2009-10-14-The Return of Integrity

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Topic: The Return of Integrity

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Mathew

TR: George Barnard



Mathew: “Perhaps we can clear a lot of ‘unanswered debris’ from your desk today, perhaps even do this on a more regular basis. Somewhere at the system headquarters there would be the precise figures in real numbers, in percentages, as statistics, and as comparisons between local universe worlds, about who achieves what in relation to the kind of Thought Adjuster they receive. However, you would unlikely understand the concepts pertaining to these multi-dimensional equations if they were available to you.

“Simply expressed, the worlds that are greatly tested do receive the most experienced Fragments of the Creator of All, whilst those globes conducive to spiritual progress receive more Virgin Adjusters for them to advance with their human subjects of better genetic inheritance, of elevated moral upbringing, and of greatly refined mores. Let us acknowledge that in the last fifty to one-hundred years on this world, integrity went out the door, morality walked to the end of the lane, business ethics slipped over the southern horizon, and government accountability crashed somewhere in a deep mid-ocean trench.

“Even now we cannot agree on the need for there to be another world war for the intellectually slowest, spiritually most barren, and materially greediest, to come to their senses and nurture a modicum of empathy to begin to care for their brothers, sisters and offspring of many generations hence. Should this world war blow up in your faces, of course the Mid-East region will harbor the fuse, no doubt, yet at the same time much organizing towards correctional behavior is being witnessed by us, and, 11:11 Progress -- well guess what -- is part of all this.

“Absolutely. In keeping with your overwhelming reliance on left-brain reasoning, you will find many a scientist, thinker, talker, and doer, involved in this drive for world betterment, this turn-around in honesty, this new age of enlightenment, that wants to do away with the darkness of cheating, lying, and greedy materialism that leaves so many going hungry. Accept these movements that are a part of the total of folks saying, ‘enough is enough already! Let government accountability resurface from the depths, business ethics pop its head over the horizon, morality retrace its steps for integrity to once more make its home right here on the planet.

“Know this, my favored human friend, that all those in our book, and more that are 11:11 prompted, are part of this sure return to truthfulness of old, which will one day outshine all that ever was on this battered world. I am Midwayer Mathew.”