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Topic: Responsibilities

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Samuel “The repercussions of the isolation of your world for a quarter of a million years will still be felt for thousands of years into your future. There is no quick fix for any world that has gone as badly astray, and suffered as much, and for as long, as what this world has.

“Your ways of expressing yourself, and when considering loss of life in a major flood, or by a random, devastating lightening strike and ensuing forest fire, for such to be an act of God, is indicative of the difficulty of your easily changing your perceptions, changing your outlook, first of all, and ‘therethrough’ changing your ‘encrusted’ beliefs in an appreciable way. Your manner of considering the bad things that you may do as being inspired by the devil, once again are indications of how vulnerable you are and feel, of how much you are driven, of how much you are mind-led into evil deeds, disaster, and iniquity.

“What I want to talk with you about is a consciously doing the will of God, singly and collectively, of your taking responsibility for your actions and your thoughts, for your behavior towards, and your attitude towards, others, who of themselves are ‘products,’ indeed children, of that self-same Creator of all. As well, it is expected of you to vote into office, into power, the righteous ones, who will be servants to all, and govern you equitably. Singly and collectively you are also responsible for holding accountable those you placed in positions of power.

“And here I answer the questions posed by a subscriber: The freezing of accounts belonging to other nations, as well as the placing of sanctions upon other nations, are ungodly acts that can only be compared to the behavior of the schoolyard bully. The freeing of these accounts, as well as the rescinding of these sanctions, are your duties, collectively, for you may harm not one single other child of the Creator. Frozen accounts and drastic sanctions hurt a great, great many of His children.

“We do not expect to discover that, suddenly overnight, your world will inaugurate many great and worthy changes. We would simply like to see you smile at your neighbor for a start, oh yes, wave at a friend who passes you on the road, and merely have a meaningful, heartfelt word for one in great need. They are the small things that will bring about a world that will gradually edge itself towards its eventual destination of it being clothed in Light and Life.

“Whatever you may do in this life -- may they be great things or small -- do them in gratefulness to the Creator who gave you life, do them for the best of yourselves, and for the best of all others without exceptions for color, race, creed or nationality. This is Samuel the Panoptian, charmed to have been given the opportunity to communicate with you once again. I say good evening all.”

George: “Thank you Samuel.”