2009-09-24-Synchronous Sharing

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Topic: Synchronous Sharing

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.


  • Moderator - Michael DiMattia


MIKE: Hello all and welcome once again to the Voice Series. And I thank everybody for circling up once more to drink from the refreshing fountains of spiritual lessons and realizations. And I'd like to welcome everybody out there in internet land as well. Thank you for tuning into this service as we continue to perfect it.

To start this session off tonight, Mark has allowed me some space to speak to you about an experience that I have been "nudged" to share. So I thank you for this opportunity Mark. I can't think of a better place to share these manifestations of spirit realizations, as I know all that are gathered here tonight are eager to receive the truth that may shine forth as a result. And I will take a deep breath, because I realize we have a full house tonight. And I will still my heart and raise my courage and faith in this process.

So my story starts in a study group out here in sunny Los Angeles. And as in many study groups, we always say a prayer and give thanks to the Father for each other, for the love and the truth He showers us with.

During these study group prayer offerings, many times we will stand in a circle, holding hands, and end the prayer with a moment of silence - a moment of stillness. But usually this is a fleeting moment, a "cap" to a successful study session. Well, two of my brothers in this group, Ernie and Rey, both had the same desire just as I did to have some stillness sessions together that would be strictly for the purpose of meditation.

Typically, we seek out stillness as an inner process of prayer, worship, self-reflection, re-evaluation, imaginative contemplation, focused examination of potential solutions regarding difficulties in our daily lives, and of course the discovery of higher realizations of values and truths that blossom with our sincere intention to grow through this quiet time with the Father...

And this process of stillness is unique and personal during our quiet times alone. We each have our own inner sanctuaries, our own creative personal prayers, distinct methods of approach, and individualized patterns of perception. That is to say, we each burn different incense, reside in different temples, find comfort in different times of the day... but we share the same common goal of truth discernment and the same desire for spirit enhancement. And this personal stillness practice is beautiful, transforming, very valuable indeed... however...

The three of us recognized the intensity that these brief study group meditation sessions created when a common intention was put forth. We each recognized a group function, the existence and importance of a group circuit system. So we made the bold decision that we would plan a session to meet outside the study group together, so that we could meditate together and explore and expand that feeling we shared. We were uncertain what would happen. And we couldn't predict the events that began to unfold as a result, in both our inner and outer lives.

So the scene was set and we decided to have a session at the beach during sunset just north of Malibu. We hiked out with beach chairs in hand, and sat quietly listening to the gentle lapping of waves while staring out to the horizon and the vast, beautiful ocean of possibility before us. We meditated in group stillness and formed a circuit with our combined intention. We spoke revealing lessons to each other, taking turns sharing our inner experience. We listened to the world around us and inside us. And it was just utterly amazing.

Well my friends gathered here tonight, I will tell you straight, our sincere decision coupled with an affirmation of intention and then the action of following through with these desires proved to be a potent combination indeed. We sought to invite our Thought Adjusters to assist us in the creation of our small but distinct "triune" group configuration that we may share our inner life and desires to grow spiritually together in this process... to discover the uniqueness inherent in the gift of personality coupled by the unification of body, mind, and spirit for the purpose of soul growth. But in doing so we also discovered the super-additive value of three instead of one. And it is true in spirit as it is in the physical world, the weight 3 people can lift TOGETHER far exceeds the weight those 3 would lift on their own.

We split up and went about our week e-mailing each other with descriptions of our daily private stillness sessions, realizations we were coming to, lessons we were discerning in our growing spirit awareness. The circuit was in motion, the system was activated. Inspired thought filtered through the personality pattern and revealed to us a name for our group. We decided to call ourselves the "Three Essences Covenant", and this name seemed to say it all. Three unique personalities in agreement of intention with three Spiritual Pilots navigating us towards expanding horizons - three distinct and irreplaceable experiences united in common purpose. By naming our group we sought to stamp this experiment in time, to solidify what started with a thought into a concrete offering and addition to each other's souls and thus to the oversoul of the Supreme.

