2010-07-22-Student Teachers

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Topic: Student Teachers

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Gerdean



TOMAS: Good evening, everyone. This is Tomas. I have been waiting for you. It is like the professor, who is at home at the podium and eager to cram as much as possible into the hour’s session, awaits the bell for the students to come to attention so that we might begin at once. I am indeed going to teach a lesson today but it is not the kind you are accustomed to. You have known me – those of you who have know me – for many years, delivering sermonettes, essays, philosophies and have spent time even on definitions of words and concepts. In short, I am a philosopher and we have enjoyed many philosophic hours meandering in the remarkable, amazing, and miraculous universe of your minds.


Today I would like to put your minds to use, as if all these many years we have gone fishing together and I have been showing you how to fish and you have been enjoying listening to me discussing fishing techniques, but today we are going to begin fishing, that is to say, YOU are going to learn, for when you are able to fish you can feed yourself; you no longer need to go to the fisherman or the supermarket or someone else to feed you.

Now don’t get me wrong, we teachers of the Teacher Corps and other avenues of celestial service have intentionally been here teaching you what we have been teaching you because of the curriculum that was decided upon by our superiors, Machiventa and Michael, many years ago and we have literally thousands of hours invested in your maturity, your development, your awakening. Through our efforts, many have learned how to connect with their higher nature and discover what it is to be loved in the divine sense. As you are able to appreciate divine love, you are able to embrace yourself with that selfsame divine love and work with yourself patiently as you let go of your flaws, imperfections, and error natural to evolving beings. You are becoming more complete as you learn these things about yourself, the more you learn to love yourself, the more you can love others. The more patience you have with yourself, the more patient you can be with others. The more compassion you feel for yourself, the more compassion you can feel for others as they grapple with their shortcomings. And so it does become an exercise in the Golden Rule of doing unto others that which you would have done unto you and it would be of a nigh order, and thus human associations becomes the brother hood of man.

I am going to teach you how to fish for yourself. You may think you haven’t had enough essential lessons, haven’t had enough primary teaching sessions under your belt. Well, I promise we will not stop teaching. Teachers teach. And you will become teachers. But you must begin as a student teacher and so this is what I will encourage you to adopt for yourself – the role of a student teacher, so that you can learn how to do this yourself and begin to consult with the teachers that you encounter through your mind and answer the questions that you would have spirit answer for you through this process.

Have you all been practicing the stillness? Answer to yourself, for that is a personal question. It is the key. If you can master stillness, you have opened the door. It is like that which you may have found in your mailbox this morning: “The mind is not the seat of the spiritual nature, but it is the gateway thereto.” And I have stood in the gate with you for many, many years. We have stood in the gate together. But you need to walk through the gate in order for you to become a teacher in your own right. And so the stillness is essential to open the door to your spirit nature.

Once you pass through into that realm of faith – living faith – you tap into that which is within you and you tap into what is available to you at that point. It will be different for everyone because everyone is a different level of growth and personality expression. There are many different levels of awareness and consciousness and none of them are wrong. They are appropriate for where you are in your development.

When it is said that you are equal spiritually, or that God is no respecter of persons, you are in the comfortable position of knowing that you are in God’s hands, that whatever, wherever and however you express yourself, it is appropriate for you right now.

As you hear yourself, you can learn from yourself. You can learn from yourself by hearing yourself, in fact, far better than you can by hearing someone else, even by hearing someone else reflect back to you your own thoughts; therefore, there is nothing like your own personal experience to teach you what you need to know. In the process, yes, your imperfections and your incompleteness will be revealed, but there is no one here who is perfect and complete, and so that is nothing to worry about, nothing that should inhibit your expression of who you are at this time.

