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Topic: Circuits

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monmacion

TR: Tiahuan



Hello my friends! This is Monmacion. It is good to see you together again enjoining yourselves in this circuit of light, that, though you cannot see, I recognize that you sense its efficacy in your lives, in your minds and hearts.



Indeed, you cannot have too much of time with our Father. Frequently, persons often search all around them little realizing that he dwells within. Consequently the search by many for his saving power, his healing grace, takes the form of an infatuation with external symbols of power, grace, and goodness. These have their place because until such time as persons are rooted in the reality that God dwelling in you is your eternal identity, your everlasting compass throughout your cosmic journeys, these symbols will simply point, and if they are effective, they are true, they will point persons where God dwells in them.

Your encircuitment in the context of friendship is the temple of holiness, the trust extended over the course of shared living experience is the treasure in which dwells the light that illumines this experience that you share with one another freely. How happy I am to join you, to be counted as part of your circuit of friendship, and of course others adjoin (us) unknown to you.

You referenced in your earlier visits that persons were reading these transcripts and allowing themselves to join in this circuitry which is the source of so much change unfolding in your world. Now much of this change, admittedly, is not welcome on the human level. It is hard for us to witness you struggling as you do through such tumultuous changes, but we know as we witness that you know to some extent, that this is the hand of our Father touching your world through the presence of this world’s first Magisterial Son, a first Magisterial Mission.

Teaching Mission, Magisterial Mission

You had been advised early on that this would be disruptive to much of your assumptions of everyday living, and I can only remind you and encourage you to recognize that what you have begun to witness unfolding in the world around you is but a beginning. And you asked tonight, “What is really going on”, “the Teaching Mission seems to have dispersed, the Magisterial Mission, is it just a potent rumor”. Well, you have heard from others, they have spoken to the effect of the Teaching Mission having yielded an influence and continuing to do so on the personal level and this is the design of the Teaching Mission that continues. This is a gift of Michael’s beneficence recognizing the need for support adjoining the already potent influences of our Father, the Spirit of Truth, and your unseen friends who are assigned to your care. Additional teachers augment this by virtue of their sensitivity to the human condition. Such teachers as are assigned in the Teaching Mission are those who have recently ascended on high and are very much appreciative of the struggles of the mortal on any sphere, but even more so on such a one as this and all other planets adversely affected in the context of the Lucifer Rebellion.


We have put this initial chapter of the Teaching Mission behind us. All those who desire teachers have them, and the influence of these teachers is witnessed by us as we recognize the increased vibrancy of your light signature. Joining this, and actually dependant upon such personal spiritualization, the Magisterial Mission is already very much at work. No, the materializations that you look forward to are not yet in place, but you my friends, I would have you recognize, you are the material with which we are working. You are building for us a place on your planet by this very exercise of your joining together, sharing your life, sharing your questions, sharing your dreams, actually exploring the inner life together, researching probing questions, exercising this newly discovered capacity of circuitry active in your minds, enlivening your spirit sources, enlivening their presence in your lives. This is the material infrastructure that we are building now together. I cannot emphasize this enough.

It is hard for mortals who would naturally be given to building physical abodes, and you have done just that. Obviously, these provisions are not what is foremost. What is of greatest need is the conscious usage of this enlivened circuitry to extend our Father’s light in the course of your living.

Art of Living

You could, and obviously some have called this the art of living, and indeed I would encourage you to pursue this, practice this. For in fact, if you must think of artistry in a very simple visual manner, employing palettes of color released upon a canvas, guided by your skill and your own spiritualized intelligence to render a desired object. Well, simply translate this into engaging the mind in the application of the many colors present in spirit evidenced in the auras of your soul. It is these colors unseen by material eyes and yet so effective and so influential. Little do you realize how potent a source of this light you are.

You have received instruction over a number of years, not just to leave you hanging, wondering “well what was that about”. No, not at all! For those who are paying attention, the bar is raised, and you are asked to function as teachers, perhaps not explicitly standing in front of chalkboards, drawing diagrams, articulating equations for the manifestation of this light, no. It is more subtle; it is more real. It cannot be reduced to a product that can be sold in the marketplace of ideas. It is a living demonstration of your engagement with the Source of all things that is the inspiration of all of our forward movement.

The Magisterial Son awaits his moment when he can join in this sphere well encircuited, well built to accommodate the initial reception of himself and subsequently those such as I am that accompany him.

My friends, you are not alone in this construction. There are those whose spirituality is one that requires a term that you may not like, but it is one that we all are in some measure, and that is the word intermediary. For you see, circuits are built upon a sequence of nodes each of which serve as what you would call intermediaries. Like a transformer station, and you are the critical component in this circuitry. (There are) additional teachers whose light requires more unseen transformers; midwayers and Brilliant Evening Stars working in tandem with teachers on high, teachers emblematic of the wisdom and knowledge of the Trinity, infusing your world with light to adjoin this light that is your Magisterial Son.


Friends, Michael has prepared a real feast, and there is a lot of work of course in the preparation of any feast. There are details to attend, there are provisions to gather, but I would remind you, all of these things are found within you. It is imperative that sufficient numbers of mortals are living upon this planet who recognize that the infrastructure required is drawn from this well where we gather as one. You are the ones who will manifest in a material form those things required, and already many of you have committed yourselves to building various forms of support for this shared feast that is ensuing.

Take heart my friends! You have received much instruction and frankly much is expected of you. Not in the negative sense of something that you have to do, but in the sense that your heart’s deepest desire wants so much to do that it will be done. This is the meaning of the reference to what the Father wills and the children desire IS, and so it is now unfolding.

I would encourage you to gather with others wherever you can, whenever you can to enliven this circuitry evermore. It may be in the smallest of gestures in the course of your busy day. It may be perhaps an overt gesture, an overt statement, a risk of faith extending your precious experience to share with someone you are just beginning to know. All of these things are contributing to the cause for which we labor.

Look around you and see what need exists, and look within you to find the resource to fulfill that need. This is the work of those who love the light, and this is love’s labor extended in and through God’s children, this Source, the First Source manifesting in the lives of the least of the children of God, and because of this, manifesting in the most dramatic context possible. So savor your human opportunities and your human experience. It is truly treasured on high.


Good night my friends. Continue in your searching, experimentation, paying attention to the lessons given to you in those tender moments of awakening. Call upon me anytime and know that many others adjoin us, looking forward to this great feast.