2010-08-22-A Gift for Today

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Topic: Gift for Today

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “Let us rejoice in this new day, and with this rejoicing the thought comes to mind: ‘How shall I use this day?’ Will it be to the greater glory of God, or will it be another day with nary a thought given to the Creator of all things and beings?

“Let us ponder this weighty matter for a while, since I now have your undivided attention. You see, child, it is so very important that you loan Me your hearing and eventually your speech, so I may speak My words through you at any time when they are needed for a grieving and hurting soul. Spread hope and cheer wherever you go, because I am the one who sent you on the highways and byways of life. This you can only do when you are prepared to do God’s will.

“Each and every one has their functions and responsibilities in life, albeit they may not yet be clear about what it is that is expected of them. The only thing in life that is expected and required is the doing of God’s will, so the road less travelled becomes more familiar. It will be a road filled with hope in the life eternal, with its wonders and beauty waiting to unfold. It is a precious life, a wondrous life and yet, it is not even close to the glories of Paradise one will experience in the distant future.

“As first all animal vestiges need to be eradicated so nothing will remain of the mortal life with all its negative tendencies, which will have been overcome for self-mastery to have become a way of life. Instead unconditional love and forgiveness are saturating the being you will become. Negative thoughts and tendencies will have become non-existent.

“There will be a gradual maturing taking place, which is so very different from earthly maturity. Life in the spirit is so very different. There is no comparison, but this life can already be had here in your mortal existence -- the ideal way, and the most responsible way to live. And so we come back to the only command ever given: ‘Be ye perfect, even as I Am perfect.’ There is no need to wait until the next life, this command is specifically also for this life, and in your trying to overcome your baser nature, you have already began the practice of self-discipline by making the right choices in life, and by becoming less selfish.

“A God-centred life is a life well-lived. A God-centred life lives by the golden rule of doing unto others, as you would like to be treated.

“Therefore, on each new day, let the thought be in your mind: ‘How shall I use this day? For the glory of God, or only for myself?’

“Make this thought a habit. It will be a gift to yourself and the planet.”