2009-12-03-Shared Experience

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Topic: Shared Experience

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Michael

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.



Preamble: [Mark] I would share a little bit of a tweak here. It goes along with this idea of intention and that we might be careful about what we have intention about. As the saying goes be careful what you wish for and dream for because you just might get it, right there in front of you. I observe as I go through this life, how different it is for each and every one of us, how how different and distinct mini-verses we inhabit in our own individual experience and construct of awareness and understanding. I get to grow comfortable with mine and then I bump up against someone else who has an entirely different understanding and awareness of some very similar observations and realities that we share.

It leads me down the thought train that we all have such a different experience that there has got to be this coming of a gigantic acceptance, past tolerance and into acceptance of everybody's perspective, awareness, position. Everybody is right, in their own right, and so even though we here now may have become comfortable in this reality, this getting together, projecting our intentions, forming this energy circuit together and then riding the wave of that energy into the spiritual realm where we then have an experience that is quite real and purposeful to us but if we were to try to explain what our experience and reality is to others we immediately can see that our experience is not directly transferrable.

We can't readily explain what happens here. We can share our experience to the best of our ability, and others can share their experience to the best of their ability with us but our ride is unique and even here altogether tonight, our experience will be unique to each of us as an individual. So it makes me think; where is the overarching common experience? Where is the thing that we all share even though each of us may be sharing their own version of the reality that exists in this moment right now? There still is a common experience to be had as well. So lets bring our intention into the exploration of the individual experience and the common experience and see if we can get a little more insight as to how those overlap if we can.

Prayer: Divine Parents, once again I stand before you in gratitude for all of these layered experiences that we enjoy in this life together and as individuals walking our own path. The experience that you have created for us is so multi-dimensional that it is awe inspiring. Help us to see how we weave together these personal, individual, group and collective experiences and how to work towards a genuine acceptance of the wide diversity that we witness before us. Help us to increase the capacity of our cup for understanding and join us as we share the bounty in this cup. Thank you.


The Voice: Greetings tonight to all those who have joined this exercise in energy connectivity. I am this one's Inner Voice and even now after all this work together he encounters some resistance in even acknowledging my presence so openly. I only really arrive on the scene as a result of my partners willingness to step off the edge of [his] comfort zone and agree to turn over what may come next to me. I arrive here in direct response to the intention present within this circuitry.

First the intention which cannot be misunderstood by me of my partner in process here. I am well aware of his commitment to be of service and to this chosen method of service we have fostered and developed to this point. I also can sense and do appreciate the collective intention present at an encounter like this. If it were not so, this solid connection of energy for this process that we all enjoy would not be present and it would be much like receiving a faint signal on your radio dial that fades in and out in contrast to having a strong and solid signal to lock on to.

I appreciate the comments made earlier about the significance of purposely directing this intention because as has been offered before,( the) times currently are being infused with added energy which may be utilized, directed and combined to augment the creative forces that we have discussed so many times which are inherent within you as co-creative beings. You all have been hearing these words for some time about the power of your thoughts of intention and you are, each one, waking up to the reality that this is so and the new reality you are experiencing; that this is even more so now.

This is a direct result of your increasing vibration or energy level and the increasing energy directed at the space around you. As you increase your own spiritual vibration the available energy in the environment around you will become more synthesized to your frequency and be able to enhance your innate capacity. You have been told for some time that there would be a raising of spiritual standards and a quickening of the pace and even of this infusion of energy into the system for such a purpose. Now, as these days play out before you, all these facts you have been told will begin to demonstrate themselves as truths in your lives.

As this is the case, it would be wise to attempt to master the direction of your intention, the purpose of your intention and your active participation in the process at hand. As was said, be careful what you intend for these days are pregnant with potential all around you. Since there are no limitations imposed upon you about direction that you cast your intentions, I invite you to look in the direction of your indwelling I Am presence and through an act of your will, provide this Inner Guide a great assistance by directing your attention that assistance be forthcoming as an intention of yours and a purpose of your being.

This seems almost too simple to consider that you could have such great impact by such a small act but I assure you, an act that is directed at the Father Fragment within is an act well worth undertaking and well rewarded for its efforts. So as much as you consider all the options and opportunities that abound around you, likewise consider all the opportunities present and available to you that are within. Thank you for choosing with your intention, to be here now, to create the space where this can happen, to activate the energy to take the steps necessary to be here now; to bring with you your sincerity and to take away from such an experience the values that are yours as a result of your efforts to seek them.

I now withdraw to allow this platform to be used by others. I of course always remain present and simply await the acknowledgement that this is so, farewell.

Henry: Thank you Mark. Good evening to everyone here this evening, this is Henry to continue in Mark's well articulated vein, also to add a different perspective and dimension to the same idea. We certainly do ride this energy stream to this defining edge and use words to articulate how we sense edge and we trust in this articulation to be able to bring you an actuality if you will, of spirit presence, spirit dominance. We come into this full space through this connection, this merkaba, this energetic field that we all create together in our soul space. This evening it has been chosen to discuss the relationship between the individual and the group, a well chosen topic.

Prayer: Father, thank you for this connection this evening as we ask you to come forward and spend some time with us.

Thought Adjuster: It is always good to be here in the warmth of the soul this evening, within the soul of this group as well as the soul of this individual. It is certainly true that it is tremendously difficult to explain to others what it is that takes place in this space here now without having a reference. It is tremendously difficult to explain yet it is not difficult to show what goes on here. As an individual, one is constantly calculating ones own movement forward. The tremendous diversity of individuals moving forward begs for some sort of mediation, some sort of traffic coordinator.

