2010-08-18-Progress and the Mores

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Topic: Progress and the Mores

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu, Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “For many years we were there when your delighted youngsters unwrapped their Christmas or birthday presents. Frequently we ‘stole a moment’ from our tasks to listen to the implausible stories you told them, the far-fetched endings, the improbable circumstances. Those were the times when we were not as yet granted access to your thoughts, and thus we awaited the morals of such tales with baited breath. These days we fully know your mind, as you know ours, and we know how you often look back with delight on those years.

(A long pause) “Over to your Teacher now . . .”


Samuel: “The telling of tales to open-minded offspring is an essential function of the intellectual, emotional, and social upbringing of the very young, the eager to learn. Indeed, thought-through stories provide the momentum for well-developed imaginings that serve them well in later life. To the parents it is left to determine when the more real of this world replaces the fairy-tales of yesteryear, as it can be detrimental for even the best of fiction to be persevered with, and when Kris Cringle can be ‘packed away’ with dolls and teddy bears.

“For the more mature, reality, truth, and certainly the search for truth is of utmost importance. We spare a thought for those who are regularly to vote for a long list of candidates, finding few choices among the many that will endeavor to keep their promises, if indeed they mean to keep them in the first place. Much as I assure you there is only seeming disorder in the perfect overall order related to progress in all of time-space, there are aspects of terrestrial life that are subject to wild swings of the pendulum, governance being one of them.

“There is much to be done by many who appoint their leaders by insisting the latter follow their nation’s constitution as the former would have it, together with those who pay to receive the latest of news and receive persistently voiced inaccuracies, or hear not-worth-knowing scandals, as journalism has devolved into fiction, and real truth is hidden by those with vested interests. Praise to the whistle-blowers, who expose the political myth, thwart the support for those who misinform, expose the lax-ness in dangerous industry, or medicine.

“The pendulum swings, and we perceive there has been a gradual move to ‘dumb the people with fairy-tales’ about their day-to-day reality. These are slow, insidious and dangerous moves toward the enslavement of the many by few. What is it that you can personally do about this? The answer is simple. Firstly, always be ‘upfront’ about any important proposal you make to another person or organization. Have no hidden agendas. Secondly, and because you deal straight from the heart, be an announcer of truth where deceit makes its home.


“It is ever your intent that counts, and it is my intent that you understand your planet is making overall progress, although slowly, in the hearts, minds, and by the improving mores of your disparate races. I am Samuel the Panoptian. My love goes out to you all.”