2010-10-27-A Man of the World

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Topic: A Man of the World

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Oscar



Teacher: “In truth, the life of some priests of Various religions is much simpler than the life of the remainder of humanity. Most priests have no family and are supported by an organization charged with attending to their physical needs. Common people must work to live and must experience the duality of serving two masters with greater intensity. However, the one whose life gave rise to the Christian religion, was he not a man of the world? Didn't he have to work, raise a family and attend to his physical needs, while living a life consecrated to the will of the Father, a life that has not been equaled yet in this world?

“The Father understands that you need to take care of your physical needs and the needs of your family, even your community and your world. He is not asking for excessive contemplation or a complete ‘abstention from daily reality’. He expects you to learn to satisfy your spiritual needs while attending to your physical needs.

“Living the Will of the Father is not a concept hard to understand. You don't need a great deal of study to conduct this way of living. Inside each one of us we already have all the necessary guidance to progressively learn what is good, to keep discovering the attributes of truth, beauty and goodness, and to attempt to be better every day, to move closer to the perfection of being. This can be done at any moment of your day, in every decision you make, with every word you say to your siblings, in the way you chose to use your time.

“The difficulties in living a life consecrated to the Will of the Father depend exclusively on the decisions of an individual. It is not the same to say that you will do the Will of the Father when you are resting comfortably in your bed, than when you are exhausted due to life’s tribulations, hurt because of misunderstandings with those around you, or afraid because of the uncertainties of the future. It is during those times that a true and intelligent faith will help you decide what you already know is best. Cultivate this faith through the practice of Silence by sitting in the presence of the Father each day and by just listening.”