations and organizations which you are familiar would be the ones to think about this, and to do some homework, which may involve a simple one-page descriptor of your organization. What is unique about it? What is it remarkable for? What is its vision? What are its goals and objectives?

It is necessary for you to identify those issues, those factors, those characteristics and traits of your organization that would attract other organizations. In your organization you would say, “We want to associate with groups who have these things in common with us,” and then you would state those things in common. All organizations eventually will operate on a similar basis as FaceBook or a dating service, where you state your attributes and characteristics. You are then matched with those who are similar to yours for a good match, so that you can work together, if that is your interest. So, yes, there is something that you can do; there is something that all organizations can do, and that is to prepare for this software, this Internet development among organizations. If you have specific questions to this topic, I will answer them at this time.

Student: So, you do not really want us to focus on one of the aspects of the co-creative design team?

MONJORONSON: No, you are associated with Starbridge Trust and the Teaching Mission—various associations of the Teaching Mission. Each one would want to design or to develop a single-page descriptor of its traits and unique qualifiers and identifiers. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, that helps me. Thank you.

Student: When we attended the World Parliament of Religions 5 years ago, I was pleasantly surprised that I think there was an agreement that something that could well be a common belief in all of us universally was “The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man,” which of course the Urantia teachings tell us is Jesus’ true gospel. We heard of so many different organizations that were working for a better world, peace, development. There wasn’t much use of the word “sustainability,” but it was delightful to see how many different groups that we previously had no awareness of, working for the real benefit of the world.

MONJORONSON: Yes, this is exactly what we know. This process will be a sorting process, where you will find strength in numbers. You may put this in terms again of sustainability, the “we are striving to devise, develop and evolve an association of sustainable consciousness,” so that, whether you are an Episcopalian, a Lutheran, a Catholic, a Hindu or a Muslim, you would be associated through common interests and you would strive to associate with others to support this and sustain it. You would project your consciousness, as an individual, to the welfare, good and development of all those who are similar to your traits. This is a wonderful beginning for God-centered religions.

Religions are not the only ones who have a concern for the welfare of the world. Other groups are included in this effort to bring about a global association of positive-thinking, positive-action, positive-consciousness for the upliftment of your world and its movement into wholeness and oneness that presage the days of light and life. Ecumenical efforts are commendable. These however, are limiting as we wish to include as many as possible, even those groups which do not necessarily have their focus on God.

There are brotherhood associations, sororal associations and service groups that do not have God as the primary focus, but nonetheless have tremendously valuable vision, goals and philosophies, which would be supportive of a global association of oneness and wholeness, and would contribute to the development of a greater consciousness, a sustainable consciousness of good. This will, in the end, in decades, centuries and millennia ahead, promote the advancement for the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of all humankind. The fieldwork must be done worldwide, globally, for this to occur. This is an action of integration, rather than separation. It is inclusive, rather than exclusive, the values and beliefs that are central to movement towards the support of this global and sustainable organization, a loosely formed association of like-thinking, like-hearted organizations. Thank you.

I will now give way to teacher Rayson, unless you have further important questions to ask.

Student: At this point in time then, the communication with other like-minded groups is to be done more online, rather than as a conference?

MONJORONSON: It is even less than that, dear one. Hold it in mind, as the Buddhists do, you hold peace in mind; it is holding the intent in your consciousness for a greater and closer association with other groups. You may wish to go online to find these connecting services for associations and groups. There are several around the world, perhaps even many, and most of these are immature and undeveloped yet, though some of the later ones have initiated a model that approximates what we hope to come into existence in the future. Simply hold the space for this to occur, when you meditate, and to have little reminders about the house or where you work or where you drive, to hold this in mind as you go through your day. If you are the head of an organization, then you might begin to look into this, as well as look into developing a one-page descriptor of your organization. (Thank you.)

Thank you for your time today; I appreciate your presence here. I now give way to Rayson, your beloved teacher, in whom I have tremendous respect.

RAYSON: Good afternoon, friends, this is Rayson. (Warm welcome.) It is very good to be with you once more. I have two topics I wish to discuss with you or tell you about, that are very important. The first is somewhat related to what the Magisterial Son, Monjoronson, said a few minutes ago:

This has to do with divine order and divine timing. It has to do with the development of the conjunctions or junctures of coincidence and serendipity. These acts of benevolence are not happenstance, but are intentional, and are intentionally developed and organized and arranged by us. But it is you, my friends, who provide the resources for us to do that. We teachers, Melchizedeks, angels and midwayers are actively involved ceaselessly, around the clock, arranging these times of serendipity and coincidence, those happenstance occasions, which turn your head and have you look twice at a situation, and realize that a tremendous—though small, though great—benevolence has occurred immediately in your life.

How can you contribute to this? If you are stuck at home, you can assist this by being on the telephone, writing letters, or being on the Internet. Yet a far more active and energetic means of doing so is to get out of the house or invite people to your home to meet and talk with you, or where you meet and talk with them in their home. Or you go out to meetings, appointments, to coffee and teas, or to afternoon parties to meet people. You go to conferences and workshops and to classes, where you have something in common with others, where you have something to generate, to develop. It occurs when you are chatting with individuals, where you pass by someone and you make those connections, that interrelationship, that network which serves the angels and midwayers so capably. We need you to make more associations.

