2010-07-02-A Common Mind

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Topic: A Common Mind

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: Samuel



Bzutu: “It is I, Midwayer Chief ABC-22, bringing you greetings from all of the 11:11 Progress Contingent.


It is so very much in your nature to request ‘ever-ongoing revelation’ to the point where we might almost begin to doubt our reason for being, indeed, our very function, should we not be able to provide you with answers of a revelationary nature, but that is not how it goes. Get used to it, my friends, you are evolutionary beings, and you will surely be provided with revelation, but only to the degree that you deserve to receive such information.

“As we of the Midway Realm assess your trustworthiness, you all too frequently utilize new discoveries to merely harm others and consequently yourselves. Did you mumble the word ‘charming?’ Did I hear that? Yes! Much the way it is, brother. Over to your most respected and equally learned Teacher now . . .”

Samuel: “It is sometimes said that ‘ideas are in the air,’ but perhaps it is more accurate to suggest that minds and their machinations can reach far beyond the confines of your physical selves and that they can therefore be noted by others. We are well aware of the circumstances when two or more researchers experience that moment of illumination when they simultaneously ‘clinch’ the decisive answer to a puzzling challenge. We all know about the timing of identical thoughts of those who are close, like devoted couples.

“Mind, by its very nature can be all-pervasive, for even a friend who may be continents away can at times be brought to your mind the moment before his or her long-distance telephone call is received by you. Mindal focus is the factor of importance when the caller goes about dialing your number, picturing your face, anticipating the sound of your voice, recalling experiences in common. Mindal focus is the factor of importance when you determine to feed your domestic pets, or take them for a walk, and they sure know.

“In the more evolved species the gifts of mind are rather similar to yours, and there is much you can do in a mind-to-mind fashion to affect the behavior of rather intelligent species like apes, canines, dolphins and domestic horses. When it comes to altering the behavior of migrating birds, you are giving yourself a challenge of monumental proportions. Like fish, which also display migratory habits, relating to ocean temperatures and food supply, birds function with a common mind or group mind, vastly different to the endowments you have.

“As the Chief (ABC-22) earlier commented: You are evolutionary beings. Apart from the fact that you are here to learn that you hailed from the bosom of the Creative Source of all that is, and that you are much loved by your Creator, you have also been placed on a path of acquiring knowledge and wisdom by personal endeavors, hardly ever through revelation. In this fashion you will be of greater use in distant times to come, for the universes of deep space, in which you will serve as experienced problem solvers, are of evolutionary nature, also.


“I am Samuel the Panoptian. Our ever-lasting love goes out to you all.”


A number of subscribers voiced concern for migrating birds that frequent the states bordering the Gulf of Mexico. No real answer here to the birds’ potential plight IMO.