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Topic: Accepting Responsibility

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monmacion

TR: Tiahuan



Monmacion - Well, my friends, greetings. This is Monmacion. I have been with you in your silence, your stillness, and as you know, others have joined us in this probe of a way forward, looking toward our collaboration that is sought on every side of this exchange.


We do endeavor to gather you in small teams, and we would hope that such small configurations would be able to support similar ventures by others. As I have mentioned earlier, my colleagues, my Melchizedek brothers enjoined in this Magisterial Mission are just beginning to foster this very same focus with others identified with their particular function in the larger scope of this outreach which you have heard described as an overlay of your planetary administration.

I cannot emphasize enough the priority of spending this time in stillness to train your minds to heed the call of spirit. Spiritual education requires attention by the human mind to its spirit nucleus. Myself and others, enjoined in different ways illumining this central shining within you, serve simply to augment this light. We cannot compensate for a lack of attention. All too often, what transpires when there does not exist this central focus that we share with you, this practice of allowing ourselves to be refreshed by the Source of all, what transpires is a preoccupation with that which is peripheral. There are many aids that you are receiving in this era of accelerated exposure, disclosure of the divine unfolding from within. No sooner than you have received one such brilliant disclosure, another is rolling over you as a wave following just behind. The succession and amplitude of these gifts is defeating your propensity to seize any one of these as a permanent structure.

Your material natures are given to such inclinations quite naturally. When you and your fellows, who have been walking for some time by your own standards in this rising tide of illumination, have found yourselves unable to gather in any stable formation, it is because you would focus upon the wave instead of the energy which creates it and more especially its Source, that is, in spite of your disbelief, (what) you hold within you. When you come to recognize that these waves are being released by your own willingness to become this fluid through which the energy of spirit is transmitted, then we will be moving together, working as one. But as long as you see yourselves upon the shoreline looking in awe of these breaking waves, then we will not have the union that we seek.

This practice of stillness affords you greater familiarity with being this wave that washes upon your world. It is your lives that have brought this world forward as it has. Your lives are enjoined by ours, and we endeavor to join you in the fact of your physical presence, but you must come to see yourselves as having joined us in spirit. And together, we roll, we wash upon the world.

There are many personalities who are part of this energetic force, and as you mentioned earlier, we cannot, and we wish not to invade, to crash upon you as an invasion, as a violent and alien force, and we will not though many of you, your friends, implore such intervention. Michael would have us joined as one, walking with ease together, at home with one another in this space defined by your willingness to surrender your control, to open your hearts and minds; this water of life of which you are the essential ingredient. Do you think a planetary government resident upon a normal sphere functions without qualified corporeal representatives? And where do these come from but from the ranks of mortal souls in the course of ascension. Little do you know, you have been traversing the circuits of morontia spheres over the course of decades of preparation. You are only beginning to accept the possibility that you yourselves have been chosen by way of your choosing to allow yourselves to serve in these roles.

…, you have identified your vocation as a counselor. Do you think your counsel would serve such as I am and others who are my seniors? It does in truth and in fact. You (and your fellows) are as an advisory body for us as we make preparation, and as you wonder how to proceed, simply ask your fellows who is ready to accept the responsibility of teaching. Yes, yourselves, supported by myself and others, greater than you can know, but you are the points of contact. You must be that force which lands upon your world, which walks out of the waters of spirit that have formed you and extend your mortal hand to your fellows knowing them well as you do, confident that you bind together the frailties of mortality with the distinctive stability of spirit. And so we endeavor to lift your notions of yourselves, you who have thought so little of yourselves who have overcome much self-condemnation. Your self-esteem arises from this shared nature of your consciousness of humility that is bound together with the majesty of our Father. This is what you will reveal in the distant ages in the realms of outer space, so you might think of this as but preparation upon your natal sphere for your larger destiny. Allow yourselves to savor just the thought that your part in this is what we have been constructing all along even as you have sought to build so much amidst so much frustration upon the very soil of your earth. These motions are coordinated and will become manifest as a glorious union of partnership whose union and unity is defined by this focus upon your spiritual identity over and above any cultural references to the same.


Let me retire for the moment. I will leave you simply with these thoughts knowing you are actively seeking connections with your fellow mortals with whom you will serve. These threads have already been woven and the drawstring is being pulled. You will be surprised at its binding force. Rest in it; trust it. Michael and Mother Spirit have designed this with the counsel of many representing the shared wisdom not only of Nebadon, but a great measure of our larger Super creation as well as the infusions of Paradise. You, along with your world are already glowing quite nicely. Bask in its light, relax in its warmth and be assured its fluidity is represented by your willingness to serve.

Good night my friends.

Students - Good night and thank you.

Michael – My sons, bless you. I look upon you and others, many of whom you know, more that you don’t, but all alike are coming together. Do not be discouraged by the appearance of chaos. You yourselves have grown through so much chaos, and some of it you have known together, you have shared. There is a mystery in the apparent madness that is simply the passion of our Father that is my privilege to pour upon you. Good night and go in my peace.