There is a certain amount of exposure that comes when you open your mouth in such a way as these T/Rs do. It’s very much like intimate sharing and sometimes when you share intimately you are a little embarrassed perhaps by how intimate you shared and perhaps you didn’t intend to reveal so much about yourself and you feel exposed, you feel naked before God and your peers. Sometimes that exposing yourself like that comes back to haunt you, but most of the time it strengthens you and helps you clarify who you are and what you know. It is peculiar and hard for you to believe, perhaps, but your every utterance is helpful in some way =-= providing you want to be helpful. This is the second part of the key. The first part is stillness and the second is the desire to serve. The desire to serve is turning the key in the lock so that the door will open. Both of these are very internal processes. They are commitments. They are soul commitments on your part. Now the wonder and glory of these kinds of soul commitments come in the rush of awareness that you are not alone, you are assisted, and you are a part of a tremendous organism of living love. You have a right to be here; you are loved and appreciated regardless of your less than perfect efforts.

Humanity is hungry for truth, beauty and goodness[1]. They are desperate to see divinity revealed, and when it can be revealed through their fellow human beings, it is enough to restore faith in humanity and the faith in humanity has been sorely wounded as the tumultuous new age – this past century – has barreled down upon you. If God in his heaven cannot be seen or trusted or known by many in the evolving religions, he can certainly be known personally through revealed religion[2], and one of the ways that god is revealed is through you. This is the task. This is why we have come. To teach you to teach as you pass by in your own right as Jesus did, so shall you do.

Now, I am not suggesting that you become anyone other than yourself. You do not need to change your name or adorn yourself fin precious raiment you need only be mindful of the fact that through stillness and a desire to be of service you enter into a new realm of reality. You begin with the stillness.

Part of the process, too, may be journaling because journaling is a way you can learn to express yourself before you learn to express yourself with others, so if you have not experienced the process of journaling to the point where you are able to see otherness in you, then continue your practice of journaling. When I say this point of otherness, I mean a voice other than the one you are familiar with. A voice that will lift even you up, that will guide and teach you, that is within you. Be it your thought adjuster or your thought adjuster sanctioned heavenly helpers who will assist you in the process of becoming closer to your god fragment, be they personal teachers, the seraphim, midwayers or other heavenly helpers.

The entire vast universe is one large school that you can tap into and take advantage of. Even here and now, in the flesh, you can begin learning these morontia concepts. And these morontia concepts can become your new foundation -- thus building your divine self, your immortal self, on your foundation of faith.

Have you then experienced the thrill of opening your mouth and allowing God to speak through you? Have you on occasion been self-forgetting and interested in the moment, caught up in the magic of the moment, and heard yourself speaking such things that even impressed you? Have you listened to yourself and said, “Wow! Where did that come from?” That is you being all that you can be. Not merely a mortal of the realm but a mortal of the realm with divine consciousness. You become a co-creator then with your divine Adjuster and/or other agencies of the divine Adjuster – heavenly helpers all, who yearn to assist you in your process. Once you begin to open your mind and heart, your Voice will also. Your throat will also open and the words will indeed pour forth, addressing the needs of the moment.

Now, they may not be what some people would call inspired. They may be about how to fix the carburetor; they may be about why the cake went flat, but if you desire to be of service, you have the capacity to teach and to manifest godly qualities as you pass by. Jesus spent most of his life doing just this kind of thing, doing ordinary work as an ordinary man of the realm, even though he was an extraordinary creator son of the universe. Yes, towards the last he did do some incredible things and we all like to admire and emulate him as much as possible but our task may not be the same task that he had to do. We are not creator sons. We have our own work to do. And if and when we are sensitive to this new foundation born of the spirit, we will be guided and led in all things and we will find satisfaction in all things, even that which is humble and to some mundane. And the wonderful thing is that on occasion you will strew your pearls of wisdom, bringing good cheer, salving their fears, reflecting the divine nature and this is the good news, the good work.


Gerdean: I’d like confirmation that this line is still operative. Mike: We are still on. Gerdean: Good. Thank you.

TOMAS: We have a lot of time this evening, and I would like to offer some of it to the prospective among you to practice your skills in this process of contacting your inner voice, y our inner life. Are there any among you who would like to practice with us here for the group as a demonstration? Are there any of you who have been looking for this opportunity?