This is not a contest; it is not a goal; it is simply that we have found that more and more people tend to relate to others through the Internet by sitting in a chair, behind a computer screen, trying to relate to others. This is wonderful; this is a way of making connections, but it is the “energetic contact” that occurs when you meet people, when you have eye contact, when you are within the aura of another. They share your space, they share your energy and you share theirs. Something is imprinted upon you; something mysterious occurs, and this mysterious part is what we are looking for; it is that moment where the germ of the seed germinates and shoots out a sprout, a rootlet, and so you feel this within yourself; you feel this connection. Sometimes it doesn’t occur immediately, but it occurs later on as you drive home, or you take the bus home, or you are sitting in your chair writing about your afternoon in a journal — see that those connections are made. You are helping us when you make those connections, when you meet and greet people out in society.

We know that through your association with others, you meet similarly minded individuals, those who hold similar philosophies of life with you. These individuals are resources for the coincidence and the serendipity that will occur in the future. You will see that person again, oddly in the marketplace or at the office, or the street corner, or in a mall, and you will chat with them and greet them, and perhaps spend a few more minutes with them. This is the precursor for a coincidence; the serendipity occurs later. The serendipity occurs when the resources of one match the needs of another; or the needs of both and the resources of both conjoin to the point where you have a new answer to an old problem, or the solution to a mutual situation. It may be that another needs your assistance, or their friend needs your assistance and you provide that resource. Thus begins the work of making new associations, seeing and meeting new groups and waiting for that serendipity, that coincidence to occur.

Oh, and by the way, I do surely invite you to seek out and ask for serendipity and coincidence, happenstance for your needs! State them to your guardian angel, to your midwayer helpers, to your guides. Let them know what you need, and these will come to you, as you need them, and as you can capably manage them. Do not expect us to read your mind—though we can. (Snickering from the group.) Do not expect us to fill what you ask [for] in your mind, for we will not. We ask that you hold these things overtly. Speak them aloud in your prayers and your meditation, or as you are doing your housework, your chores, or washing the car, changing the oil. Speak with us openly about things that you would like to see occur. As well, aspire to higher levels of service and performance in your life. You ask God and Christ Michael to assist you, and they delegate the assistance to your guides, guardians and midwayers. They will assist you to grow in service, and give you opportunities to serve others; and others as well will come to serve you.

Be generous with yourselves, my friends. Go out among your fellows, friends and see what needs to be done. Offer help where there is need. Do not do this out of guilt, or do this out of expected results, but out of anticipation of good that comes to you, for those who serve in Christ’s name and the energy of Nebadonia, and in the spirit of the Infinite Spirit, you will be rewarded eventually, and in strange circumstances for sure. You live on a very unusual and oftentimes uncomfortable world, but those instances, which are the heart of joyous living, will come to you more often and repeatedly—and this leads me into my next topic for this afternoon.

We are talking about “morontial service credits.” You have the opportunity—forgive me if this sounds like an old radio advertisement—to be the first on your block to earn morontial service credits! (Laughing from Rayson and the group.) It is much like clipping coupons from cereal boxes and saving them up, sending them in and getting a reward, or a reduced cost product that you would buy. You are advancing your lives tremendously in the hereafter, in the afterlife on mansonia #1, when you have earned service credits. You can earn these by right decisions, right actions, and the goal of moral living, socially conscious ways of thinking, and service to others.

Many of you have wondered, “How can I move myself ahead?” “How can I become more evolved?” Many of you think of your mind mechanism as the determiner of this, and surely it is not. Your mind is only software to help you make decisions, and your “will” guides the performance of your mind, that software. Your will is the precursor for you making decisions and taking actions. You are in the wonderful position of making incredible decisions among many options, and serving yourself, as you serve others, making good and moral decisions and ethical decisions. You do not earn credits by avoiding opportunities; you earn these credits solely by performance. This is not a “performance based ascension program,” however, (Rayson laughing as he said this, and the group joining in.) but one determined by the fullness of your soul, once you transfer from the mortal level to the morontial level. These credits are held in soul capacity, and carried with your guardian to the other side for safekeeping and deposited there. There you will be evaluated and it will be determined which level of the morontial progression that you will assume.

These as well serve you in this lifetime. As you expire the mortal capacity of yourself to do good, you will be engaged to approach the lower levels of the morontial, which are in the higher levels of the mortal consciousness. You will be motivated by your guardian, [and] by your Thought Adjuster, to reach out to higher levels of service. In many ways this service is not in performance, but in your approach to the Divine, how you prepare yourself for being in the company of the Divine. This begins by making the decision to be like the Divine, like your Father Creator in heaven, in Paradise, who waits for you to approach that level of perfection for the eventual embrace, which recognizes your infinite perfection.

Many of you now are working at the lower levels of the morontial that is within your grasp of working and entertaining and using, and guiding you to higher levels. You have more than a body, more than a brain, more than a mind; you have the rudiments of morontial mind now, budding within you, if you choose to nurture it, if you choose to accept its responsibilities and forgo your selfishness, your isolation and join with the mind of all the universe in its growth to become whole and one. That will be the day of great jubilation for tens of thousands of years, when the seven superuniverses have achieved the days of light and life. You contribute to this now, by making good decisions and taking action to fulfill those decisions.

I would be glad to answer your questions, if you have any at this time. (Pause.)


This is Rayson. Let us close for this afternoon. Blessings to you, my friends. Go forward with the light of God before you and within you. May you become a beacon of God’s light through all your life. You simply only have to do this by turning on the switch, to will yourself to become more perfect, as your Creator is. Many blessings to you; we enjoy your company, we appreciate your striving and we congratulate you on your accomplishments of good and love. (Group gives thanks.)