2010-09-10-Of Paper and Trust

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Topic: Of Paper and Trust

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “There are more students in my classes than you can ‘tick off’ on the fingers of both hands; fingers and toes, actually. And by assuring you that these students are all human, presently residing in flesh and blood bodies, I hasten to mention that this number, many more than twenty so far, does not include the itinerant celestial workers and students who have earned the right to temporarily sojourn on this fair planet. This is ABC-22, leader of the 11:11 Progress contingent.

“Only in this spot of Australia is there a receiver of messages who will call on me without notice, at a whim, and at any unreasonable hour at all, to demand to know all manner of things that are not for us to lecture about -- neither part of the curriculum, nor truly belonging in the realm of ‘need to know’. Shall I then go about predicting tomorrow’s weather, talk about the birthday or anniversary you are about to overlook, the projected stock exchange movements? No.

“Indeed not, my dear friend, for such is hardly our task. We weren’t long ago placed on this earth for the purpose of being the revelators to our distant human kin. Like you, at least to a degree, we need to guess at future events based on our observations of the now, our experiences of the past, by our logic, and in understanding of cause and effect of the smart and not-so-smart things you do to yourselves out of boredom, greed, need to control, or your perverted wish to hurt others.

“What we do observe is that you cannot feed a square evening meal to all the children in an orphanage from a half-empty cooking pot, and still expect them to have a good night’s sleep. You will not slake the thirst of all from just one dainty porcelain cup. And you will not find all the goods you have promissory notes for when it is time to exchange paper for your needs. That, my dear friend, is my whole two cents’ worth for your full dollar.

“For ages now you have cut down too many trees. For too long you milled your barrels of printing ink, and constantly your presses disgorge useless vouchers you make into trusted kings, whilst you forget the One who ever provides for all. Like I told you just now, we Midwayers are not into revelation on demand, but it doesn’t stop us from reminding you sharply of your already knowing how it really is.

“There is nothing of a ‘revelationary’ nature here and now in this late night lecture, but for you to know that after the present and future mischief caused by you, there will come a Great One from on High to help set you on the road to peace, equality and lasting progress. Your servant. Later, fellow.”