2010-10-10-Lesson on Tolerance

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Topic: Lesson on Tolerance

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



Teacher: “A lesson on tolerance is quite appropriate in these modern times when time itself appears to have sped up, and has seemingly become in short supply. Tempers flare more easily as parents find themselves in a hurry to leave home to be on time at the job and to earn funds for needs and wants. It is difficult to find some serenity, and time for reflection, to just sit in meditation and let calmness descent on weary minds and bodies. There is often not enough time in the day, or so it seems, to get things done which need to be attended to. It is all a matter of prioritizing and doing the things which really are in need of attention. It is very important to slot some time into a busy daily schedule -- to ‘smell the flowers’ so to speak. On the other hand, there are people who think that life is a long vacation, letting others worry about things, while they remain blissfully unaware and unawakened to the fact that life is an opportunity to learn lessons, as these lessons form the basis on which life in eternity is build.

“In the next stage of existence, the remedial process will be drawn out for much longer, as important lessons have not been learned here, and will ultimately come around in a different form -- especially in the form of tolerance, when one comes into contact with people from other planets with unfamiliar life forms and habits. If you have not learned peace, and acquired a healthy dose of tolerance, and you have not developed broad-mindedness towards your kin on this planet, how are you going to tolerate others so different with any kind of capacity to rejoice in truth, beauty and goodness? Variety is the greatest delight of the Creator, who enjoys diversity above all, as God is the most complex being of all and desires to express the Self in the creation of offspring and not just humans alone, but also in the rich variety of all living things.

“The incidental lesson to be learned here is to have respect for all life forms. This is the reason why you are born on this beautiful garden planet in space -- to learn to take care of mother earth and look after her well-being.

“The first important lesson in tolerance is learned in the family where the individual members learn to adjust to each other, and no one lords it over the other, and each is equally respected as a worthy child of the Creator God. An allowance is to be made for shortcomings and the elder ones are to show the younger ones by their loyalties in becoming a better human being. This is not a utopian dream; this is the reality on normal planets, where children function as each other’s teachers, and where great care and pride is taken in rearing the younger children, so they may become worthy citizens.

“Sadly, there are many throw-away children on this planet, which is an abomination to God’s heart. Each and every one is created in His image, meaning, with a potential soul. It is left to all elders to help these children by practicing tolerance and broad-mindedness to help each child in overcoming the handicaps of birth and to give them a fighting chance to succeed.”