2011-03-01-Questions to Ponder

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Topic: Questions to Ponder



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Monjoronson: Hello, it is I Monjoronson speaking to you today with a Voice Message through my friend Vince.



If you want to know how politicians view you then there is no better way of determining this than to not listen to their words, but take note of their deeds, for mostly they regard you the population as scum and they say one thing and do the complete opposite. Many of them are millionaires, multi-millionaires, billionaires, multi-billionaires and the like.

Many of them entered politics because their families are wealthy and they need to retain this wealth and increase it, and to do this they must do so at your expense. Now, you may say, but there are politicians who do not come from wealthy families; they support the lower orders of people. Well, my friends, they may tell you they support the lower orders of people, but more often than not it is their aim to make themselves and their families rich.

This is such a vast subject that I cannot name individual names and say to you check these people out, for it covers every country in the world; and the majority of the politicians and those who tell them what to do; well the list would be so vast that you would be bored senseless reading through it. But, since you are of shall we say “Western” societies and predominantly those of the English speaking ones, then you need look no further than the Government and the Opposition Parties in your own country and of the Establishment layers, the senior business figures, including bankers and central bankers, union officials, those involved in education, religion; for they are all dipping their bread into the bowl of soup which contains your valuable resources.

They soak up these resources and it is very much a one-way traffic, for you never see it again. It is never given back to you; your taxes overall are always in an upward direction and all of these people become rich; some very quickly and some over the long term. They all have one thing in common and that is to get wealthy at your expense. There are still a few people in positions of power who are not of this kind; some of them are our assets working for the Spiritual Hierarchy, and the remainder are decent and honest minded people in public service and other areas, who have still not been corrupted by the Illuminati game plan.


Well my friends, there is a new spirit emerging in the population in the places where trouble and strife are being caused by natural events. Some of the most recent examples of this can be seen in the recent floods in Australia and the earthquake in New Zealand. People are befriending each other and banding together to help each other and the community as a whole, and this is helping them to get through these very traumatic times they find themselves in.

If you can, watch these communities and note how they take forward this community spirit, for it may be that some of you dear ones find yourself in similar circumstances, and how the people in Australia and New Zealand cope in these dire circumstances, maybe your way forward if you find yourself having to cope in a natural disaster scenario. As I have said before, Earth is becoming a less welcoming and stable planet for you to live on during the essential changes to her surface structure.

There may well be those of you who experience no significant changes to your daily lives at all, but for many there will be changes and some of them are likely to be drastically changed. Whether any of these events are engineered by mortals alive on Earth today, or whether they are wholly natural in origin is irrelevant to those of you suffering from their effects, the only way to get through them is with the help of others in your local or regional community. It is within human nature to help their fellow man in trouble, but it is a great pity that it seems to take disasters to persuade them to do so.


Your “normal” society is anything but, for greed and self-interest are alive and well throughout the world in the mainstream of the population, for that is the way your leaders have engineered it to be, and it is very good for them in the material sense, for it makes them very rich and powerful. But in their haste to dip their bread in your bowl of resources, they have forgotten something, and that is that they are actually making themselves very poor.

When you are born into this world the only certain thing is that you are going to die, and all of the money and power accrued during you lifetime ceases to have any use to you once you have died. Well, of course we all know that in reality only the material body dies, and life goes on in another dimension which is invisible to you in the material body at this time. The Dark Ones have either forgotten or ignored the fact that life is eternal, and all their efforts have been put into making their material lives as rich and pleasant as they are, without regard for their long term future.

Mansion Worlds

What you can take forward with you into your continuing life after this material incarnation is over, is the essence of all that you have achieved in the spiritual sense, which are as a result of both positive and negative events in your lives. But for those who have carried out their lives in mainly negative ways, in the spiritual sense; then there is precious little of any consequence to show for the life they have just completed.

Well, of course ,you may say that they didn’t know their lives carried on after death of their material body; but that is no excuse, for everyone has a life mapped out for them and which they have agreed to before they were born into the present life. If they choose to become involved in theft of global and personal resources, and some activities too vile to be mentioned here, they have wilfully avoided their responsibilities. I have heard it said so many times from people that you only have one life, and that is often how they seek to excuse their behaviour, by saying that they only have one life and they must experience every whorehouse and drinking and gambling den, among many other things, before they die.

They have no regard for the consequences, for they do not understand, or have chosen not to understand, that life is eternal. If you were in a position to look round the whole of Creation and all of its domains, and all of its beings; then you would see that in the main the human inhabitants of Earth are very backward. Being spiritually backward condemns you to a life of being materially backward as well. You poison the air that you breathe so that a few people can get rich as a direct or indirect result of the oil industry.

Some people drink or drug themselves senseless, as they use these substances for pain relief to get them through the senselessness of the very lifestyles they have created for themselves. Sometimes they have no choice and just have to find themselves a niche to exist in, in the nooks and crannies of the society set up and run by the Dark Ones for their own benefit. The Dark Ones’ position in all of this can be described best in agricultural terms, where they are the farmer and you ones are the sheep; a kind of living crop with which to enrich those who are already stinking rich, and discarded when you are of no further use.

But you are more than that; very much more. You are Children of God and are all related to each other as you are brothers and sisters. How can you bear to see your brothers and sisters ill treated? Will you not help them in their hour of need; will you not help them in your everyday lives; for above all you are a spirit incarnate and so much more than the individual who looks back at you from the mirror. How will you cope if and when life becomes adverse due to natural disasters in the coming times? Will you rise to the challenge and join in and help others, or will you tread the path of selfishness?


I shall leave you to ponder these questions for yourselves, until I speak with you again.