2010-11-11-Relativity of TR'd Messages

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Topic: Relativity of TR'd Messages

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Gerdean



TOMAS: Welcome everyone to the Light Line platform. How wonderful it is to once more be in your presence and to feel your glorious intent to reach up for the spiritual embrace that awaits you that you might savor its power and gentle energy, thus to carry it forward into your arena where they await your divine affection.

There are, as you know, many with us this evening. As they see the lights come on and focus, they are drawn like moths to the flame and enjoy observing the interchange that exists between your realm and ours that are separated only by a veil … the veil of your vision. Some of you have the capacity to tear down the veil easily and readily, while some of you prefer to remain in place and simply observe the nuance of difference as it wafts from one side to the other – either is an affirmative action, just as there is a difference between different types of dances.

This analogy to dancing is an indication of the joy that is an inherent part of our liaison. We do indeed dance. We dance in a realm of morontia reality under the light of the spirit as if it were the ballroom bauble overhead reflecting its light in myriad directions, providing an atmosphere of delight.

It is so good to see some of you, some of whom I have known and loved for many years, some I have not seen in a long time. It does my heart good to make this connection, as it is always good to see old friends and pick up where we left off. This is indeed the nature of ascension. We pick up where we left off, having lost nothing but gained experience and adventure along the way.



I thought I would like to speak to you this evening about the method by which we communicate, this construct, this configuration of what we call T/Ring. It is an activity that depends upon the spirit but occurs inside the mind. As you know, the mind is the gateway to spirit reality and I, as a teacher, am a reflection of spiritual reality but I am not spirit itself. And so that makes us all students. I therefore do not presume to know infinitely more than you do, just experientially somewhat more since I have “been around the block before.”

The mind, be it material or morontial, is capable of all manner of manifestations, and indeed the indwelling God Fragment, the evolving soul of you each, is affected by the impressions and concepts that are portrayed to you and impressed upon you by spirit personality and spirit influence, be it your Adjuster or the seraphim who work to uplift you and spiritize your thinking.

There is a great deal of latitude given to you in the flesh as you develop your techniques of accessing higher reality, more spirit-ized perceptions. We have the patience and tolerance of the parent or the grand uncles and aunts of your spirit family, eager to help you develop in your character and your career, but fully aware that what may be today’s passion will be tomorrow’s memory and much of what you embrace as imperative today will only be used temporarily before a greater reality is added thereto. This is a natural part of growth.

I bring it up because there is so much energy expended on noticing how different you are and how different you think, how different your beliefs become and how ardently you defend your impressions and your assertions. But this is largely because you do not have the long range perspective that allows for the many differences to exist because they are personal reflections of eternal reality and not eternal reality itself.

All of it is a matter of sharing your inner life and how you see things, and all of you are viable, validated, vital sons and daughters of our Divine Parents. Even though you may present yourselves in ways that are different or strange to others does not mean that in essence you are not the same. And so you learn over the course of time to appreciate the difference, to respect the differences, to recognize that were we all the same it would be quite dull and that many of these differences are temporary wallpaper on what will become permanent canvas.

[Pause] Are we still connected? (Yes) Thank you.


Let me go on then to discuss the various levels of mind, just briefly, because the level of mind function will affect the context and content of the transmission of your message and your expression of your inner life.

  • The superconscious level comes from quality stillness, from spending time with deity in the citadel of the spirit, listening to the still small voice that reveals itself as the Original I AM, the origin and destiny of all that is, through the Adjuster.
  • There is another level of mind -- the conscious mind -- that does its interchange with humanity. Many live their entire life in the conscious realm without touching upon the superconscious realm.
  • And there is the subconscious realm that also exists without letup, but about which many are unfamiliar.
  • There are other mindal categories from mindal sciences, such as the collective unconscious and the collective consciousness.
  • And there are, too, levels of mind such as alpha, beta, theta, (and) delta.

And the transmissions that come forth from the sincere conduit may be a reflection of any of those levels. The message may depend on their capacity, their ability, their experiential wisdom, their ease of functioning within the T/R circuit, their own peace of mind at the time of the transmission, and other influences including dietary and geologic (environmental) influences. You are electro-chemical and so you are affected by many things that also affect your ability to maintain a focus on a level of mind that reveals itself as a message from the invisible realm.