For our second meditation session we decided to test the concept that Thought Adjusters need not be materially local to function in this process. So we decided to dub this next session a "Remote Meditation Session" in that we would meditate like we did on the beach, but this time we would do it remotely from our respective homes spread around the Los Angeles area. We picked a day and we picked a time. We made our next bold decision of intention with sincerity of purpose to meet and invite the energies we recognize in each other into our stillness sanctuaries. It was easy to recall the group feeling at the beach which had been so well established by now in our conscious thought. We would bring that feeling into this remote session.

So, the day of the session, we e-mailed each other with excitement. We'd create that circuit again once more and we were all in high anticipation. We were spiritually charged at the uncertainty and adventure in it all, and we felt like explorers. Well, it was revealed to us that although we longed for the session to begin that evening, our anticipation and combined enthusiasm for this event had already connected us. The circuit was already alive, all that day, and was organic and had been growing since our beach experience. The remote meditation session was merely icing on the cake. It was another focused moment of sincerity in our purpose for this group.

Needless to say, many lessons are pouring forth as a result of our efforts. These lessons are beyond the scope of what I wanted to share tonight, but the main purpose of my contribution was to plant a seed. I share this with you now, that you may be inspired to find strength with each other for the purpose of living truth and shining the light of love upon all you meet and chance to minister to. I'm sure many of you already practice this technique of group meditation, and even now, together, in this moment, this Lightline Voice Series group represents a circuit well established in intention and purpose.

I do, however, want to share one beaming lesson which arose as a result of a minor yet loving conflict we encountered with an outside party. Our desire to share our experience has been overwhelming and so we shared our thoughts with a fellow UB reader and were met with doubtful criticism regarding our endeavor. The authenticity of our circuit was challenged and we were asked to reveal a mission statement of what we are about in our group, what was our intention. As a result of this "opportunity revealing" challenge, a tremendous affirmation crystallized. So of all the lessons that have surfaced in our small group, we felt it best to share our group inspired affirmation which we believe to be an exclamation of devotion to the Father - an inspired prayer. So I offer this to you, to do what you will with.

"We have joined and formed the "Three Essences Covenant" as a result of our similar spiritual intentions to better ourselves and to grow in spiritual maturity as a result of our combined desire to follow the leadings of our Indwelling Thought Adjusters. This group is a creative contribution to the Supreme, a value of spiritual sincerity and loving intention. The 3EC serves as a "growing religious arena" for the three (six) of us to meditate, discuss, and assist each other in pursuits beyond the mere intellectual study of facts or concepts. We are about LIVING TRUTH and about allowing our Adjusters combined ministry in our Earthly endeavors.

We step forward, unafraid of failure, because we know it takes divine courage to follow one's heart in the face of potential criticisms. But we rise to this challenge by placing judgment and pretense aside. And we can do this because we are TRUSTING in this process; we trust the divine plan and strengthen our faith grasp of the absolute truth ever beckoning us to grow and contribute, by aspiring to replace our will with the Father's will of love!

We long to evolve and strengthen our living faith that we can manifest positive and loving actions in our inward and outward lives and bring these gifts of our Father into all we do. At the same time we honor and share our unique personality patterns and our unique creative prerogatives in the evolution of the Supreme, by taking what we learn during our time with the Father and bringing that into our daily lives in our own unique ways. We mimic the Master's technique of meditation and worship, always seeking to mature and reach for the horizon while finding opportunity to use these experiences to serve our family of Urantia brothers and sisters.

Our goal is to help each other ascend the psychic circles and be inspirational counterparts in this process of connecting God-consciousness to the willingness of participation and the act of DOING, the act of giving love and service in the name of the Supreme and in the name of the Father's plan for the eventuation of Light and Life."

Well that ended up being our mission statement - a group inspired thought, uttered into words and written to reflect upon. And so the deeds are manifest in the opportunity of every moment... in each eternal NOW. And I offer this to you all as a gift of energy to inspire your own creative thoughts.

