2010-11-30-Receiving Her Presence

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Topic: Receiving Her Presence, the Expanding SELF of Universal Life

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Mother Spirit

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Nebadonia: Greetings, my children, this is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks.


The intimacy I share with my children is always upon you. There is never a moment when we are separated. It is virtually impossible, for you live in my innermost being—in my heart, in my circuits, in my womb of universe expansiveness. It is delightful to me when you come to me as a child and ask to feel the presence of your Mother. Then I can breathe a signal into your body that says, “Mother is here. She is with you.” I am with you always. The intimacy of your mind is the place you will find me. So come to me with your questions, with your curiosity, with your wonderment, with your hopes, and share them with me. Share them as you would as a child goes to your parent in sharing what is deeply embedded in your heart.

I will move in you and expand you in my life force. You grow in understanding through ideational renderings of ideals of the First Source and Center. I can expand you, expand the very facets of your being to contain higher vibrational threads of Spirit. This will help you enlarge and enhance your life’s perspectives and experiences. So, my children, you are always growing, always adding to a more lustrous fabric of SELF that is being woven together through the cosmic mind to contain a bigger part of the growing SELF that is part of the master plan of the universe.

This SELF contains many, many different dimensions and facets of what you might think of personality. How much do you wish to explore in this greater SELF? It is up to you, and by opening your hearts to your brothers and sisters, those that you can see through your physical eyes and those you may perceive through your spirit eyes, are here to share with you in this pool of SELF that is ever-expanding and moving towards the Father at the center of all things.

This growing SELF is part of fabric of universal life as everyone participates, everyone works toward the greater good. Those vibrations that continue to foster the greater good, those experiences, those thoughts, those feelings you have in your human experience are not only raising the vibration of the planet, they are raising the vibration of the universe. So your efforts are so laudable, they are so desired, they are so acknowledged and appreciated. We see the efforts you make each and every day, even if you cannot. We see how your lives as humans will either add to this growing SELF fabric or if it will stay at a lower vibrational level and eventually wither and fall away. We encourage you to increasingly become more comfortable and astutely aware of the quality of the thoughts you think, that you may continue to grow more expansive vibrationally and give the Spirit within you that latitude and breadth and depth of space to make you increasingly God-like.

My ministry in your mind is designed to support this process—to expand you in truth, in goodness, and that you would be able to harmonize yourselves in a way that truly is a work of art, a thing of great beauty and joy to behold.

Relax now, and open your hearts to me, open your minds, and simply say, “Mother, I am here. Feed me.” I will move in you now. (Pause)

My action in your mind will continue to help you grow in many ways. Think of yourself as being stretched or expanded sideways—laterally, vertically, horizontally. There is a harmonization of dimension that you are gaining as you open yourself to me. How big in Spirit do you wish to become? Of course, there is no limit and it is very helpful to remove any kind of limitations in thinking or conjecturing what is possible. You are, as you know, infinite beings in finite form here on the earth plane, as you increasingly open yourselves to your indwelling Father Fragments, as you seek to become like the Father at the center of all things.

It is my delight and my responsibility as your Universe Mother to provide that environment for you to grow, to increasingly help expand you in that breath of life that grows you a little bit more to help you experience new insights, new information, and to fill you with that child-like sense of wonderment: the joy that is all around you in this continuum of evolution you call “life.”

Allow me once again to stir in you, to breathe and relax, to grow in my womb to gain strength and direction in where you are being guided. (Pause)

In this place of inner awareness, if there is anything on your heart you wish to speak of this evening or any question you may have on your mind, I will be very happy to receive and address that for you. So, my son, if there is anything you wish to speak of, I welcome that most openly.

  • The remainder of the session was devoted to personal questions for one individual