2010-03-16-Monjoronson Q and A Session 92

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Topic: Stillness, Decimation, Urantia History

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Henry Z.


  • Moderator - Philiip


Prayer: Father, we come here tonight that we be en-circuited in your circle energy of love, of spiritual energy, spiritual unity, and be lifted in our ability to comprehend and communicate. We ask for guidance always and are thankful for the continued blessings continuing the options which are available and the wherewithal to express your will in our lives. We ask to be connected with spirit tonight, the presence of Monjoronson and any other personalities we have to share with us. Thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings, Monjoronson here for another session of spirit/human interchange and the question and answer session. Tonight we will not pause and go right into the questions. Thank you.



Question #1: Is the ultimate consequence of stillness and of these processes intended to create a continuous and permanent link to this greater source of awareness?

Monjoronson: I thank you for that redundant question. Stillness is a greater source of awareness. The greater source of awareness is not so much in the result, it is in the ability to perform in the process. It's the ability to be able to find and exercise process to control your mental activity, to control your thoughts to hone in your ability to focus, to use the extraneous mental capacity that rarely gets used. In accessing this part of the mind and by strengthening its working within your mind, it is intended to balance the neural energies as they are coordinated with activities of thinking and perception of external stimulus such as hearing and seeing something which causes you to overreact or to have the ability to not overreact, to consciously be able to hold the space of consciousness which allows you to access wisdom; to either hold your tongue, control your emotions and therefore make the correct choice in deciding how to deal with these things.

So stillness does access a greater awareness but again, the importance is in the practice of shutting down the mind chatter, the recurrent tape patterning within the mind, the definition of your boundaries within your mind to expand and use other abilities which the mind possesses, to access the greater part of the unused mind, there are muscles which must be exercised and used. So it is intended that this explanation clarify somewhat the process in stillness in terms of the internal out-workings of this effect within the human mind. Thank you for this.

Question #2: Does this greater source of awareness in addition to the Divine Monitor, also include the mind of the Supreme?

Monjoronson: In essence, stillness does not include anything. Stillness is what the word correctly portrays, it is stillness, no activity. Again, when you access depth on the physical level within the human psyche, the depth is reciprocal in reaching the highest spiritual realm. So yes, the combined accessing within spirit is not the immediate access to these mental functions. Certainly the Adjuster is aware of the human mind activity. The ability to focus on that place which is Adjuster responsive uses stillness to quiet the human mind and to focus on its ability to go into this sacred soul space between the Adjuster and the human.

To access the Supreme on this level is somewhat inclusive already in the contacting of the Adjuster. The full functioning of the Supreme is an ideal, it is a resultant product, it is an end defined. Right now you are defining real time and you are defining them now in the Adjuster's consciousness and in your consciousness. This is then a most important thing. The Supreme gives a reference, other reasons that the mind may need to access the Supreme is a purely personal condition; therefore the brief stillness practice is designed to focus on an awareness of real consciousness so that the mind is not supplying you with ideas and assumptions but you are in a space of observation.

In a space of observation, the Adjuster can work to It's ability to supplant within the observation mode, the required information for you to observe in whatever condition you are observing. In this space one can look at one's own life and one's own mental process and discern what one needs to adjust and from this level make the adjustment. Stillness is the ability of the human to access it's core, it's core mental function. Thank you again for this question.

Question #3: Does going into stillness reinforce the phrase: Whatsoever the son wills and the Father wants, is?

Monjoronson: The phrase which is referred to: Whatever the son wants and the Father wills, is,[1] has to do with the ability to access the greater will and to align oneself with that will. So what the son wills, the Father makes real because it is actually His will. It is, so that the synchronicity of the son with the Father is the synchronicity within the human and the Adjuster, one and the same. When Michael of Nebadon as Jesus of Nazareth on your planet in human form worked with His own Thought Adjuster, the same Adjuster each of you has, Michael of Nebadon's ability to access His Adjuster may have been greater than the majority of humans but nonetheless it is a reference.