So in conclusion:

Last Voice Line we discussed this process of THOUGHT, WORD, and DEED on a personal and individual level. I shared a writing that was from a stillness session I had by myself last time. But now, we manifested this process in a group situation (this process of thought, word, and deed). And we realized that this sharing is enhancing and opening up new channels of awareness in our individual stillness practices. So I thank Mark again, for allowing me this space, to offer up as "food for thought" this idea - be creative in your spiritual pursuits and collaborate freely with these intimate feelings. To quote that Big Blue Book... "The keys of the kingdom are: sincerity, more sincerity, and more sincerity. All men have these keys. Men use them--advance in spirit status--by decisions, by more decisions, and by more decisions."

Thank you for listening and I invite Mark and Henry's Adjusters to perhaps comment on what I've shared tonight, maybe use it as a spring board to elaborate further? After all, we are all in this together, we are all exploring this world together, and we are all enjoying it together. So peace be with you all on your exciting adventures while we forge our paths to the Father by way of the time-space experience of the evolving Supreme.

So I humbly step back now to allow others to speak.

Mark: Thank you Mike, that was some very beautiful imagery. I'm sure I'm not the only one touched by that and I liked it so much that I'd like to create with this group right here, right now a trip to the beach. Lets do it right now, come with me if you will, follow in your minds eye and create with me this arena of the moment. Let's go out to the beach, lets go back where Mike was, we've all been there. Lets go back, lets find ourselves coming around a night campfire out on the beach. Lets reconstruct in our minds - the sound, the heartbeats of the earth and the surf, we can hear it rhythmically over and over again. Let's recall the feeling of the soft sand beneath us and the sense of being on the edge of two different realities, the water and the land, right in the margin in between. Our mind is so wonderful to be able to bring us back to this place. It can recreate for us where we were. This group has been circled around this fire a number of times. It may be in different places in each of our perspectives of it but we all have a sense of rejoining the circle around the glow and the warmth that spirit is and brings into the equation. So here we are once again and we can hear the quietness and we can hear the pulse of the earth and we can feel the tug of the moon as we lean into the fire. Once again we look to this center point as the focus of our intention. We all are rejoicing in the heat that is thrown off, the light that arises from this flame of our intention. Thank you for bringing us to the beach Mike, I love the beach.

Now likewise I would withdraw my individual personality as much as is possible in this equation to allow for this light of truth to shine as brightly out as possible with only my support.


The Voice: [Mark] I am here as well once again joining you around this circle that you create. It is so wonderful to observe that principle and understanding have so well taken root as to be manifest more plainly in your material domain. I understand that you gather together in times like this in eager anticipation that you will receive something for your efforts, for your donation of intention and sincerity and invariably you do receive something. It may come from a teacher, a celestial being who has a personality of their own or it may come from a Fragment such as myself which is in process of combining with personality and becoming a unified being or it may come from your own efforts as is evident in the story that was just shared.

It is important for you all to embrace the reality that you are the creator in this scenario, that one such as myself or one such as a teacher as you call them, may from time to time be invited in to join you around your circle, but it is your circle and the entire universe is built upon this premise. You are the ones at the center of all that happens. You are the ones responsible for inviting in others and as you grow and learn and embrace spiritual truths, you are the ones who then manifest those truths out into your realm. It is you who become the truths that you seek and it requires as was mentioned, your motion, your intention and for you to be about this process.

These many years now you have discovered a number of tricks, not so much tricks as tools, for you to use to make your environment that much more conducive and to position yourselves that much more effectively in the process. But all of these that you have learned are not the destination that you are arriving at, they are simply useful tools and means by which you may achieve your desired intention. There are many good and proper tools that can be used in this process and bring you great aid and assistance in procuring the results that you desire. But throughout, from beginning to end, it is you my dear ones who make every choice responsible for your arriving at your current destination and at your future inspiration.

Stories such as were shared today, illustrate that there is great spiritual content contained in material experience and that such spiritual content may be the more readily available because it is of human origin and nature. It is one thing to be told from the outside about different perspectives and how to see things and how to appreciate different aspects of reality but it is quite another when one of your fellows, one among you, one trusted as one of you comes forward to share the inspiration and the progress that they have made in their spiritual attempt for then their story may become your story and likewise your story may go on to help others build a story. They gain inspiration from the fact that one of their brothers and fellows has made such progress and had such real and tangible results as an effect of that cause.

