2010-12-28-Ultimately Equitable and Fair

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Topic: Ultimately Equitable and Fair

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Mathew, Destiny Guardians

TR: George Barnard



Mathew: “This is Midwayer Mathew once more doing the honors. We greet you, my dear brother. On this occasion I am aided by a Primary Midwayer you are unfamiliar with, and the Destiny Guardians, whom you know so very well. They are here with you now, and I pass you on to greater minds than mine.”


Destiny Guardians: “We wish to speak in this early morning hour about what is ultimately equitable and fair. So many of you can think of a period in your lives when it seemed that life itself dealt you a harsh blow -- a time of anger or despair, a time of poverty or mistreatment. We do not wish to deal with such events directly, but instead we wish to present to you the circumstances your Angelic kin can find themselves in.

“Like humans, born into this world completely innocent, Seraphim are created innately perfect, but just like you, entirely inexperienced in dealing with fickle human minds. As Guardian Angels, the daughters of the true Creator of mind, our Mother Spirit and yours, we are tasked with nudging and cajoling your thoughts towards truth, beauty and goodness. Together with your innate drive toward doing what is right, our thoughts, wishes and prayers have an effect in guiding you onto your slow, long road to perfection.

“Perhaps earlier, perhaps later, you will arrive at a ‘point of spiritual progress’ where our combined efforts will guarantee that when the time comes for you to leave this world, we will be granted the honor of ascending with you. However, should your spiritual progress be deemed to be inadequate, we must remain earthbound, and repeat the effort with another human being for the length of his or her life. One might say that human behavior, so impacting on our immediate destiny, would be considered to be unfair. Not so.

“Surprisingly, the human soul ascending without Destiny Guardians is to some extent the loser. The Guardian Angels forced to remain earthbound for yet another human life’s term are neither winners nor losers, because that is what they are here for -- to accumulate time-space experience. Later, after their extended stay and further hard work on an evolutionary planet, they will be the most advanced, most brilliant, and most respected among their kin.


“Let us have a break here, and let us come back in a while to consider the human aspect of what may seem unreasonable and unfair.”



Destiny Guardians: “We are back with you now. And so you see that a temporary disappointment for Guardian Angels, even though human failure is not the Angels’ fault, is rewarded by them gaining a greatly increased status when they finally do ascend together with their latest human charge of adequate spiritual achievement.


“We now cover the human side of this equation, for in many ways it compares well with that of the Angels. In what is equitable and fair, those who live in poverty and squalor, and providing they have faith, have an easier task in their ascension, whilst those who live in wealth and plenty without much faith, have a more difficult task in gaining such spiritual standing.

“Now, at last, we come to answer the question posed. Our answer will put to rest the concerns of the bereaved mother, and much will also become clear in the mind of this receiver of messages. Understand this well, all human life is of great value, and the immature soul of the child that passed away so shortly after birth is very well being cared for. Both parents, after their ascension, will complete the task of bringing up and educating the loved one they lost. Due to the fact that the child has missed out on all earthly experience, its destination will be the local universe, not the long road to Paradise.

“You may ask, is this equitable and fair? It is, indeed. There are legions, literally, of those who were early robbed of their lives on evolutionary planets, who are working in groups and most successful in their achievements in the name of the great Creator of all. Always remember, ascension from this planet is a one-way journey. Travel between planets in the higher spheres to visit friends and family is of the order of the day. Thank you for attending this session so diligently. We are your Destiny Guardians known by the single name, Juliette.”


Mathew: “This will put a great many minds at rest. And I add that my platoon and I will enjoy the extra status to be achieved by us by temporarily foregoing our well-deserved ascension and by making ourselves useful on your planet. The universe of universes does not shortchange a single one of its creatures. It is ultimately equitable and fair. Au revoir.”