2010-02-08-Progress and Paradise Influence

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Topic: Progress and Paradise Influence

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Samuel: “If there is such paperwork as a contract you might have signed, I have not sighted it. As far as I know you have a commitment, made long ago, to publish some books to leave for posterity, and anything over and above placing these publications ‘out there’ for folks to enjoy is a bonus neither I, nor your Midwayer Friends, neither Machiventa, nor Michael ever counted on, but simply hoped for. It hardly is your responsibility, nor that of any in the immediate 11:11 Progress Group, to convince all of the people all of the time. Time is on the side of your Celestial Friends, who will see it happen.

“Your Midwayer Friends have a much better overall view of the results of their, may I say, incessant prompting of candidates that are ready and able, or perhaps in dire need, to make for their selves more spiritual lives. Many, who initially reject the Midwayers’ wake-up calls, later conclude that ‘something’ is happening after all, and after finding the lack of logic or ‘believability’ in other explanations will re-address the copious amount of references enjoyed by those regularly following 11:11 Progress Group’s postings. Not one of you is meant to be as insistent as would be a determined mother dragging a disobedient child, kicking and screaming off to first-day classes.

“Essential as spirituality is to eternal life; it is merely optional to human free will. That covers one part of what we are clearing up in this lesson, re-bounders you might call them. They are those who seemingly fully reject the possibility of change; the Correcting Time, and will at sometime be faced with undeniable truth of its existence. Another important part to remember is that the group’s channelers, translators, internet people and healers are just the vanguard of many, many more to come – pioneers, ground breakers all. It has only just begun for Midwayers, Angels and Teachers to ‘shift to top gear.’

“Yet a third factor to come will be Monjoronson’s appearance on your planet. Whilst I cannot give you a time; that time of arrival is drawing nearer, and a Paradise Citizen walking among you will produce tremendous interest for his teachings -- advanced for some, basic for others. Rest assured he will have many strings to his bow. His entourage will be well employed, also, covering the globe to bring peace, equality, and ‘sponsor’ love for the Father and human kin.

“Little understood, but tremendous in uplifting value will be the mere presence of a Paradise Citizen on your world. There is a positive spiritual energy associated with the presence of a Paradise Citizen on terrestrial soil. Moreover, the planet will be the focus of countless fused and perfecting son’s and daughters of time-space, as well as myriad perfect Sons of the Trinity on Paradise, and such well-wishing focus – prayer you might call it – is one of the most spiritually nourishing happenings a planet can wish for and experience.


“This is your Group Teacher, Samuel, reminding all who are ready for lessons that I am available, and awaiting your call. Blessings to all.”

George: “Thank you, Teach.”