2010-06-23-Values and Beliefs

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Topic: Values and Beliefs



Teacher: Michael

TR: Vince



Greetings Dear Ones,

We come bringing our love to talk to you today and we wish to remind you that although there are many changes in the offing, you need to remember the values that you have held dear to yourself during this lifetime and your many previous lifetimes.


It is all very well to concentrate on the future and what it will hold, indeed many of you can’t wait for it to unfold and discover what your part will be in the future of your kind and your planet. We ask though that you continue with your life as it is at present, as the changes which are in the process of taking place cannot suddenly occur overnight, and you still have to get through on a day to day basis, existing alongside each other.

Remember children of mine, it is good to be reminded of values that you have already learned. It is easy to get carried away in the heat of the moment and forget these values; when you forget you harm not only yourself but other souls who are not as evolved as yourselves, and therefore more vulnerable.

We also remind you it is not for you to judge the rights and wrongs of the beliefs of another human, or group of beings, they will judge themselves when the time is right for them to do so. There are times where a criminal act is committed and it is appropriate for an individual to be taken to task and after entering your legal system, for them to make atonement for their crime. It is not for an individual or group of beings to vilify another’s religion, beliefs, or way of life, through pressure or harassment of any kind. Should they not wish to be educated to another’s way of thinking, this is their right; every being is entitled to their own opinions, whether others agree with them or not.

Where we need to, we will put pressure upon the Dark Ones to change; if they will not change and come into the light they will be removed from the picture completely. Our wish is that you should always stop and consider that where there are Dark Ones in a group, the other individuals who are with them are not necessarily of the same beliefs. We would wish you to take care not to compartmentalise people because of who you think they are; all originate from the same light as you.


We take our leave and give you our blessings until the next time; it is so.

Michael of Nebadon