2010-07-13-Occupations and Diversions

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Topic: Occupations and Diversions



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Vince: G’day Monjoronson, I felt a chat was in order, regarding certain aspects of our society, and how to get through to people like me who are ordinary.


Monjoronson: Yes, My Son, I am happy to do so, for teaching is a two way process, and the teacher needs to be apprised of aspects of the local culture because that helps target lessons to the people concerned. Now, I take it we are speaking of England as a country, as distinct from the United Kingdom or any other ‘Westernised Countries’?

Vince: Yes Mojo, but there’s the rub; in certain parts of England we could term the locale as being part of an ‘Easternised Country’, so far has the culture changed through immigration. That’s not a racist remark, merely an observation of how the community has changed over the years.

Monjoronson: I am sure that must be very difficult, both for you and for us; because where you have a society with a single language and culture in common, it is easier to teach new concepts to people, whereas when it is fragmented, it becomes very much more difficult, and then you have to concentrate on the offspring of the original immigrants, because they will have a native English language ability.

Vince: Quite so. The single most important matter for most families or individuals and couples is to have enough money to survive. The fiat money system is the only way that most people can pay for food, housing, travel, leisure and so-forth. In order to get money they have to work, steal, win it, inherit it, or claim welfare benefits. Sometimes a mixture of several methods is used.

The percentage of people working for money who actually like what they have to do is very small, and many of them have to work very long hours for subsistence wages. These are at the bottom of the Wage Slave Economy on which most developed countries are forced to operate. Where once products were made in England, they are now made mostly by even worse-off wage slaves in China and India for example, and thus the number of available jobs in England is small, and immigrants are preferred by the employers because often they will work for lower wages.

At every level in this economic model there is fear and an element of bullying as in: ‘You will do such and such or else!’ Working conditions are often quite poor, and don’t take into account individual workers’ needs. As with everything, there are exceptions and alternatives.

Working and the travelling involved is very tiring and time consuming, and at the end of the day or week many people use alcohol or recreational drugs to dull the pain of life. Binge drinking in England is a social phenomenon which isn’t true of other Westernised countries. Overeating, and particularly with junk foods, is another habit of some people’s reaction to the working week.

More fortunate people love their jobs and are well adjusted to them, but in a general sense they are time-poor. Diversions of all kinds including TV, movies, music, computer games, gambling, drinking, drugs, sexual activities, sport, and so on are used to improve the quality of life, take the mind of the work place, and fill in those other voids in life.

Spiritual matters are normally taken care of by the multitude of official religions and derivatives thereof, and there is only a tiny minority of people who have any remote idea as to the reality of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the vastness of the Grand Universe and all that exists, much of it invisible to the human eye. As I said before, they don’t know you, they don’t care about you, and they don’t know that it would probably be a good idea to know you.

That is a very brief outline of everyday life for many in England.

Monjoronson: Yes, and it is not a happy position for so many people to be in. The question is what is to be done about it, and there are no easy solutions, no quick fix. We have observed the emotions of so many who have been diverted by the World Cup Football tournament recently, and noticed how so many seemingly sensible adults are so taken with the event, as to think of little else. Presumably this is to offset the other miserable aspects of so many of their lives.

Vince: Bye and large, that is true.

Monjoronson: Yes dear one this is sad indeed and very much what we have come to expect in recent days. Because of conversations we have recently had with some of you, we have moved to revise our plans and there is a very different and more realistic plan set in being.

Vince: Want to tell us about it?

Monjoronson: No I don’t, for if I did, it would start of another whole set of conditions which humanity would take on board and make of it that which it is not, like the stasis stuff I am not going to mention.

Vince: OK then, what are you going to do to make a start and find a way forward?

Monjoronson: Well then, it is going to be a slow old business, but we will have to find people who are open minded and who we can work with.

Vince: Well, if I may say so, you’ve got your work cut out. In the 35 years since I set foot on this spiritual path, I have only come across a relative handful that would be suitable material, and many of them are passed over or moved away. It’s difficult enough bumping into them in the first place, but there’s always an attrition rate of ones who drift off and are never seen again.

