2010-10-14-Consider Your Value

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Topic: Consider Your Value

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Aaron

TR: George Barnard



Aaron: “This is your Teacher Aaron. We thought that my presence this evening would be appreciated, and what I wish to talk to you about follows on somewhat from the message of intrinsic and extrinsic values.


“So many of you lack an appropriate respect for yourselves in putting up with an image of the self that needs great improvement – updating, if you so please. A great many of you are aware of the common, rather demeaning, terminology of sheeple. As well, so many of you have become slaves to a routine effort, to a routine behavior, as to almost earn that derogatory sheeple term. For so very many of you it is difficult to consider those who seem to be smarter than you are, and yet feel that within yourself you have equal value.

“So very few of you can consider someone either more handsome or more beautiful than you are, and still feel an equivalent worth within you. And very many of you can think of someone richer than you are, and then equate wealth with importance in life. This is not so, no, it’s flawed thinking. You, each of you, are children of God, of irreplaceable value. You, each of you, have the opportunity in this earthly life to build within you the soul-growth that will fare you well on the Mansion Worlds.

“Think of how difficult it must be for someone who feels so intellectually superior to you, for them to build soul growth. Think of how difficult it would be for someone who considers themselves more appealing than you are, to build soul growth if they were to look down upon you. Think how difficult it would be for someone very wealthy, who does not see you as equally worthwhile, to build soul growth. See yourself as equal to any of those, yes, humbly so, certainly, but unerringly equal in His eyes. Consider your value.


This is Aaron. It was good to visit with you again. I wish for you to have an excellent evening.” George: “Thank you dear Aaron.”


I always expected Teacher Aaron to be ‘the Aaron’ as in Moses’ older brother, and until recently the regular Teacher of the Pocatello, ID, USA Teaching Mission Group run by friend, psychologist and receiver Bill Kelly (rest his soul). Only this evening did we (my wife and I) finally discuss Aaron’s appearance, and in particular the parchment Aaron carries in a sewn leather tube with cover and a long strap of the same dark brown (or black) leather attached, slung over his right shoulder.