2009-09-27-Circuitry of Sharing

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Topic: Circuitry of Sharing

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Machiventa, Monjoronson

TR: Mary Rogers, Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris



Cathy: I'd like to take a moment to send some light to our world, uplift the spiritual component.

Mary: I'd like to take a moment to express gratitude for the joy of living and to thank Michael and Mother Spirit and the Universal Father for giving us this gift of life on a terrestrial sphere where we are born to discover our Indwelling Spirit and our partnership with the very source of life itself. What a joy, what an experience and it is a gift and I am very grateful for it. Thank you.


Unidentified/Mary: I'm going to step out on a limb here. I feel like someone wants to talk about the concept of ministry done "as you pass by." In the story of Anaxand from the Life and Teachings of Jesus [in the Urantia Book], that here these fellows were in a situation of the lives they're living are presented with difficulties, the ship is broken, repairs need to be effected and they are going about this job that life has presented them. At the same time life is presenting them with the opportunity to experience a deeper level of meaning. While the ship is getting repaired they are also learning and growing in spirit through their interface, even an interface that seems intolerable and unbearable and they don't like this person, they are not good and Jesus is shedding the light that what an opportunity you have before you and to actually live the principle that good really does overcome evil and to play an active role in that.

Each of us have the opportunity each day to be in partnership with spirit and it does not matter what it is that you are actually physically doing. No matter what it is, you are in partnership with spirit and you have the opportunity to live and grow that partnership be it doing what you would term a great work, a "Mother Teresa-ish" work of ministry, something overtly demonstrative or be it something you might label small, just tending your garden or interfacing with your neighbor in a causal way. No matter what you are doing, you have the opportunity every day to partnership with the greatest force in all the universe, the creative energy of spirit. Acknowledge this truth and your life will unfold and flower in ways that you can hardly imagine. Thank you.

Elyon: [Mark] Good morning and greetings to all my friends, I am Elyon here once again to join your circle of fellowship and of understanding. I would pick up this thread that we are working with today of the impact and the inherent values contained in the apparently simple act of sharing between individuals of the realm. We have had many talks before in which we have referenced the different wavelengths or frequencies that are common to mortals of the realm and these frequencies may vary widely from individual to individual in terms of their capacities to tune in to different frequencies. But one frequency that the entire brotherhood of man has in common is its own frequency, this sharing on this wavelength of being human, of experiencing the human condition and making efforts to communicate what your individual human experiences are utilizing this common band of energy that you all have access to.

You will all no doubt witness with me that this type of communication that we enjoy in this moment between yourselves and myself is a distinctly different type of energy circuit. We are communicating with each other by virtue of a transmitter who is attempting to translate one form of wavelength into an alternate form of energy which may be injected into the field of perception of mortals of the realm. You will all agree with me that this form of communication is not altogether common or frequent and you will note how much easier it may be in contrast for you to hear the story of another and instantly be able to relate to the message contained within. It is not any sort of strain for one mortal to grasp the experiences which are expressed by another mortal. There is this common denominator of mortal experience and understanding that enables you to easily pass between each other, meanings and values that have been harvested as a result of personal experience when you are using the terms and conditions that other mortals are comfortable with and used to experiencing.

When you each have a significant spiritual experience in your lives, you must of necessity do some translating into words, your experience, in an effort to communicate what is perhaps a wordless experience into word symbols that your fellows may be able to grab and assemble into some useful message in their lives. You have all seen the power of personal testimony and how instantly available it is to others, whereas you have all likewise encountered lofty spiritual concepts which may not be so easily transferred into the human psyche but take some level of human interpretation and digestion before they become as readily available to the individual as the relating of personal experience back and forth.

You are the ones functioning on the human wavelength. You are the ones who have direct access to this energy field. You are the ones who are connected through the mind circuitry to this field which encompasses you all and the ability of the mortal to both give and receive from this energy field is quite innate and does not take great powers of discipline and focus as do some of these other circuitries which may be accessed. Therefore it can truly be said that the most potent and powerful means you have as a mortal to connect with other mortals is simply to utilize this familiar circuit and share back and forth on this wavelength that is common and you will all register the ease with which you are able to contribute to this well of human awareness and to draw from it as well.

So never underestimate the potential inherent in what seems like such a simple and natural act of engaging in the human circuitry of sharing. It may not be immediately discernible in the moment that such an act has such profound repercussions, but certainly the potential is inherent in such an act for it to have profound repercussions because it is so immediately available and recognizable, because it is sharing the same common denominator of human thought, that it may be easily embraced and accepted and appreciated for the meanings and values that it contains.

I sense there are others who would contribute to this discussion today and so I would step to the side to allow opportunity for this to happen. Thank you.

Unidentified: [Cathy] This message began with a sign that appears to be kind of an X with little lines extending from it.

Many of your midwayer cousins are working on this world to uplift the spiritual level and promote the activities of enhancing the spiritual power on this sphere. We are all residents on this world and can act together on this project. Your part would be an openness to assisting when opportunity is presented. We are always looking for cooperation on our projects, our assignments. If you express willingness of intention we will join with you and bring you opportunities. Your intention is needed to participate in this endeavor as we will always respect your free will. Any help you provide will be used to its highest potential and be of great value in the overall project.

