2010-09-01-In His Image

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Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: In His Image

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Michael

TR: Joyce Brenton



Michael: “Good morning, my precious children, and welcome to our quiet time together. We approach a new season.

“The lessons, although difficult at times, are all necessary. You must ever advance; ever ascend, even as you must learn to live in today.

“Forget the errors of the past. You will be given another chance, and then always another, and another if necessary to make better choices.

You are maturing. You are learning from the trials and errors. You are growing daily towards the visible image of our Father, each and every one of you.

“You are learning to Love in His name and in His wonderful Will for all His children. And I say to you all today, He is very pleased with your progress.”


The date atop this transmission is an arbitrary date of transcription and formatting, or translation approximately, not of when the message was received -- likely to have been at some time in 2007.