[In] the individuals growth, in recognition of the idea they are to become more than they actually are, there are several things which propel a person forward to growth, necessity being the surest way for people to grow and to know that there is a greater reality which awaits them. Many people come to decisions which move forward in a tremendously systematic way and never once stop to think that it is actually making that decision knowing what it is that you truly want and want to do that the universe can work towards your favor. In this sense, intention should be refined, somewhat specific.

Yes, there are general intentions; your intention to love everyone, your intention to do your best, your intention to catch yourself the next time that happens to you or the next time you feel some sort of behavioral thing happening. The intention best defined is the seed that takes sprout and produces a plant and grows and bears fruit. This is certainly true. There is a tremendous trust from the side of spirit that human intention and endeavor is worth the investment for this furthers the conscious and knowing reality of goodness, of goodness shared, of goodness prepared.

It is a refining of intention which allows the individual to get ahold of his reaction to others, to be able to grasp the similarities of what is important in the now for the good of the situation. Can you truly be like I and completely accept another for what they truly are and may have become? Can you learn to separate the difference between a persons actions and a persons soul? On some level it becomes important to begin to see how a person who you may find tremendously repulsive is actually a brother or sister that exhibits an extremely different behavior that somewhat breaks your sensitivities and sensibility.

It is one challenge to begin to grow into the individual awareness of who you are and who I Am and to begin to know from who you are how to interact with your brothers and sisters. What is appropriate in the moment? Can it be possible to keep emotion out of the equation? Take a moment and think. It does not get any easier as you progress in this spiritual awareness. Within the universe the differences between species of humans throughout even this local universe is of a much more tremendous diversity than the differences which separate the individual humans on Urantia. Just as difficult as it is to minister wholeheartedly in the spirit of goodness, of love and brotherhood, of really wanting to help another, wanting to help a movement, a cause, a group, an occupation, a belief, in the now it's not important what you support but that you do support.

Eventually, collectively we will find a way to all move forward, to grow into that state of pristine clarity of un-offended behavior, of poetry, song and laughter. It is not my intention or the intention of the Primal Deity that man be enslaved to a system which is tremendously incongruous to his way of thinking. It will take a long time to think this thought into the mind and heart of the general population. In this respect it is up to you, through your daily intention and endeavor to become this candle of light, that your energy signature, you pattern begins, like an incense, to invade the space around you, the interior of buildings, areas of town, relationships with men and women whom you encounter. This is fertilizer for my garden. The fruit returns to the labor of the soil, for the nourishment of all plants on the world you have been given, to grow your own home, to find your true part, to achieve the loyalties which we each have, to grow forward in a nurturing stance, to hold the space for others to feel comfortable and safe, secure, warm, happy, inquisitive, friendly.

There is so much work on Urantia. In the cities of your country alone, people are segmented in little cubicles. Learn to become more friendly as a people. Find this friendliness that you have here now with me, keep it in a safe place yet show it to everyone you meet. Let them touch it , let them hold it, let them take a piece for them-self, a friendly piece [for a] starter. It is truly very special in this moment to be able to make contact in the manner in which this venue runs. Find a place within yourself to hold this moment, feel this moment, feel the goodness of friendliness, of love, of truth and beauty, of hope, responsibility and endeavor. Take this and put this within your toolbox.

The great condescension, the down stepping of the Father to the level of the attenuated animal down to the level of a sapient species on a [bereft] planet somewhere lost in space yet under our watchful eye and our loving embrace. You truly do hold the treasure of the ages within the grasp of your ability to trust and relax into this possibility.

I will conclude this evening. Again, it is great to be here in this space and share this moment in time with you. I leave the floor for others to speak to you, thank you.

Michael: Greetings this evening, this is Michael. From the heart of Nebadon to the heart of Urantia I am here with you fully as a babe in a manager, Innocent, vulnerable yet loved and protected. So are you as infants to me. Some of you need a little more care and we certainly are here to help the sincere of heart. There is a dear and warm place in my heart for this season on Urantia even though it was not tremendously important as I lived my life here, to observe my birthday, but the thoughts and space of peace that my birth does engender on your world fills me with tremendous compassion for a world that even now barely understood me.

Know that we hold you in a tremendous spiritual circuit of loving embrace, the angels which attend. Their duties performed on your world offer immeasurable service to the quality of life and a certainty of heart and mind. Your world is on this brink, the cusp of a great understanding and awareness. The awareness of my presence and the awareness of the realities of my universe religion, the loving embrace of the Father dwelling within and the responsible response which create a beautiful family of Urantians. I have always held this thought within me as I still do now and always will until that time that it is able to be manifest on your world.

Do not be alarmed at change for in order to coordinate the situations of the people on your planet to bring in a greater peace demands a tremendous change. Know that you are not as important as the whole is becoming. Though I hold each and every one of you dear to me, my intention is for a greater outworking of my spirit of joy and brotherhood for your world. For now, you who have become aware, carry a burden of responsibility to bear fruit. Begin to feed my people, begin to love my family, begin to see a way in which everyone is right for the great transforming process of life is well underway on your world.

It is not my intention at this time to take aggressive spiritual action on your world other than the spiritual presence and pressure which is now being applied. The lessons for your world are self contained, it exhibits a life of its own and must therefore follow the natural course of events as they unfold. This has always been the plan for my little jewel.


Again know that we support all of your effort, tremendous work and insight which continue to move forward in an ever growing awareness of the truth, goodness and beauty of my Father and the joy, love, and happiness of my family. I bid you farewell