Again, the ability to define one’s wants in synch with the will of the Father is the ability of the son to perceive the will of the Father and the ability to know within that which he seeks. Again, the stillness is a physical and mental practice. It is a physical and mental practice which benefits man’s connection with a greater spiritual awareness within. One is the result of the other but the process as has been stated before, benefits both the end result and the individual self perception, an ability to access spiritual complements within its own human and mortal life.

So the Father definitely wills for the son to experience its fruits of patience, the ability to hold in neutral space, the ability to be of help and service and understanding with its brethren, the ability to be distinct as a spiritual representative on this planet. Again, this spiritual process [which] allows man to access a greater resource for the contact with the spirit within tremendously increases the humans ability to perceive a greater picture of his place of meaning and purpose in his life at large. The ability of that human to instinctually know and understand correctly and that an individual's ability to stand in truth is stalwart and unwavering. Again, thank you for this question.


Preamble: You keep reiterating that the massive decimation will occur. You have forewarned us repeatedly to be ready and to make the right choices in a spiritual sense. I have noticed that there are other celestials coming through that are also warning about the impending decimation. It seems that the frequency of these messages are increasing.

Question #4: Does the increasing urgency and frequency of these messages concerning decimation mean that the decimation is very close at hand?

Monjoronson: What is the next question?

Question #5: The magnetic field of Urantia has weakened about 10% since the 19th century according to NASA [our space administration] and is moving westward rapidly. A magnetic pole reversal seems to be waiting to happen and we're wondering whether population decimation happens because the effects are so severe on terrestrial life, or perhaps there is a reason to believe we may notice little difference if it should happen. Could you provide us your thoughts in this area of concern.

Monjoronson: In answer to your first question, the immediacy and frequency of transmissions concerning certain topics, in general the importance of a topic is referenced by its immediacy and its frequency. But immediacy in a human sense is not the same immediacy in a spiritual [one]. There is a time lag. What may be immediate in a spirit sense may take several generations in a human sense. But nothing has changed; whether one dies singularly or en mass, there is nothing gained or earned through death and one must always be aware and prepared for the time when one must cross the threshold of life.

There are always two ways to look at things. Some people get motivated by the negative, some people get motivated by the positive, some people wish to see the cup 1/2 empty and some few see the cup as 1/2 full. In all this it is a matter of perspective. Change as you know is definitely imminent on your planet in its future course. Michael is certainly ready for the planet to move forward and already there are preparations for a new age. This does not change the individuals work or the response to spirit. We continually, as spirit, work regardless of the conditions on your planet. It is determined by spirit that it is not necessarily wise on Urantia to release tremendous amounts of information, information that has been given which is tremendously accurate has been distorted.

The paradigm exists: What came first, the chicken or the egg? Because something may happen, are you going to sit and wait and worry about it or are you going to do something now to make things better until that time? Spirit is not going to reduce the opportunity and choices that man has which spirit makes available to each and every one of you. Nothing will change from a spiritual standpoint no matter what be-heaves [maybe behooves] your physical world. The psychological social conditions on your planet have tremendously increased the stress of the planet which is resultant in question #2, the magnetic field at the poles.

The delicate condition of balance which exists on your planet has been compromised by the stress. Just like within the human body, the delicate immune system is stressed by pathology. The immune system breaks down, the pathology takes over and the person dies. Draw your own conclusions. It is unfortunate that the majority of man indiscriminately suffers for the conscious abuse of a few, the well knowing who have disregarded the laws of nature and the ideal precepts of man for greed, commercial enterprise, and the sovereign monopolization of resources to the expense of the many.

But yet you see, mankind exists on Urantia. Urantia is a live sphere, a bio-dynamically charged reality. Even though it is made up of solid, liquid, and gaseous matter, conditions resultant in life exist within the biosphere of your planet. Just look at a place like your moon or other planets within your solar system and it will become obvious to you that your unique planet is equipped with all of the accoutrements for life, oxygen, water, proper amount of [Light|sunlight], heat, temperature, proper amount of gravity for your species, that spirit has synchronized life on this planet. The will of men is attempting to take it to its limits, its edge, to its level of stress yet these are things which bring individual and social consciousness. Sometimes this is the only way to social consciousness.