Sometimes it is strictly a subconscious uprising; sometimes it is primarily imagination soaring in blind faith; sometimes it is what you would call stream of consciousness, where one idea folds naturally into the next; and sometimes it is a psalm or a song of praise and thanksgiving, an outpouring of devotion and such as to tap into the harmony of the universe, breaking free of the limitations of mind and launching into the ethers of spirit, at least for awhile, to soar, to refresh, to laud and to love without limitation, until you are filled, comforted and strengthened in such a way as to return you to your portal of consciousness and set you on your way to the next adventure in human experience.

Over the years we have observed your growth on the whole as well as individually. I believe you can all perceive somewhat how you have each grown personally. But it may not be as clear to you as it is to us how effectively you have also grown as a group consciousness, how much more tolerant you are of each other’s failings, how much more supportive of each other’s sincere efforts, how less threatened you seem to be of each other’s successes, and how comforted you seem to be with each other’s triumphs.


  • A Word about Calendar Numbers

It is an interesting date today for those of you who are finite and take such delight in such configurations, and make no mistake these things do have impact and power on your consciousness because they speak to you as a mortal. While the 11/11 calendar date may not have any meaning to us in the invisible realms at all, it is of interest to us because it has an effect on you, just as a call to arms has an effect on your, or a holy day has an effect on you, and so we notice. And we notice there is a great up-swell of enthusiasm over today’s date and the meditative states that are encouraged on and around such things as calendar dates.

The midwayers have benefitted from the marketing efforts of the 11:11 Progress Group. The global meditation efforts of some of the greater teaching mission participants have brought together people worldwide to engage in prayerful acts at regularly scheduled times in order to heal the world and pull together to utilize the resources of love and abundance. Rather than refute the reality of these efforts, support the urge underlying the creativity of these efforts and celebrate the childlike faith in which these ideas and fun and games are set forth, in faith, to participate. It is not necessary to renounce or deny the details if you are able to honor the spirit of reaching up and grasping the hand that will lead you home.

And indeed, as you all rise up and lift up together, you do indeed help bring a greater light to the world, inviting others of faith to follow likewise. In this way we will up-step the consciousness of humanity and in up-stepping the consciousness of humanity at large, the individuals will be compelled to reflect on what part they play and thus be brought to those points of recognition and reflection that clarity will come for them, too, when they consult with their indwelling God Fragment and it speaks to them saying, “This is the way.”

This shall not fail. Indeed, there will be a number of events and patterns taking place in the near future as you prepare for sundry holidays and events that depict your ambitions, hopes, dreams and goals for your world, for your nation, for your families, and for yourselves. We are quite pleased to be a part of this up-stepping and this presentation, this production of greater reality.

I know that each and every one of you are sincerely engaged in some one or more ventures that bring you close to the issues that are at the heart of the world, the struggles that it engages in as it ascends the ladder of evolution -- political issues, morality issues, ethical issues, financial concerns, health concerns -- and as you minister as you pass by I know that you ponder these things deep in your heart and seek guidance on how best to serve.

I am ill equipped to deal with all of your concerns in a manner such as the indwelling Adjuster can and will do, even as the Master can and will do in his relationship with you even now, but as your teacher, I am commissioned to work with you to this end, and so I open the floor to you this evening to engage with me and with each other as we have an opportunity here and now to pursue the course that lay before us, whatever that might be defined as by you at this point in your growth and your being. So I will invite you to press *6 and open the line for interaction.

Do you have questions, comments, concerns about what I have said or about what you are dealing with that you would like to share or seek counsel regarding? The floor is open.


Student: Thank you, Teacher. You seem to have read my mind. Do you know your children here over the Internet forum individually? Or do you know our hearts and minds? I guess you said you were ill-equipped to help us with what the Master would help us with, but you did touch on many topics that I am involved with right now.

I am being led to start up an entity that will help the community and show them, God willing, a more well-balanced life than they are involved with right now. Many people are indigent that I would be dealing with. I don’t want to be swayed by politics, although I do work within a bureaucracy. I want to be laser-like in my walk. I want to, as you said, soar in blind faith and to bring others of faith to that strength, and maybe others of no faith yet, but maybe by observing us.

How do I strengthen my ability to receive direction from inside? How do I gauge how effective I am throughout this? And will the Master help me minister? I asked him to walk beside me today as I walked a corridor as I was about to meet someone who was to decide pretty much where we were going to go with this important project. Thank you.