Juan: Count me in! TOMAS: And you are? Juan: Juan.

TOMAS: Juan. Then I will step back and provide for you the podium, my friend, and we will await your Voice.

Juan: Well, thank you. I speak with the love that flows from within and I am so thankful to have others that know of this love and the disparate terms that we have learned of it that can make it real, and I thank you for this time.

TOMAS: It does my heart good that the first opportunity you have to express yourself, you express your deep joy and gratitude. This is music to the ears of the gods. So many mortals spend so much time whining and complaining to God and so to hear this outpouring to God to the point of tears is our reward. It is indeed from a position of joy and gratitude that you will derive the stamina to persist in the process. I encourage you to continue expressions of your inner life. Formally at first, and then gradually informally, for your life will be transformed by spending time in stillness and in service. This is a supreme prayer; you cannot help but reap the rewards and feel the effects of such through the divine nature. It does not all happen in the mind, however. The mind decides but the spirit acts. You need to trust the spirit to act for you and with you as you seek to serve.

Another perhaps?

Mike: Hello? TOMAS: Yes? Mike: Hello. Teacher Tomas? TOMAS: Yes. Mike: This is Mike. TOMAS: Yes, Mike.

Mike: Well, recently I’ve been having some very intense and beautiful sessions within my own stillness and also with a small group of eager souls where we’ve connected to really strengthen each other and commune together and pray together, so lately it has been very -- I have felt the fruits and the rewards of really stepping back and taking the time to breathe deep, and the love and the peace that is all around us. And I would like to share a little of some of the lesson – just the other day we had a session, and I was reminded that we are all so connected in this reality, this local universe – our connections and our relationships are one of true spirit value, and even in the seemingly trivial conversations, even just a smile as you pass someone on the street creates a relationship value, a spark, it creates a spirit reverberation echo, it vibrates, and as we go about with our inner progress and our outer progress, each small step we take with each other in service and in love is an accomplishment for the whole, and although it is difficult for us to perceive this from our finite and limited perspective, we should know our steps we take are contributing to the total, are gifts to the Father, and strengthens the love of the system, the constellation, the universe, and the supreme. Thank you.

TOMAS: Thank you for your testimony of faith. Your joy feeds us. Your confidence of our compatibility with all that is sacred assures us of our own sacred nature and makes us feel better, unites us with our Source. It is a hug from your Thought Adjuster to the Thought Adjusters of all those whose ears you reach. Such camaraderie and companionship is indeed strengthening. It can be there for you when you falter, as you can be there for others when they falter, and in the course of time, as you all grow together, you will indeed have created a more divine paradigm so that the planet itself evolves. And one day it will arrive at Light and Life.

Paul: Tomas, I have something I would like to add. TOMAS: Yes.

Paul: My name is Paul and even though I haven’t directly – in my opinion- connected with my Thought Adjuster, I do believe I am being inspired by the Thought Adjuster. I have something I have written that I would like to share with everyone here tonight. When I wrote it, it kind of just flowed through me and I kind of think it just encourages everybody. The title of it was “A Lesson of Unconditional Love". I don’t know how much time you have. I just have a page here and I wondered if I might read it.

TOMAS: Please. Paul: I start it this way:

“Into each life some rain must fall. Sometimes it is like a raging torrent that descends in sheets, soaking all the inhabitants. Sometimes it reaches the earth in cold shards like bits of glass intermingling with ice particles. Sometimes it descends upon us like turbulent seas roiled up by an approaching hurricane. Sometimes the rain falls from our eyes wetting the green grass for into each life, rain must fall. For just recently I told Father, “I do not want to learn this lesson, for this lesson cannot be learned as we read facts and figures from a book. This lesson must be learned as we live this life on such a planet as this. How can we learn what it is like to love another unconditionally? Is it not when we experience vicariously the love that flows through us from the infinite Source? If we could look through the eyes of our Father and see others as he sees that one, would we finally understand? Is it not so that when we love another unconditionally we are beginning to pull back the layers that hide the Infinite One from our sight?