In internet terms, there are those globally who are attracted like moths to a light, but often these are to dubious websites pedalling new age gear, offering flowery language about new energies and lots of love, but with little hard details or facts. There is nothing recognisable coming from the Spiritual Hierarchy with a profile such as a major international airline would have. You know if you fly (Insert airline of your choice here.) you will be jetted around the world in comfort and safety.

Yes Monjoronson, many good words have flowed through Monjoronson.com and the Training Mission, not to mention Urantia.org; but by comparison with British Airways, American Airlines or Air France, these are organisations hiding under the woodwork.

We can largely discount those Christians, Muslims and Buddhists who fervently believe in their particular religion, as they do not have open minds to your existence, so there is apparently no large group of people where you are likely to find a pool of support, as far as I can see.

Therefore, unless you can come up with some kind of revelatory campaign aimed at ordinary people en masse, we are looking at waiting for individuals to come forward, and in the likely lifespan of the average individual, we are unlikely to ever get a substantial chunk of human support, before yet another generation of brainwashed people appears.

I’m sorry if I am painting a bleak picture, but I believe in being open and frank up front, and this is the constituency I live in. If you know a way forward, then let me hear it.

Monjoronson: I thank you for your bleak honesty, and with the best will in your world, there is no magic wand which can be waved over the issue. There are those who still think that a Big Bang followed by Stasis will effect the changes required, but that is the philosophy of Fairyland. If people are not ready to understand, frightening many of them into submission just won’t work. We have to have evolutionary changes, but these are very, very slow.

I want to start off with some text on Spiritual Philosophy which applies to individuals of what you would term the ‘ordinary people’ type. If and when this attracts people on a physical or internet basis, then we can start to work with them, but it won’t be easy going and is going to be a long term exercise. There are those you know already and you should at a future time, invite them to be a part of this project, and we can go forward together.

This is learning, teaching, and co-creating opportunity for you all to pursue, and it is a positive way forward.

Vince: But, it is not what I wanted to hear, as I thought you might have something else up your sleeve which may help.

Monjoronson: What if we had a Big Bang & Stasis, would that make you happy?

Vince: Not in the context of the availability of new people being ready, willing, and open minded enough to wish to know you and your message. They will essentially be the very same people as before the Big Bang, and many of them will have been cowed with fear by the Earth Changes; not a good place to start, I’d say.

Monjoronson: So you would agree then that there is no magic wand?

Vince: Well, yes but what else do you have which may attract people?

Monjoronson: Like what; dancing girls? No, you have to work with what you’ve got, one here and two there. It’s better than nothing, and there will come the time when there are more and more of you, but by then you may not be there to see it.

Vince: Another wasted incarnation, eh?

Monjoronson: By no means, for you have learned much along the way. Let those who expect the Big Stasis expect it, shall we, and I shall continue with you in the way I mean to go on, that’s far more important than waiting for the bus which may not come. When it does, it may only be a short wheelbase single-decker, and not the tri-axle double-decker everybody was expecting, and at that point there will be some very disappointed people; but you will not be one of them, for you have decided to join my teaching mission, and to ignore the stasis scenario as requested by me.

Clearly there are a number of issues on your planet which have to be addressed urgently, but the hows and the whys are another matter entirely. It would be far better for mankind to address them himself, particularly the Gulf Oil Disaster; but there is a point which this and other issues cannot be allowed to pass without dramatic intervention by us, but we hope mortals will solve it themselves, for this is an evolutionary process.

Vince: So you must have contingency plans?

Monjoronson: We always have contingency plans, but hope we don’t have to use them. Evolution of humanity is most important, and if Mum & Dad have to keep coming into the nursery and clearing away the wreckage, how is Junior ever going to learn his lessons and move on?

Your planet is scarred by your occupation and wreckage is all strewn around you and many of you are beginning to see what is going on, but can you make the required changes; this is the big question? Will we have to intervene in some way?

Yes my friend, I know you have very many questions in need of answering, but they are matters which you will have to place in the Pending tray. Some of them will be answered as events unfold and some may never receive a satisfactory answer in your current lifetime; so I think we must agree to move on and concentrate on gradually getting into the teaching, and let events take care of themselves.

Vince: Then I suppose we must, but that doesn’t stop me being curious.


Monjoronson: I know, but that is all you’re going to get out of me for today.

I am Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy in conversation with Vince, a Scribe of mine.13th July 2010