TOMAS: Your name? Eva: My name is Eva.

TOMAS: Eva, thank you for your question, your concern, your industry on behalf of truth, beauty and goodness. When you say “an entity” are you talking about a corporation?

Eva: No, this-- Well, this would be a sort of a non-profit entity, a-- Yes, I guess it would be, a very small hub of an organization within another entity, and that’s where I am going to not want to be pulled, into that … larger workings of that entity because that … I want it to be a living, faith-filled environment, where people can change; where people can bring their requests and conditions and we can work with them and not have to go by the book.

TOMAS: Understood. Eva: Yes.

TOMAS: You do have a viable concern. You want to be a point of light (yes) that is not diffused by the existing light (exactly) which may or may not be shining on that which you would illuminate. (Correct) Yes, of course you will receive assistance. The universe is eager to assist those who step forward, and when I way the universe is eager, I don’t mean just to send you energy and encouragement, but to send you actual help. As you step forward in faith, helpers come forth to assist.


  • Parable of the Lily Pad

There have been many parables, metaphors, offered. One of my favorites is the lily pad and that as you step from one lily pad to the other across the pond, you are upheld. You do not sink if you step on the lily pad that is presented. This faith walk is like service. If you know that you want to get from here to there and you take one step at a time, you will see the way unfold before you. When you want to take it unto yourself fully and completely and direct the show from start to finish, you can consider yourself to have fallen under some other light than the divine light which exists in the now and which you need to follow scrupulously.

As soon as you begin to tell the light what to do, the light will become diffused and you become just another ego trying to direct the show; you become a part of that which you didn’t want to be part of. I don’t feel I am conveying this well, but midwayers are truly at the ready. If you can find yourself operating in one of those “well organized channels” of industry or health such as could be found in any of the sectors of planetary service, you would gain the beneficial overseers in the seraphic arena because you would then be able to tap into their energy and they would be able to help you because you are helping in their arena of service, and the midwayers help the angels, so they could help you in the particulars, in the much more finite particulars. Watch for their guidance.

In your meditations, ponder the direction you are headed in, allow the spirit of truth to guide you, and say “this is the way,” showing you the lily pad of faith on which to step next, and seeking guidance, input and assistance from those On High who are also working to the same ends and to the extent it is allowable, your will and Father’s will are in synch and so it shall be done. (Yes) And you will see the signs. When you see the signs, don’t say, “No, thank you. I don’t want to be a seeker of signs.” See them as signs, and know that you are walking in His will.

As things unfold for you, be not discouraged when you find a door closed. Here you are challenged to learn how to open the door without beating it down, or where to find another door to get to the same place, or perhaps another room is more appropriate. Stay true to your vision. (Yes) Is this helpful?

Eva: Oh, excellent! I’m making notes. Yes, excellent! Stay true to my vision. Ask for help. If I pretend to—if I think I can do this on my own, I am under the wrong light, absolutely. That’s where I was afraid to be swayed, in that direction, and thinking I can do it because I’m thinking people don’t get my vision yet. But that’s okay! They will. Once I am given the chance to show how it can benefit the community, and the Lord will help me find the right words. If they don’t get it the first time, I’ll just explain better the next time. Yes, thank you so much. And I will ask for help. Constantly I will seek signs and I will be glad when I see them. I will not pretend they are not there.

Is it alright if I share? -- Because at one point I thought that sharing dissipated the energy of the ideas. I’m finding I’m not too comfortable with sharing with so many people but being that it’s in a bureaucracy, there are many, many hoops that I have to jump through so I guess it is alright then, to tell as many people, ring as many bells as I can, until it happens.

TOMAS: Let me counsel you on this. (Yes) If you tell your ambitions to those who are in a position of discouraging you, if you have to sell your idea to get approval, save your energy. Encourage those who respond well to you. Gather yourself a force of supporters. They will help you overcome the resistance of those who might make it more difficult for you, and when the time comes for a showdown, an altercation, a decision to be made involving the entire enclave, you have ammunition in your community and you are not doing alone. (Yes, thank you)

Without knowing what your plans are, these are general observations and I wish you well. It is sometimes the hardest thing to stay out of the predominant energy pattern, the ruling forces. They incline to incorporate you and suck you in even when you have no desire to be part of their system. (Yes.) It is essential to those of you who are kingdom builders, however, to remain true to yourself and your task. This is where it is important to remember the truth to be in the world and not of it. If you are of it, then your interests are focused on lesser goals and ideals than those of the kingdom builder who is working for the universe and the advancement of your world.

