2010-09-02-The Mind You Have

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Topic: The Mind You Have

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Brusque

TR: George Barnard



Brusque: “Should you wish to dress in the finest of clothes, and display the worst of manners, it could well be said that you do not ‘fit in’. You would not be a balanced personality. And again, should you wish to dress in the scruffiest of clothes, and yet watch your P’s and Q’s, you would still not be a balanced personality. You would not necessarily ‘fit in’. And so I am suggesting that you have many things to look after in this world to be balanced. These are just some of the necessary things.

“You need to care about your physical self. You need to concern yourself with your emotional self, and . . . you need to be aware of your intellectual self. To simply concern yourself about the later – your intellectual self – at the cost of all of the former, would not allow you to be considered well balanced. Your thinking, your projecting, your thoughts about future intellectual capacity, cannot even come close to what this capacity will come to fully entail, but the mind you need right now is the mind you have . . . and it is well capable of worshipping the Creator.

“As you come closer to your Thought Adjuster, as you find yourself being given a hug by this Fragment of the Creator’s very Self, as you find yourself receiving nudges and information from Him or Her, you will begin to grasp the speed by which you will learn, you will begin to experience the momentum by which you will start to visualize, and you will begin to rely on the guarantee that all things will be remembered. Right now as you are functioning with a physical brain on an electro-chemical basis, the trained mind that impacts on this brain is sufficient for you to do well on this earth.

“No amount of theorizing will get you to understand the massive amount of information and experience that will come to you when you work your way still closer to -- when you edge yourself still closer towards -- your Spirit Self, and even more so once you fuse with the Adjuster betrothed to you. For now, try your very best to maintain the delicate task of keeping balance on all parts working for you, and forget about the distant future when everything will be working so much more easily with the expenditure of far less energy. Live in the now. I bid you farewell for the moment.”


This somewhat sharp admonition was directed at a few subscribers having a tough time in present economical circumstances – some doubting ‘if God still lives’. Midwayer Chief Brusque the right one to deliver this message.