2009-08-19-Not One Thousand, Not One Million

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Topic: Not One Thousand, Not One Million

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Samuel: “It is still as inconceivable now as it was in the Master’s time that you should comprehend the vast size, and the incredible organization, of the super-universes of time-space. Less likely will you grasp the absolute efficiency by which they all operate, because the human mind cannot conceive the specialty talent employed at every turn as the evolving, and progressing created ones – human and angel alike – who are on their way to Paradise stumble, fall, then recover with assistance to once more proceed.

“It is inconceivable, also, that an inhabited world should proceed to maturity -- to show the fruits of the spirit -- without both religion and spirituality making their entrance upon the scene, and in myriad ways balancing each other. Few religions were ever born that did not instill fear into the populace, and even fewer reached maturity without creating more do’s and don’ts. Likewise, spiritual groupings utterly lacking the religious mores would soon gravitate towards unchecked permissiveness, and there are countless examples of these.

“Religion and spirituality are often the two sides of one coin, but one of these will always be dominant in the individual. And it is here where I now address a friend of this (11:11) group, the question he posed, the fear he expressed. Be assured it will not be one thousand, not one million, one billion, but many trillions upon many trillions that will use the time-space universes as their playgrounds to eventually enter Paradise to be embraced by the Father of all creation. Put out of your mind the oft-quoted story of but 144 000 to ever succeed.

“Religions are created for persons to belong, and few of these creeds can exist without of necessity creating at least a modicum of fear that one might well fail to attain eternal life. Often countless reasons why one might fail are broadcast from pulpits and lecterns. Generally the fearless ones are the spiritual ones, but it would be more accurate to say that increased spirituality also brings along a proportionately increased fearlessness, for spirituality is soul-felt wisdom, and soul’s Teacher is the I Am who fears not.

“Together with this courage arrives the understanding that our time-space universes are innately friendly, undoubtedly the most organized of businesses – in fact, the only ‘business’ of value – and capable of providing the skilled personnel to troubleshoot all ascenders’ difficulties at every point on the ascension ladder for very few, if any, of the Paradise pilgrims of time-space to ever need to fail. As sure as you will forgive your brother seven times seventy times, the universes better this, each time you express a need throughout your travels. “I am Samuel of Panoptia.”