2009-09-02-Character, Focusing on Peace & Light

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Topic: Character, Focusing on Peace & Light

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Michael, Monjoronson

TR: Jonathan, Kathy



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Elyon in your company enjoying your humor and admiring your insight.


You have found throughout your spiritual awakening both frustrations and joys, seemingly insurmountable hurdles but also ecstatic mountain tops of attainment. You have found that the worth of the journey is not in the rewards and that the work of the journey is not always a struggle against that which you are seeking to rid yourself of, or so apparently unable to attain; but that the value derived is the richness of your present state at your current level. As certainly as you would seek a higher attainment you likewise would never relish the return to a prior state of awareness. It is in your current capabilities that you find satisfaction.

The primary purpose of a spiritual awakening -- which I might add is never a momentary experience but an ever continuous, ongoing, awakening -- is that personal direct connection with God. But what results from that continued effort to connect and reconnect and stay connected comes what has been termed the “fruit of the spirit” and what also could be called the advancement of character. Character is a quality of yourself; it is a collective term for your various attributes, your traits, the manners in which you behave, the values that direct those manners of behavior. By orienting yourself toward truth and beauty and goodness you create the condition for a spiritualized character, a character that is noble not by name, not by royal kinship, but noble in genuine goodness, in a sincere attainment of your qualities. It is not the character like one who plays a role in a play, who adopts an external character. It’s a deep, true, and permanent acquirement that is you. Character goes through transformation, at first highly humanized and eventually wholly spiritualized, divine in its manifestation.

You admire Michael for his ability throughout all his bestowals to characterize the highest of each of those creatures, be they a mortal, an angel, a Melchizedek. He came into their dimensional, functional, reality with the very character traits they all have as that order of being and proceeded to transform his character to the extent that he became a highly esteemed model for attainment by all others.

The technique whereby you develop your character is through the realization that character emerges from within you. It is not like clothing or jewelry that you put upon you to create an image. It is a manifestation of the genuine root of your spirituality. It is self-attainment rather than self-obtainment. What develops, what grows in your character, is composed from your experiences aligned with your values then conditioned by your choices for behavior and then strengthened by your genuine, active responses to those inner orientations. Character then becomes self-unfolding. You reach out to express it outward. It is not an activity of self-fulfillment where you take in to possess.

The apostle Paul said, ”If you have faith then have it to yourself.” He meant it not to be secretly private about your faith but that your faith be yours and not the adoption or adaptation of another’s faith. The strength of your character is as powerful as it is anchored within yourself as you. This character strength will be fragrant with your personality as much as it will increasingly reveal the divine qualities of God. The more the character is fragrant of another, the more it is merely a characterization. It is good to admire and to be inspired by those about you who embolden you to pursue higher levels of being, and it is also acceptable to try on, to adjust to, some of those mannerisms they express that you do value. But you must look through that trial to the birth and emergence of your own character and not to be mistaken in mimicking. This is the house built upon the rock; it will not crumble in a storm. This is what is recognized when they said of Jesus, “Behold the man”.

I have spoken about the breadth allowed to the human creature in expressing the will of God, that breadth being your creativity and the gift you give to the Father of human experience, and how you hone in your human qualities, sharpen them to be increasingly like God Himself. You also broaden the experiences of God as it is manifested far and wide in the universes in every creature, you included, equally as valuable as anyone else, and this is true with character. You continually refine it to your vision and ideal of nobility and behavior and the status that you are free to make an individual independent character manifestation.

We do not need on this world hundreds of thousands of Jesuses all in sandals and long robes with no home to live in and a group of devout men and women following. His character was divine; his human condition was quite earthly. But what you detect and aspire toward was that inner state wherein the harmony of Jesus and Michael united and functioned in a balanced way. Today you do the same with the Divine Spirit that indwells you. While you admire the master, you know that his spirit indwells you as well, and you can develop your character in company with Michael. The family of God dwells within, the Father, Son, and you, his child. Mother Spirit too. Therefore as you unfold your character you have perfect guidance and loving support that you need not fear misdirected thinking, self- absorption. As long as you keep your communication channels open to your divine parents you will hear the guidance.

Continue on, my good friends. We have morontia records of your growth specifically from the times when I and my other associates came into your conscious awareness. You would be pleasantly shocked at how well you have grown over that short period of time.

These words I share with you as one who loves you and is devoted to your care and to your advancement. Thank you.

unidentified (Kathy): When focusing on peace and light for this world it is most helpful for the group to join in cooperation enlarging the effect of intention in the process of enhancing the spiritual pressure on the planet. We encourage this activity especially as the focus is concentrated in a specific geographical area or even on an individual. The enhanced intention is augmented by an encircuitment of energies in the group. The benefits of this upstepping can be exponential, that is to say, greater than even the joining of groups. We appreciate any effort to participate with us in this enhancement of spirit.

You may view your participation as a small effort. Let us make it clear that your efforts have much effect. We encourage your continued efforts to enhance peace on this world. Already has much been accomplished, but it is in need of continuing focus and regular participation. We join you at all times in the activities of focus of intention.

Monjoronson (Jonathan): Hello, this is Monjoronson. I will follow the comments of this good teacher regarding spiritual pressure and the enhancement of the energies with an illustration of a fisherman’s net, a net that is well tied and continuous with no breaks, tears, holes. It is one that does the greatest work, has the biggest sweep, and a greater yield. This is why in the use of spiritual energy to uplift the planet you are as valuable as even I, for you are one of the knots in the net. The tighter the net, the greater the effect. But also there are those among you who feel as if you are solitary and do not have the immediate sense of group involvement. Trust and rely upon your deeper spiritual connectivity that you are within a group, that you are part of the net, that when you do feel weakened you are still connected.

Let us stretch this metaphor. The four corners of the net, one gets loose, is not being held. It isn’t long before the fisherman will gather that corner and bring it back into shape. You are still part of the net even though you were feeling disconnected. Your individual effort appears minuscule, but the surface area of our combined circuitry is planetary in expanse -- I know you understand it is even universal in its reach. Apply yourselves, my good friends. The power is within you, and the power is all around you.

Evelyn: I appreciate that because I have been feeling frayed, and it’s good to be reminded that there is a Fisherman who comes around to mend the frays.


Michael: This is Michael. You are all gathered here sincere in your intention. You partake of the nourishment of light and love that we freely give to you. It is for your upliftment; it is for reparation when you are feeling out of sorts, de-energized.

Let us relish this moment a little while longer, for the harvest is great, and I want all my workers strong and refreshed. We look to you, heavenly Father. We receive you, and we give ourselves to you. Peace upon you all.