“Into each life the sun will shine. Sometimes it appears as it peeks behind a covering cloud. We see the sun’s rays desiring to break through the veil and then the warmth of our star burns away the water vapor that has obscured our vision. Sometimes we awaken before sunrise and watch as our golden bright orb illuminates those things that had previously languished in the darkness. We no longer wonder what surrounded us in the darkness because light has exploded in all its glory to expose the wonders of creation. In the hearts of each one is a hidden star waiting to peek from behind covering gases, even from our view. Yet, as love coalesces and forms a ring around our hearts, a supernova explodes, revealing all of its glories and all of its secrets to all creation. For the Father within is like a hidden star waiting for the right conditions to germinate. Like all-pervasive hydrogen gas, unconditional love is the glue that holds all things together.

“Into each life tears will fall, for each tear that we shed is evidence that we love another more than we love ourselves. The tears of another caused my heart to break. In those tears I found my heart and my soul. Love was rolling down a cheek finding its way to the deepest part of my soul. ‘Father!’ I cried. ‘I do not want to learn this lesson.’ And in the depths of my despair and my heartache, I learned the lesson of unconditional love so the rain clouds went away and the clouds moved from my view. A star was born. A star burst from the confines of my heart, and when the gases subsided and the star settled into orbit, I saw the One. I saw the One hidden from my view. I discovered the One hidden within and living by my side because I learned the lesson of unconditional love.”

So I thought I would just like to share that with everyone here tonight because I learned the lesson of unconditional love. So I thought I would just like to share that with everyone here tonight and although I don’t feel that was a direct influx from my Thought Adjuster, I do feel that I was inspired to write that and I just wanted to share that with everyone here tonight.

TOMAS: It was certainly an inspired piece. It is evident that you have a good grasp on not only the English language, but on the heartfelt qualities of expression that allow for these words to formulate in your mind and pour forth as diadems of beauty that reveal the nature of God. Even though you admit to not having one-on-one communications with your indwelling God fragment, there is no question in my mind that your indwelling God fragment is working with you in your creative expressions. He has inspired you and you have inspired others. And so whether you are working for God or with God, God is an obvious and apparent part of your dealings, and so thank you for sharing that with us.

Paul: Thank you very much.

TOMAS: You have potential and might consider finding an avenue for publishing such poetic works.

Paul: Well, thank you very much, Tomas. I appreciate that, and I’m just glad that I could share that with all of you and I certainly appreciate you and all of the Teachers coming in to help us as well. Thank you very much.

TOMAS: Thank you, because we appreciate you and we will depend on you more and more as more and more people yearn to follow in the path of those of us and you who have embarked upon this path of interacting with the Higher Powers that be in your immediate grasp. Indeed such dealings will be a part of your eternal career and it is good to establish this new foundation, this morontia foundation, for your relationships. It does not eliminate the finite foundations but it augments those finite foundations with the divine dimension which will take you into Mansonia and beyond. Your life becomes richer and more expansive, and there is no turning back. Yes.

Marty: Teacher Tomas, this is Marty. I would just like to make a brief comment. TOMAS: Yes, Marty.

Marty: I just had to have Father help me find the words to express this. -- Just that all of the energy that comprises creation is from Father, the Source and Center of everything -- and here we are in the farthest outreaches of creation, in the material realm of time and space, and we are born here as animals and given personalities with the dignity of free will, and we are bestowed with the divine Spark from Paradise – the Thought Adjuster. And it is Father who has put himself here … in our shoes … to experience the farthest outreaches of his creation and to guide us from the Source. That is just really the most amazing thing of how everything in creation is connected and it all is Our Father. Everything is upheld by him and everything is in harmony. Thank you.

TOMAS: Thank you for your overview. As you know from scripture, God is omnipotent, omniscient, and …

Gloria: Omnipresent.