This is significant because I witness many times, mortals of the realm ask themselves what can they do, what is of significance, what can be important in this process of spiritual growth that they can be a part of? And here it is right before you, to simply be real and genuine and to share your personal individual experiences, not to attempt to sell anybody on anything but rather as a common sharing in the brotherhood of man. This step that is achieved by each and every one of you adds to the collective and makes this entire quorum of consciousness more tangible and legitimate in your perception of reality.

So while it is well and good for you to pursue insight from the outside and to seek answers from without, it is also of great value for you to be about this business of fellowship in sharing your spiritual achievement and realization your advancement and questions, all in an effort to build this platform of understanding and awareness on which you all can stand together. And so be it, any way and every way possible. That is what is so inspiring about observing members like you in this group, you are devout seekers and as you have learned, wherever you seek there is something to be found.

I thank you all for inviting me into your circle to enjoy this pleasant yet stimulating thought glow of the presence of spirit illumination. I always honor this occasion because once again, you have granted it to me and provided this opportunity. And so it is I who thank you and) I understand as well you appreciate hearing from me. This is how we build a relationship, spending time with each other and extending an invitation, the one to the other, to simply reconnect as was illustrated in this story. It is that simple, just the act of thought to reconnect, reconnects the circuit and as you have sensed in our meeting previously, this sense of connection lingers on because it is truly created and is awaiting our connection once again.

So now I would withdraw to allow for the gracious input from another who has agreed to be with us around the circle this evening. Thank you all.

Henry: Thank you Mark and also thank you Michael. It is truly wonderful and inspiring to be reaffirmed of spirits co-creative qualities, that intention and dedication of will, reigns supreme and action results in reward. It results in this spiritual lubrication that comes within and you just fall into place, everything just falls into place as it should be. It's synchronous and this is the kind of affirmation we need to understand, the reality of our realness together with spirit's realness is symbiotic and it is able to create in a way in which we intend it to.

It's like if you were in a chemistry [lab] and you took 2 or 3 chemicals you would instantly get a reaction, depending upon what chemicals, would depend on what reaction you would get but you would get a reaction. It is the same with spirit, the sincere clear intention nurtured in a desire of purpose and will and can follow through with action and in that moment have the ability to discern clearly. What it is we intend is also spirit's intention and assistance to us. We are truly sons and daughters of God. No we are not Paradise Sons, we don't have the immense creative potential of one of those personalities. No we are much further down the creation scale, we are down at the end but even though we are down at the end we have the ability with these Father Fragments that we possess to activate them to seek for their presence and discern their reality because yes, to be conscious and of course all of this is in a full consciousness and relationship. As we take spirit and our spiritual lives more seriously, we become more real. It doesn't mean we don't have lessons, it doesn't mean we are not tested but being tested with the faith of knowing that it is a test and that all will be well is reassuring comfort to move forward in a trusting way and deliberate way. I use the word deliberate because it is deliberate, it is active right now. It is time to let Father speak.

Thought Adjuster: [Henry] It is good to be here this evening to listen to the human relationships of my counterparts, knowing that from our side we are all synchronous. We are designed to synchronize. This is why it is important to love and respect each other, to begin to work with each other in a creative, healthy, positive and progressively and enjoying way, that you begin to yield fruit and desire its taste and work toward creating more fruit to sustain you. The direct use of the Father Fragment within your consciousness in your soul is the ability to trust in your faith and to grow in the knowingness that actually all things are possible mostly when you think you have no choice because the Adjuster is the Father of choices. The choice of the Adjuster is limitless. It is only recognized in the Supreme, it is wonderful to have stories shared which reveal the leadings, the inner workings, the actuality of the relationship and the results of its commitment.

What becomes tremendously difficult for people is not so much that this relationship really works, it's that there is not much reference in the world in which you live necessarily that this relationship works, it is tremendously subtle. You must read between the lines to find it but it is there, this eternal relationship of God and man, of man growing and discovering who he is. As he grows and discovers who he is, he also is discovering who everyone else is because what does it help a man who knows who he is and where he stands to be in the midst of people who are confused. A tremendous opportunity for one who is certain, who is sure, who does shine forth that subtle yet bright flame in the darkness.

