2010-01-21-Progress Through Weakness and Strength

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Topic: Progress-Through Weakness and Strength

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): I greet you all, I am Elyon, and I acknowledge your diligence in seeking ways whereby you may assist our Sovereign Son in elevating Urantia to higher levels of living.



While you look about your world and find many factors that are in great need of upliftment, you also behold a planet that has advanced quite some ways since the times when Michael was here as Jesus. When he looked at his fellows he saw them in two ways: One, the human beings that they were at the current level of evolution, and two, the great potential that resided in each one, some potentials that were not ever to be expressed in a short human life. But Michael could see that soul treasure, and in such an observation he could fully forgive the errors that are made by those who do not know the greater way, the higher truth.

As you work with your fellow beings I encourage you to also look with a spiritual eye and perceive those great potentials within them. Though you may be irritated by an action in the brief moment, you can love them knowing of the greatness that resides within, and that it is only a matter of time before there is a self discovery, and they come to actualize those inner traits of divine goodness.


Michael carried himself on your world with great assurance. This assurance revealed a deep connection with his divine Father. It was soulful in its certainty. It was a recognition of his eternal nature, and it caused him to be able to react to any event that occurred about him with that higher perspective. With such assurance he could forgive those who condemned him. He could teach truth even while the mob may be heckling him. He could love even one who exhibited great ugliness, for he saw within each the presence of his divine Father. He knew of the long road of ascension that every soul will make if they are willing. He could see the greatness of their future Paradise attainment. If you can but look upon your fellows with this in mind, divine love and divine light will radiate from you. Many will come to be soothed and nourished by your presence and your charm. But there is a secret to being able to do what the master did, and that is for you to be able to perceive within yourself those same eternal potentials and attainments where it is true that you love your neighbor only as you love yourself.


When one hungers for a goal, is striving fervently to attain such goals, a stumble will not bring that person down. It will merely cause a temporary scramble as effort is made to regain balance and forward momentum. That momentary interruption is forgotten instantly as the individual pushes for that goal. You see that in your athletics, the immature one will throw a fit and quit, but the pro will pursue. It is because that athlete has the assurance of skill that has been witnessed over time with great practice.

When Michael said, “Whatsoever you do to the least among you, you do for me” he was teaching how important the small actions are in the greater scheme of cosmic progress. If you can forgive yourself at the time when you perceive that you are the least among all, you are allowing the love of Michael to become infused into your being where he may minister to your soul. When you discover the presence of grace and feel the warmth of divine love you would aim that spiritual assuredness which empowers you to forgive not only the little but the great errors of others. You know that over the course of time your motive is to do the divine will, to comprehend truth, to foster beauty, and to present goodness. Those episodes of error are merely transient blips, and you continue on in your pursuit of the Father in heaven. Following such a stumble you see more clearly the cause of your error, and you become more centered in the goal of your attainment. If you can allow this for yourself, you can allow this for others.


Michael knew in his time that entire villages would never comprehend what he knew deep within him. He knew that even centuries would pass and great groups of people would still not comprehend, that they would stumble along in ignorance. But he taught them the truth and revealed the light nonetheless. He loved them deeply regardless, for when time has run its course all beings in time and space will be perfect, fully experienced in Supremacy, fully revealing of the divine within. Today you work for Michael just as in years past he worked for the Father. You work knowing that Nebadon is incomplete in its attainment of Light and Life, that your world is one of the trailing within this local universe, that the planetary stumble is only a transient episode of error, and that the goal is still ahead, and the desire of all lightworkers is still there to attain it.

This is an assurance, it is a peace that passes understanding. It is not an arrogance, a cockiness. It is deep, it’s quiet, it’s humble. And it is backed by the power of the divine.

I conclude my expression to you by one last thought; it is a reminder. Do as Jesus did and when in need of recharging and upliftment go off by yourself and commune with the heavenly Father whose parent is yours.

It is my desire to provide some time for you to interact with me. If you have questions or comments you may ask me.

Gerdean: As you presented, Jesus had this tremendous self confidence. He had the ideal parents, Mary and Joseph. Of the top three they were the best of the best. He had some advantages. Of course that’s no excuse for those of us who don’t come from the best of the best. It provides us with circumstances we have to grapple with. I am not confident. In The Urantia Book Michael promised to restore self respect to those who had lost it and curtail it in those who had too much. It’s a struggle to maintain that self confidence especially in this environment of trespassing and forgiving, screwing up and making amends, muddling through, as I trust we are all doing. I lament that we don’t have the same sort of self confidence Jesus had.

When he lived everyone didn’t have a Thought Adjuster. That’s a different circumstance. He recognized whether they were indwelt or not. I suppose we need to assume everybody is. Some people sure don’t act like it!


When I fall short and apologize so many people think that’s a sign of weakness and throw it up in my face. “Aah, you apologize. That means you know you are guilty!” It’s a struggle to keep our spirit and our confidence up. It’s good to sit and listen to the teachers encourage us and remind us of what is essential, what we are aiming for. Thank you, Elyon.

Elyon: You are welcome and I will comment. You recall the record of the fellow who said, “Lord, I believe, help my unbelief.”[1] That may be considered a sign of weakness, to have unbelief. But truly he expressed great strength in the desire to face that unbelief, to be taught, to be uplifted. The universe call that all souls become perfect as the Father in heaven is perfect is often met with great impatience, that perfection will be had if not now in the next moment. The desire is to pass the test rather than to continue passing tests, and this is what being perfect is all about, it’s perfecting continually.

I too share your sense of frustration. When I pursue higher levels of universe perspective and higher standards of character expression, I immediately discover my shortcomings, and I feel that I have yet a long way to go. As you ascend this wonderful dimension of mansonia you will come to appreciate the great assistance, ministers and angels, who are ever willing to help. This evolutionary world you are on now functions often from the mode of survival, that the fittest win. This is why Jesus taught service, that the world needs to learn to help one another, to not always be victor and the other vanquished. But in the progress of a fellow there is progress for your own being. To acknowledge one’s weakness, to admit one’s error, is to be able to progress. Even in the face of ridicule you are advancing. Those who make such ridiculing statements are delaying their own progress and are therefore in need of your love.

Gerdean: It’s impossible to withhold love because it’s bigger than we are. It’s a dimension and power that’s bigger than the mortal. It’s like the fruits of the spirit, it’s there. To deny them, to resist them, is futile. The Father’s will will be done. I forgive people all the time even though I don’t want to, I don’t like them, I still love them, and I do forgive again and again.

Elyon: Your perception of the omnipresence of love is wonderful to behold. You perceive that love dynamically. There are those who fail to see that living of love. Just as one may stand in a room where the air is still and not perceive that air, the moment a fan is turned on they recognize the presence. So while love is all about you, you are at times the fan that stirs it that it may be perceived. You are the paddle in the still waters that causes current that others may feel that rush by them and know that is love.

Gerdean: Thank you for your reassurance.


Elyon: My brothers and sisters, let us look to our local universe parents, Michael and Mother Spirit. Let us absorb their loving presence and feel their assurances that come by way of grace. Let us be lifted up. Let us feel the empowerment in our belonging in this wonderful family. Let us forgive ourselves for our frailties. Let us diligently work on our stubbornness, our unwillingness, our unbelief. Michael and Mother Spirit are here, they will help. That is their promise. We have much work to do. You are assisted by great beings, and you are also their assistants. The team is strong, the team is broad. Rest assured that you are in great company of willing souls and powerful personalities.

Thank you for your attention. I take my leave and leave in my wake your love for me and my love for you.