TOMAS: Omnipresent. And so you know the Spirit of Truth that allows for everyone to be indwelt with this God fragment. That is an additional blessing. You are truly beginning at the ground floor. As in any wonderful organization, by the time you reach the top, you will have known all the ins and outs of how this company operates, and you will be able to help in the management of it and other worlds like it in time to come.

Marty: I guess the most amazing thing about my feeling is realizing that it’s all God! That that’s us! And walking the planet, you know. It’s just really … amazing.

TOMAS: It is amazing but it is amazing also to realize that He is not just within you but is within others – is within others even when others aren’t interested in Him being there.

Marty: Right.

TOMAS: Who could care less about his presence in their life. The joy is in either helping others to become aware of this divine Presence or knowing others who appreciate His presence in your life as you do, so that you can together unite your voices in praise for this sacred state of being sons of God.

Marty: Yes, the awareness of God by personality is the most tremendous blessing that anybody could possibly have.


Marty: And I observe the animal kingdom with all of their behavior that is evidently comes from above. They are given pre-personality … that’s what I call it. They have the same kind of characteristics that a person has, but they don’t have the ability to know God, but they know each other and they know of us. Their experience must be also something that Father and Mother are having. And if you extend that to all of life and all of the elements, then the experience, the divine experience of the universe is just beyond comprehension.

TOMAS: Truly. Truly it is. If he is in the experience of cats and dogs and goats and elephants and birds and fish, then it is certainly bigger than we had first imagined.

Marty: And then you add to that flies and bees and then the ionic elements -- it’s endless – and it’s all the energy of Father that we call life.

TOMAS: There is a certain amount of chaos, however, and that is part of the plan as well … to create perfection out of chaos is part of the program, so when you encounter chaos and imperfection, do not despair but recognize that is something God isn’t finished with yet.

Marty: And it gives you a chance to appreciate free will because it gives us a chance to be co-creators.

TOMAS: Yes. Indeed. Marty: Thank you, Teacher Tomas. TOMAS: Thank you, Marty.

Ron: I have something to share. TOMAS: Yes? Ron: This is Ron. TOMAS: Yes, Ron.

Ron: I was talking to my Father fragment the other day … TOMAS: Yes?

Ron: And I asked him how it was possible we can converse so easily with each other. And he responded, ‘That is because you believe and you can; and in the past, when you didn’t believe that you could talk to me and I could talk to you, then you couldn’t. But once you overcame your belief systems and you believed that we could talk to each other, then we were able to talk more freely … every day.’

TOMAS: Indeed. Excellent point. Ron: Thank you.

TOMAS: You’ve gone from belief to faith. Moving from belief into faith is like opening the door with the key we talked of earlier. And again, you stand at the threshold of opportunity, even as you stand within the shelter of His arms. Or Hers! There is no need to overlook the divine nature of the feminine Deity -- Mother/Father God, Eternal Parents in One Combined -- constitutes the nature of God for both genders.


Well, my friends, we are approaching the end of the hour. I want to encourage you to persist in the practice of stillness, in journaling, and in practicing your expressions. Use a tape recorder to practice letting go of your verbal constraints. Working on a keyboard or composing your thoughts is a more intellectual exercise than transmitting but it is no less valuable and/or effective if you are co-creating with deity. There are so many aspects to this process of investigating the universe of your own mind and determining the many, many doors that open to you from this universe of your mind, your will. So many of them are so necessary and so needed for this next phase of our planetary advancement.

So continue your efforts. Practice. And again, when we speak again I will give you another opportunity to transmit live or express yourself so that you can get accustomed to how it feels, so that you can learn to listen to yourself in ways that you can help yourself grow in your own reality, your own divine reality.

In praise of our Creator, Father and Mother Divine, in appreciation for their love for us and the plans they have for us their children, we lift our voice in praise. Hallelujah!

Juan: Hallelujah! Marty: Thank you.

TOMAS: Amen and Farewell.