All life designed by spirit inherently balances itself out in one way or another. This is the way that it is designed, that the life forms will learn to enjoy what it has or what it has will teach the life forms how to enjoy it. Either way there will be a balance. One will teach the other. Nothing in life is permanent except that confirmation of will with the Indwelling Adjuster. Nothing in the realm in which you live is permanent, not even the granite is permanent. The granite eventually renders itself into clay. Water and life move through, water evaporates, life dies, it builds up carbon residue. People have a fleeting moment of life, a short momentary sojourn yet in many respects human life has really compromised the situation of itself on the planet. Again, though it is unfortunate, mankind will truly learn through all of these physical conditionings. Thank you for these questions.

Preamble: Wheat rust [Puccinia Triticina] is spoken to in your remarks several weeks ago as a cause to bring on famine around the world as it attacks our cereal crops.

Philip: There are three questions concerning this [topic] and they are of a scientific nature so I will read all three and you can address them one at a time or as a group.

Question #6: Wheat rust is a fungus that saps the plant of nutrients and reduces grain yields. Is it the changing weather on Urantia that will open the door to the spread of this pathogen?

Question #7: The recommended treatment to eradicate it is a chemical control using triazole fungicides. Is the triazole family of chemicals in particular a problem or does the use of any chemical make things worse in the long run?

Question #8: It is probably too late to produce wheat hybrids for world growing to prevent the famine we may experience. Is there another solution such as attacking the fungus through the plant? Do we somehow invent agents to spray a crop which can then absorb them to cause a genetic mutation in the fungus? Do you have any suggestions?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. Again we have the condition of the resultant misuse of the bio-dynamic resources of the earth resulting in a pathogenic situation which potentially threatens the worlds crops. This is a situation which should help make it easy to understand why races of people disappeared suddenly from the planet in its history at times before. Man must learn how to deal with the mistakes of men and men must listen to the wisdom of the few. It is a tremendous challenge. A lot of the agricultural practices of the developed worlds have been compromised. Man will find solutions, man will use chemicals and poisons, men will suffer from these and men will learn.

There has been condition placed upon your planet which causes men to be unsatisfied with what they have, always looking for something better and different and part of this forward urge is inherent in the design of man but unfortunately it has not been used to move mankind forward, just individuals. I could sit here and tell you that all plants have inherent pathogens, all life has inherent challenges and difficulties. This is the way it's designed. It's designed that the human ultimately exercises total free will choice. This is why man is given total free will choice even when man has tremendously abused free will choice and people are faced with the resulting conditions of bad choices and its consequences. There is still the ability of the few who will discover, who desire to find a way to benefit the world and their brethren.

A lot of times, the good of mankind isn't noticed until it's propped up against a background of destruction, negativity, and doubt. Then all of a sudden the good is noticed. When things are going along okay, everyone is playing shenanigans in the shadows. Once all the shadows have been removed and you are left with nothing, then those with the wherewithal will begin to appear, to move forward. This is just the positioning in your society, it's the way you have created it. So to indirectly finish answering your questions and concerns, again, you live in challenging and fortunate times. You get to experience mankind tackling with real problems and real conditions and having to grasp real solutions rather than making the problem using your own conditions to patchwork solutions.

Now mankind is again faced with real and serious problems. Real and serious problems are like a grinding stone, they sharpen the hard edge, they give it something with which to cut, an edge so fine. Mankind has become tremendously polarized. It's causing nature which is symbiotic to respond, it's becoming polarized also, it's getting just as afraid as mankind. It is weakening, it is becoming infected, you have a problem. The solutions lie within mans ability to allow the solutions to present themselves and have the wisdom to understand them as solutions and not temporary patches for at this point in time, solutions are much more costly, much more demanding and tremendously compromising yet, this is where you are. Again, thank you for these concerns.