Machiventa Melchizedek: Greetings my dear students, I am Machiventa Melchizedek here to take advantage of this opportunity today to introduce some more thought into the human thought stream. This discussion of the circuitry among humans is quite significant in my endeavors to promote an interface between the celestial circuitry and the circuitry of the mortals of this realm. It is similar to the concept of bringing the students into the classroom and introducing them to the theories involved in spiritual application 101. While there may be very accomplished teachers available to provide the structure of spiritual concepts and the outline of spiritual principles it is the students who must take what is told to them as theory and turn it into practice.

It is not really enough to be told of spiritual principles or to be made aware of cosmic realities, the proper student must be willing to take up these theories and put them to the test, bring them out into the field and out into the laboratory studies and implement these theories so that they can see for themselves the accuracy of such principles. The best professors and universities on this world can only offer to the eager students ideas and basic premises of how things work but the students must take up these theories and ideas and have some sort of working knowledge with them in order to bring about their manifestation into the real world. The students are the ones who may take theory and practice it to determine its relevance and accuracy in the real world.

And so it is that you as students of spiritual principles may bring into the common realms of feeling, awareness and experience that which you have been exposed to as theory and principles. It is in your process of translating what you have been told into the actual experience of how it works. Once you have embraced this it is yours. It is not only yours but it may become the possession of all of your fellows for now it exists in your realm on your wavelength and may be shared commonly among you, easily transferred as your data bases are so similar that it may be easily copied and reproduced between and among you.

This is the unfathomably valuable aspect of your position in this chain that you are a link in. There must be by necessity this filtering down from dimension to dimension, cosmic truths and principles and it is you who are instrumental in taking cosmic theory and practicing it in your own lives thus translating one energy dimension into another and bringing the reality of spiritual principles into the truth of these concepts made real in your lives. This cannot be done any other way. You are the gatekeepers into your realm of common awareness and understanding.

And so it is that you must translate by virtue of your own individual personal experience the realities of these principles into the truth that you experience and can then share so easily and commonly between you. We speak of portals and you have just spoken of this living channel of spiritual energy and these are, as I have just outlined, the gateways in which spirit may be introduced and infused into the common thought stream of man. We on my side of the curtain may desire to bring great truths and awareness to the brotherhood of man but there must be conduits for this awareness to be filtered into what is a distinctly different dimension and these conduits are your individual experiences of the truth of these spirit realities. You all have access to reach into this other dimension and bring back spiritual truths to the degree that you are willing to bring these truths in your lives and make them real by putting them into application in your own earthly experience.

This is how the system works. This is how spiritual truths and realities become filtered down into material thought patterns and eventually accepted as material and mortal truths as well. And so it is of great value for you to have your soul connection to extend out beyond the material realm and bring back into the connection of your mind, this truth that you were able to reach out and grasp with your soul. Once you bring it back and make it real and are able to process and express what you have found, you make it readily available in the mortal realm.

It is most pleasing to see so many of our efforts at bringing spiritual concepts so eagerly embraced. Truly this is how the thought stream of mankind becomes elevated and raised in its consciousness, one contribution at a time by one student who is willing to participate in the process at a time. Thank you for providing this platform wherein we may bridge this gap between us in this moment. I now step down to make room. Thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings this is Monjoronson. I would take the opportunity to thank you all for once again being the eager students that you are. I would utilize a thought pattern that came to mind in this t/r when in consideration of the "act of passing by." There is a phrase in the theatrical circles of this world, that there are no small parts, only small actors. I would utilize this phrase to acknowledge that every act of passing by can be turned into a great act if you would but realize that you are a great actor. Most times it is observed that people do not consider themselves great in this gesture of the small acts that are committed as you pass by. They tend to see themselves as rather insignificant and small time players, after all, how much of value and meaning could be derived from such simple and small acts as you pas by. But if you would consider when acting in conjunction, perhaps even liaison with the greater spiritual forces of the universe, any act no matter how seemingly insignificant may be turned into a grand gesture of the manifestation of spiritual principle that you are aware of as merely a small time actor.

It is not about making grand gestures in this life as much as it is about taking every gesture and making it grand by virtue of bringing to this small act, your awareness that it may be utilized to further spiritual growth and to manifest spiritual awareness in each gesture. Therefore it can truly be said, there are no small gestures, there are no small parts played if you will but see yourselves as fulfilling the role of spiritual ambassador that you can access at your choosing. Even the smallest gesture of smiling an acknowledgement to another may be infused with great meaning and depth. It need not be a grand experience immediately discernible as lofty and worthy but may just be the simplest act of kindness and gesture of sincerity. All of these are your privilege to utilize to bring your spiritual awareness into the everyday acts of your material lives.


Remember, there are no small acts, you are grand actors. Make every act reflect the nature of your spiritual being and you will transform not only your life experience but the life experience of those all around you with this conscious act of infusing spirit into your daily equation. Thank you all for your devoted attention to these lessons and even more for your devoted efforts at applying these lessons in your daily lives thus making spiritual theory into mortal reality. I would in gratitude draw this meeting to a close, farewell.

Cathy: I got his one word and it was written in big letters and it said JOIN as in join in.