2010-11-21-On Jealousy and Fear

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Topic: On Jealousy and Fear



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Monjoronson: As a Celestial, I am able to multitask as you would call it, which means I can talk to eight of you ones at the same time; or 88, or 888. Don’t ask me why, just accept that this is a fact of our existence and it is what we can do.

Vince: MoJo, I promise I won’t ask you why and how and just sit here gently typing away as you give me the words, and allow you to develop this message.

Monjoronson: Thank you My Son.


Now, if you accept this as a fact, you will then understand that of eight or more conversations going on at the same time, they are in many different styles. With you, it’s like the great American Dress Down Friday, and with others much more formal, even scientific. Each of these styles has a purpose and the results once put down on paper and analysed would seem not to be the work of the same Celestial, but they often are.

What do I mean by “they often are”, I hear you ask? Well, some people just fake it and write messages which purport to come from a Celestial, but just plain don’t. Why would they do that, I hear you ask? Well unlike you and a number of others who are pure channellers, they either don’t have the ability, or they do and have another agenda which could be to give out false information for those of a Dark persuasion.

Remember that in your ever so dark world, fear and jealousy are quite normal emotions which rule the heads of many. As I said to you in yesterday’s group meditation, the word of God has been altered down the ages because of jealousy, fear and greed, those three very powerful human emotions. Today these emotions are unfortunately alive and well, and inhabiting areas you would least expect.

Even among those who channel Me, Christ Michael, and others, there are ones who are not what they appear to be. Why do we still operate with them, you are entitled to ask? Because we give them a truthful message, and if they then alter it to suit themselves or others, then at least we know what they are and by keeping them near to us, it is easy to see what is going on, rather than they are hidden away in some dark corner. We do this with the Illuminati and their henchmen, where we remain close by and know their every move.

There are a great number of people with websites and pseudo educational programmes, who are completely fake and just in it for the money, as well as those who seek to forward the agenda and philosophy of the Dark Ones; and we know who they are. For those who work with us and try to be genuine, but suffer jealous emotions when they see others working with us, my message to them is that they should try a little harder to accept that humanity is regarded equally by we Celestials, and so we are pleased to work with each of you who have the capability at any particular time, and it brings a great deal of variety as to the philosophy which is out there in your dark world.

There are some very well known people with high profiles in the on-line community with whom we have worked for years and who still have the jealousy and fear emotions in evidence, which is a pity; but we still work with them, for to do so is to accentuate the positive aspects of what we can jointly achieve with them. At some time further down the line they will need to address these issues and turn these negative emotions around and become only positive. There is not a single one of you who is perfect and you are all very much “work in progress”, so we will work with you to achieve our joint goal, and it is through this joint work that these issues will gradually resolve themselves.

Be kind to each other, resolve any differences between you and try and see the best in others; for you will become closer with each other and only operate on the basis of love and light, and it is vitally important for the future of Humanity on Planet Earth, that all Darkness and Negativity is eradicated. If it is not, then the new civilisation we are going to co-create will be susceptible to incursions from those who would wish to see the project fail, and we cannot allow this to happen again.


On that note I shall conclude this message, for the channeler is beyond fatigue and must rest himself more for a few days, until we spend time in communion once more to produce and publish another piece.

Au Revoir my Dear Ones, until the next time you choose to revisit these pages and read my words.

I AM Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy, bringing you these words through my dear friend Vince.

21st November 2010.