As individuals and their Adjusters begin to ignite and bring forth more light on the planet, the light begins to reveal what has been hidden in darkness and it usually is not pretty. It's old, it's dirty and it's worn, it's everything which has been hidden, therefore rejoice if you live in greater times. Sociologically man is beginning to shed light on all the darkness and it is becoming a time for people to take a stand, in the light or in the dark. All humans are meant to grow, to grow in a loving awareness of their generous spirit, a sustaining nature, the human desire to be sustained and the spiritual capacity to sustain. This is where the reward lies. When movements, large movements of men can begin to bid the will of spirit and become creative, there within will lie great rewards just as was demonstrated by a simple story of eager souls to grow more in their knowingness in awareness of each other and in spirit.

You are all like gemstones in a tumbler. You all come out pretty well rounded, different colors and different shapes, then the master gem cutter selects you one by one and begins to design and facet the gemstones. Once you have selected to work with the gem cutter, your faceting really begins, your polishing, so that the brilliance, the clarity, the flavor within you begins to reveal something desirable to others that they also want to become faceted and clear and brilliant. True greatness lies within it has been said. It is definitely your last frontier. There is not much on the orbs of your solar system. You are a long ways in your ability to even traverse space in great distances yet eternity lies within, be not afraid and move towards eternity.

Be not afraid to live in the power and the glory which awaits the true son and daughter of God. Be strong in your faith, trusting and hopeful in your endeavor. Always be kind. Everyone you meet is a test. Greatness lies within mans ability to allow greatness to become a part of who he is. God occupies no small man, all men are equal as occupied by God. Mans varying-ness in his ability to occupy God is only a time and space restriction. It is something self imposed because many of you have already found out; there is not much need to knock on the door or use a key to open a lock, a mere intention brings you right into the presence, right into your soul. I am always there. Trust that you can know me, you can begin to know me greater by a mere desire, an intention to do so.

Know that I am not distant in my ability to hear nor my ability to assist. Yes, I am God, it is respectful to have sincerity for one day you may chance to see my combined greatness in a far distant time of eternity. For now, you must tend to your gardens, plant your seeds. Take care of your garden, nurture it, watch the seedling grow, watch it become a fruit bearing tree. Like the grapevine, it will grow and grow until it is ready to produce fruit. The fruit is born through the chemistry, the soil, the atmosphere, the solar energy, the annual changing conditions. The fruit is forever changing as a result of your ever changing nature.

I thank you for this opportunity this evening to be a part of a circle of attunement and adjustment, a safe haven. Thank you and good evening.


Monjoronson: [Mark] I approach your circle this evening, I am Monjoronson here to bask with you in the glow of such spiritual presence. I come by only to bring you acknowledgement of such great light that shines out from this point of your collective intentions and like you, I am drawn to it. It is of your doings and I greatly respect your efforts at creating this sanctuary. I have no real offering to make as I feel there have been a number of fine things brought to this feast and the banquet is full.

Now it is for you all to take away from this experience some of this light, some of this peace and take it with you out and share it with the others. It is the yeast to the bread. If you will but take your personal experience with this sweetness and bring it out and spice it into the recipes that are ongoing in your lives you will see it will cause the circumstances to rise. It takes very little of this yeast to have great effect. So do not fear that your contribution is so minimal as to be insignificant. Every little bit of yeast has an impact, has an effect and not too much is required to receive the desired effect of raising the circumstance, elevating the situations to a new level because now it has been infused with the life into the equation that yeast brings into the bread.

I very much enjoy this time of gathering around this warm flame of spirit intention as you do. So once again I thank you for having built this fire and having lit it with your intention and fed it with your purpose so that it was as a beacon out on the beach to be seen by all and to be found by the likes of myself as well as many others who have not made their presence known to you tonight.

I perceive that we have just about saturated the ability to process any one event such as this so I would not desire to overload the equation in any way but I did want to take advantage of this opportunity that you provide and having seen the fire out on the beach I desired to walk out and join you in appreciation of its light and its peace and its truth and its glow.

Thank you all for joining tonight's exercise in intention and I now would draw this meeting to a close. Be in peace and go with God, farewell.