2009-12-24-Christmas Message

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Topic: Christmas Message

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



My beloved children, this is your Father Michael and your brother Jesus. As you celebrate my human life, remember that I came to Urantia to show you the way to peace and happiness. Remember my life as the inspiration for humanity to seek the Father within your hearts. Celebrate my life as a time of renewal on Urantia, and celebrate your own life as my light emblazes upon your hearts a new living reality—that you may more gracefully seek and find your own Indwelling Spirit of the Father. Be renewed in the Spirit, my children in this Christmas season.

My children, the Father’s LIGHT is alive! Allow me to share it with you. Let it grow within you now and drink deeply of this LIGHT. Your Mother Nebadonia is breathing new life in you as you digest these words. Allow her Spirit to break open the places of resistance in your bodies and receive my presence deeper into your cells—allow your physical systems to rejoice with the effervescence that is my being: living truth, gracious goodness and majestic beauty. Feed upon me, my children, and become living expressions of Father’s love.

Amass these treasures within and share them fully with others as they come into your circle of influence. Share fully your hearts with them, as I shared my heart with my brothers and sisters as I passed by. Look past their frailties and shortcomings and feed them with the energy in your hearts that I feed into yours. Share freely, share openly and allow the joy to flow.

As you celebrate my birth upon your world, remember that the whole universe is celebrating with you. Drink deeply of this celebration and carry it into the New Year, creating the intention to be about your Father’s business more assuredly into the new world that is now birthing itself. Celebrate the transformation that is occurring as you live each and every day, for surely the creative forces of the universe are demonstrating their actions in and through you.

Beam LIGHT everywhere you go, my children, from my heart to yours, from yours to others. May this Christmas open the hearts of the brothers and sisters close to you and awaken their Spirits to know the JOY of our Paradise Father’s LOVE.