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Topic: Spiritual Growth and Civilization

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monmacion

TR: Tiahuan



Questions about the priority of social-political work over spiritual growth in the initial phases of the Magisterial Mission. (2010-05-26 session)

Good evening my friends! Again, this is Monmacion, a Melchizedek of Nebadon assigned to the Magisterial Mission on Urantia, and I am glad to address these questions concerning the relationship of spiritual growth to the various elements of any stable and progressing civilization.



As you realize, spirituality is focused upon the heart of all reality. The heart is the Source and Center of all things living in and through you; the state of spirit as it has evolved in time and space in this particular area we call Urantia. You know as well and better than most how tumultuous a spiritual life on Urantia is inasmuch as such spiritual endeavors have been used in the past to control you by those who would endeavor to maintain this state of isolation, and all of you in various ways bear the marks, the burden of correcting this distortion of the heart of our Father.


You have been recipients of a very extensive and intensive effort to lift you up spiritually. You know of the Urantia text, you know and have experienced the benefit of the Teaching Mission, and there are many initiatives around the world that you are not aware of that are all targeted at this central purpose of restoring our Father, his place in your heart as the central focus of living. However, with the advent of our Magisterial Son, we will begin to bring into the configuration of this center that we have all labored over the course of decades to rebuild, and replace, and restore in you; we will bring into relationship with this central core the most essential components of civilization that have to do with your capacity to work together as viable teams each with a task of addressing various aspects of your planetary life. Some of you may be addressing issues of health, others may be addressing issues of food, obviously related to health; distribution methods which impinge of course upon the economic and the political structures that define the way in which such resources are allocated and coordinated, transferred from place to place in a manner that serves the interests of all living upon this sphere.

Granted, in any evolutionary world, there are always in the stages preliminary to Light and Life and even in those (stages) to some extent, there are material problems that exist that have to be addressed. The manner in which this is done is indicative of your spirituality. The task that is accomplished is in any number of arenas affecting the health of the planetary body, the body of citizens living upon this world.

You could say Urantia has been recipient of a unique approach to planetary evolution. Having lost your Planetary Headquarters, your Planetary Prince initially, your Adamic pair largely; bereft of these material references to your cosmic identity, you were largely lost altogether until the work of Machiventa preparing the way for Michael to instill what most worlds would be privileged to receive as the crowning peace of their evolutionary journey in creating a civilization that is a focus upon the personal and spiritual as the crowing glory of teamwork that had been built through ages and ages of practice.

You are approaching this from a different angle you could say. You have received the blessing of the Creator Son living amongst you, revealing the character and nature of the Universal Father discretely focused upon his personal relationship with each of you and this is the inspiration of all of us, but rarely does a world encounter such with an absence of any preparation. And so you see, you are approaching your course of evolution which normally, in time and space, begins with an extensive practice with social skills and practical arts. The experience of learning the value of teamwork, human teamwork, working as one, conscious of your spiritual guidance, but all along aware of the singular value of your human labor. No, here in Urantia, you have received a highly advanced course in spirituality while being or having this deficit of social practice, and all of you exhibit this difficulty that is inherent in this method of approach, but the universe looks upon difficulty as opportunity, and indeed, you should as well, for it is. You have a rare opportunity to begin from within as an evolutionary being, not as a Descending Son from Paradise, no, but as a mortal of the realm.

Magisterial Mission, Eternal Son

Our Magisterial Son has a tremendous task to accomplish. He could not even begin without the necessary uplift of your spiritual life that has been ongoing for some time now in preparation for his arrival. Your attunement skills, your frequencies with which you resonate had to be lifted, but into this arena where you have grown sufficiently to receive such a one as he is and I am as well as others that adjoin us in ways that you will marvel at their gifts. He adjoins this effort utilizing the work of many that have preceded him, but he comes to give his unique attributes as an envoy of the Eternal Son in the same way that Michael came as an envoy representing so well the Universal Father. And you will, from your studies, know that whereas the Father is focused upon the personal spiritual life of each of his children reserving this alone as his domain of exclusive priority, he has divested the responsibility for the government, the spiritual government of all the children of God to the Eternal Son and those who represent him in time and space.

Sometimes the Son is referred to as the Mother Son, and rightly so, for like a mother that is earnestly going about gathering her children together, and more than anything holding them together; this is the work the Sons of God representing the Eternal Son. The issues that impinge upon the life of the whole family of God is what is being addressed in the course of the Magisterial Mission. This deficit that you have labored under will be lifted because the correction will be accomplished, but not without your participation, your help, your cooperation, and I speak to you as those having received this tremendous uplift in your personal spiritual lives.


The coordination between the Father and the Son, the Universal Father and the Eternal Mother Son is accomplished in the Central Universe by the activities of the Infinite Spirit, the Conjoint Actor. And so it should not surprise you to witness that the executive head of your planetary government now has in its place effectively, representatives of these three Sources and Centers. Michael you know as your Creator Son is the architect. He does represent the Father, and it is the role of Monjoronson representing the Eternal Son, and Machiventa, your Planetary Prince, functioning as their conjoint actor effectively, putting into practice their shared initiatives born of their unique contributions.

This triune governance has been referred to as a triumvirate as it works upon your world, and Machiventa has expressed his hesitation somewhat in using this term for his own good reasons, but you should all count yourselves truly fortunate, for Urantia is going to become the jewel in the crown of Michael, and this jewel will represent in this space and time the ideals of Paradise. And it should stand for all time as a revelation of the love and the mercy of the Father and the Son administered by the Conjoint Actor representing here in time and space a triune form of life that shall be a pattern for the future evolution of Nebadon as it extends itself beyond the domains of the sovereignty of Supremacy, when these realms will have assumed their rightful place in a universe characterized by a Trinitarian level of sovereignty.

And so my friends take heart, spirituality is not taking a second fiddle role. It is always primary; it is the heart of all things. Without it, no being could work here; we all depend upon the First Source. Monjoronson will be building upon this foundation laid by Michael, and you are the extension of his love. You reveal the character of this construction; you show us the substance of the Supreme evolving as he is - now - in time and space.

There is a time and a place for all things. Let us welcome this opportunity to address the deficits of Urantia drawing from the riches of our Father within us, the Source of all things.

Thank you my friends.

And now if you have any comments or questions, feel free to share.



It is late as ever. Our meetings are timed to land us into the midnight hour, a time of transition from one day to the next. So let us depart in peace knowing that with every step we take, with every breath we draw, we are transitioning now into an era of healing and wholeness led by a capable group of personalities associated with and in support of Urantia’s first Magisterial visitation.

Good night friends.

Good night.