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Topic: Circuits

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monmacion

TR: Tiahuan



Circuits, Silence

Greetings my friends! This is Monmacion. I have missed you, but I have not been far, and I trust that our absence from this classroom due to technical difficulties only underscores the importance of what we have discussed at length along with many others, the issue of circuitry. No not the material circuits necessarily, although it would assist you to think of these as but an extension of this spiritual circuit we are exercising now. Actually, these exercises begin within, in the silence. It is in the state of silence you position yourselves as available, as open, and willing to hear. And hear what you might say?


Stillness, Communion

Of course, the Teaching Mission has a long record of hearing the various discourses upon the realm of spirit, the reality of God within you. All of these are but what you might call semi-material circuits, for as you alluded earlier, as soon as you leave stillness, and open your mouth, and begin to articulate, or attempt to do so, the dimension of faith, you are then operating in the realm of belief, the realms of theology, philosophy, psychology, and many other disciplines that you are familiar with, but all of these are subject to human control, and, as you would expect, to a large extent dependent upon human invention, human willingness to examine what might actually reverse, upend, or turn inside out, the assumptions that you have grown to hold so dear.

The circuitry that is required for you to more fully enter the life of the rest of the cosmos of which you are a part is the circuitry that is established in the context of communion. This is the heart of the matter. All things proceed from this that is of any lasting value, including your communication that occurs within the context of your community of language, the tongues you hold in common.


You may take this for granted. You may also take for granted the breath that makes it possible. So it is commonly encouraged as you prepare for moments of communion to listen to your breath for it is akin to the spirit of God. And yet how easily you can overlook it, but without it you would wither and die, quickly. And so my friends, your physical bodies are a marvelous manifestation of this circuitry that enlivens the body of creation. It is in this body that we all dwell, and it is upon the various circuits of the body of the cosmos, creation itself, that we all depend to foster deeper appreciation for the various dimensions of the gospel. And what are these?


Your text illustrates these very well, the inner life, your outward manifestations in your social endeavors, a future time when such experience is more broadly manifest in your world at large, and as well, and perhaps not as fully appreciated, but is growing, is the dimension of the gospel that engages the super-mortal dimension of our fellowship. This is the dimension that the Correcting Time is restoring to your world, and so yes you are perhaps confused to some extent by the plethora of various voices representing teacher personalities that are unseen. But if you would, see these rather as symptoms of the truth of this Correcting Time and trust the Spirit of Truth, Michael's gift to you all to discern well that which is of value to you individually in your soul growth and that which is not and allow others to make the same discernment for themselves giving due allowance for inherent discrepancies, differences due to any number of factors, your own personal backgrounds, cultures in which you have grown, your language, your temperament, your intellect, what you are focused upon. All of these things are gifts of our Father to you, each of you.

Happily, I witness you gathered here share a sufficient common focus to be able to engage one another, and to encourage one another, to share with one another, and this common ground is too precious to take lightly. You have the potential of building common ground in every exchange, or you have the potential of ruling out such common space in preference for your personal domain of privacy. You will have observed that the inclination to isolation is a deeply entrenched habit in this realm, but it is growing more flexible because each of you are growing more confident that no one, nor any power in earth or in heaven can actually take from you this treasure you yourself have discovered working with Father, co-creating an eternal soul.


It is this defensiveness that is symptomatic of rebellion, the injuries you have sustained, but look around you, all the world is suddenly waking up to its common interest. Whether the religions be those of distant lands or those near at hand, the human soul cries out for recognition and respect, and it is incumbent upon those who are beneficiaries of the beneficence of Michael, whose own confidence is unshakeable, to demonstrate the understanding that he has for each of you. All of your elder siblings bear toward you this same grace of mercy, understanding, and appreciation for the labor invested in your soul growth.


As difficult as it is for you to assemble periodically to do something together, this admonition of Michael while incarnate as Jesus is not without merit. Once again we might refer to the outset of this session where I asked you to look upon your very bodies and the mechanical tools that you utilize in your work, in your communications, as but an extension of the spiritual circuitry that you activate within you especially in your moments of stillness. And as you extend your hand, literally or figuratively, in the physical space or virtual space, you are enhancing or not this circuitry, depending upon the manner in which you make yourself present.

The practice of the presence of God in the context of stillness is simply learning, allowing yourself to be more gracious hosts to the presence of God within you, these Thought Adjusters who are in fact your eternal identity seeking in and through your personalities a unique expression in time and space, and eventually, in your eternal careers as Finaliters.

So, let me simply say thank you for gathering as you do, persisting through the various resistance of your physical space, the complexities of communication, and the very real problems that we are working through that are the result of rebellion. We are engaged in a massive effort to restore and to advance the light of life upon Urantia, and it is really simple, so simple it is overlooked, just as is your breathing. So give pause during your busy day even for a moment to reflect upon how precious your breath is, and how it represents the spirit of God within you.


Friends, I know your time is short this evening, but I will continue to encourage you to think, to probe your own thoughts as you pay attention to the lessons of the moments of your day as you pass by and through your experience. Many walk with you and work with you supporting you in your efforts to enlarge this light of God in your lives upon this world in this very precious moment.

Good night, and I will look for you next time.

Students: Good night and thank you.