Question #9: Is there a plan with your coming to Urantia for humanity to regain more knowledge about its past? Will the midwayers be allowed to share their knowledge with us about this planet during the Magisterial Mission?

Monjoronson: The full display of the Magisterial Mission on Urantia will not be in herald to the masses. Things that are revealed and what man needs to know will be on a basis which is decided by spirit, not necessarily by mankind. Mankind may want lots of things. It may be determined best to begin to respect and appreciate the few things that man will have left at his disposal. The bio-dynamic program of the earth has already built in it's cyclical patterning. The earth already knows how to repair itself. It will be tremendously difficult for mankind during this transition of the world repairing itself and mankind having to rely on what it had been used to. Then a phrase that is in the Urantia Book will become very important. The phrase is: Uncertainty with security is the essence of the Paradise adventure[3]. Even here on Urantia you will get to experience uncertainty with security of knowing that spirit will be attempting to do it's best at all times.

Again I will repeat myself: Spirit will not change it's functioning and it's service to Urantia just because Urantia needs to go through and reform and recucitate itself. Again, in terms of the question, the information which spirit has that humans desire will be accessed on an individual and need to know basis. It is too early to manifest details about circumstantial things concerning the mission or what will take place once it begins to unfold on a greater level of manifestation on your planet. Much of this you cannot prepare for. Again, thank you for this question.

Philip: Thank you Monjoronson for your comments this evening. We would provide space for any [additional] comments you might have tonight.

Abuse, Correcting Time

Monjoronson: It seems tonight that some of the information being brought in by my representatives are causing people to be somewhat concerned and aware of impending conditions and situations. This evening, I have been trying to explain that it is not spirit which is causing these conditions on your planet. The conditions of your planet are resultant actions and consequences of decisions made long ago and perpetuated and abused and indulged by groups of individuals around the world on your planet.

True, the majority of the world must experience the results along with the few but the planet has been brought to a stress level and it's default mechanism is to resucitate itself. It is hard wired within the planet. Whether the poles shift, whether the magnetics are off, whether land masses rise and fall, whether magma is spewed through the cracked mantle of the earth, whether the ice poles and the polar caps melt and flood areas, whether famine, disease, pestilence, corruption begin to rule the world, spirit will not alter it's stance to mankind. Spirit continues to serve mankind and through these times of foreboding change, all the more will spirit stand steadfast and ready to assist and help mankind.

Spirit is only able to do so much. The ingenuity within mankind must begin to show itself and mankind must have the courage and the wisdom to use its own resources. All too often mankind has been clever in its ability to disguise the truth. The fact is that the metal is beginning to rust out under the car and it's beginning to come through the paint and the veneer of mankind is beginning to erode. The depths of corruption is coming to the surface. In the correction time God goes deep within to the base and loosens up that which does not belong and it is breaking up and rising to the surface. It is coming to a head, it is coming to the light of day so that all begin to see.

Again, in these times it is important to begin to exercise modesty, modesty in thought, modesty in action, modesty in spending, and mankind is moving into an era where he is beginning to experience the pull of the spiritual pressure of the brotherhood of man. It is like a weight which has fallen on all of you to follow, that is, working within the conditions presently to move you into a greater sense of who you are in your response. This is all. Spirit desires a tremendously simple life for you. You make it so complicated. This is not the result of spirit. Even if the representation of spirit has been corrupted on the planet, humans still have choice, they still have wisdom, understanding, counsel, knowledge and courage to come together and to worship God, not worship man or man's achievements.

Man should be proud of his great achievements and he should be tremendously thankful to God who provides the wherewithal and the ability for man to achieve such. Within your own souls, have you kept your part of the bargain? To those who give, much will be given and to those who take, all will be taken away. There is much truth in old sayings on Urantia, for the problems which beset Biblical times beset you now. You will learn as a body united, to come together to solve the great condition of life. This is also the way it is designed and good luck on your journey. Again, thank you this evening.


Philip: Thank you Monjoronson, we really appreciate those suggestions and comments and we would thank our t/r tonight. That does conclude our session. Thank you.