Now I am not going to say that those whose vision is limited are not contributing. They are. In many ways they are the backbone of society and they make civilization work. Many times they can be considered the fundamental infrastructure of humanity and you who would be forerunners or leaders are able to develop ways to lead civilization even as they are unaware that they are being led. You see humanity being led by politics. We see humanity being led by the light that you shine in your faith.

And so we are not discouraged by what discourages so many of you because of your limited perspective and of course this is one of the reasons we appreciate your maintaining a relationship with the Teacher Corps and the heavenly helpers through this media because it helps keep you uplifted and encouraged, it helps the light to stay on, it helps faith to float aloft; it’s just a good practice to incorporate your inner life with your daily living. We take an interest in it. We care very deeply about your concerns and your ambitions because they affect our work and the Master’s plan.

And so in your jargon we raise our glass high in celebration of those of you who have vision and industry for those areas which need help and those individuals which could benefit from your overcare. Thus we work together to advance the light. Thank you, Daughter.

Eva: Thank you very much, teacher. I will take that to heart and I will take it with me into the battle. Thank you so much

TOMAS: You are welcome. There is only one battle and that is the good fight of faith. Do not become discouraged. (No) Even if you find at some time you need to abandon the project you have started, do not lose heart. Many times these experiential endeavors are prepared for you as classes, classrooms in experiential living. You recall the social architects are sometimes able to bring together certain well disposed individuals to create groupings of like-minded people that will be able to affect certain causes efficiently, effectively and then disband, perhaps to come together later, perhaps not.

There are many of these in the evolving life that are all parts of the whole, pieces of the puzzle. They might not make sense by themselves, but when seen with others, other experiences, a picture begins to emerge; a holistic reality begins to develop. This too is part of the faith, the faith walk. Are there other concerns we might discuss while we have this opportunity?

Eva: Well, I did want to say that I did have that concern about leaving it because it’s been my baby. I’ve been feeling so proprietary about that idea for years and I felt a little bit of reluctance to even give the idea over to someone else, thinking they might take it from me, but then again, the way you just put it is excellent. It’s creating something, believing it, letting it blossom, letting it go and live, and that was the intent the whole time, not hovering over it and making it mine. If I have to leave it, I will leave it. At least it will have been done. I don’t have to be there, and I can come back if the Lord wills. Do something else.

TOMAS: You are here reflecting the maternal/paternal, parental attitude for you have created something. A concept has been born in your mind. It may have been a spark of truth that took root and you have made real, as a child. You have given birth to an idea and you want the best for this creation. You have nurtured it, fostered it, and want it to be cared for and carried out as any parent would want its child raised up -- to be the best that it can be, to flourish and blossom – that you might be proud, that it might be fulfilled, that the source of the idea may be honored. This is good. (Yes, thank you.)

TOMAS: The potential is staggering. Do not feel, if it does not succeed, that you have failed. (Right. Exactly.) And that is hard to do, just as it is hard for a parent to let go and let the child become its own entity. But as they do, and as that happens, a new configuration takes place and eventually a friendship may spring up and become “brotherly love” whereas it was “parent and child.” I have seen this many times as children grow and catch up with their parents, even taking care of their parents. It’s all one very caring concern when we are talking about divine reality.

I don’t want to imply pie-in-the-sky here because there is a lot of chaos in creation as well. The primitive worlds, earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, tsunamis, also diseases, broken bones, broken homes, primitive battles –much pain is a part of the process of perfecting, and so I don’t mean to imply that it’s all sweetness and light but it is possible because we know the Source of sweetness and light. We can always gain strength comfort and peace from that First Source.

You can think about what I have to offer, but you have to gain that through spirit from Michael, Father or Mother. We teachers may counsel you and your mind, but the spirit is what will see you through. There is the saving grace. And in that humble mode, I will prepare to leave you this evening in joyous celebration of our friendship, of yet another opportunity to rejoice in the spirit and in the fellowship that is ours, that has been provided, and which we enjoy.


Until we meet again, go with God. Amen and farewell.