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Topic: Balance

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Michael

TR: Henry Z.



Prayer: Father, we come here this evening in a circle of gratitude, open to be connected to a greater awareness of spirit this evening, the intent of spirit, the energy of spirit, and the love of spirit.



Inner Voice: Greetings this evening my friends, I Am the Inner Voice here to acknowledge the existence and presence of of such within the human mind. It occurred to me in an ongoing relationship with the human mind, that the human mind possessed qualities which foster a greater recognition of the Voice Within and also facilitates the prompting of the Inner Voice. Qualities within the human mind can be stated such as a state of being, a state of consciousness, a state of presence, or a state of mind. What qualifies this state is the ability to keep the mind in a neutral position; a neutral position is one of equanimity. It allows you to confront a situation by not overreacting to it, by observing it, and through the observation process you will have a greater capacity in dealing with the situation.

If it is an immediate situation there are aspects of the mind that instantly take over like the adjutant spirits, intuition, courage, understanding, and knowledge and the physical counterpart of adrenalin usually in extreme emergencies. But staying in a state of equanimity, a balanced neutral state, the mind is in observation mode. At that point it is easy to access the consciousness of ones own self in a contemplative way. I say this because a lot of what the Adjuster is doing in the mind is bringing the mind consciousness of itself, how it affects the body physically, materially, how it affects the person, how it affects those surrounding the person.

We all know what an unbalanced state of mind is, a mind which is tremendously fearful, a mind which is over reactionary, a mind which assumes too much, a mind which takes everything personally, these are aspects of a mind not in balance. So you think, well, how do I get to the place where I can enjoy a balanced mind, balanced neural response? This is a very good question. There are a few general specifics and there are processes which work better with certain minds than other processes. To actually know what is better for oneself you just simply ask to be shown and gradually this is revealed to you.


But one of the processes which has a tremendous effect on balancing the mind is meditation, the process of quieting the mind and paying attention to very little. This is why many times it is good just to focus on the breath because you are breathing in and you are exhaling and the ability to just observe the breath, the inhale and the exhale, is like a grinding stone in which it is turned and you put a blade to it and it sharpens the blade. This is what the observation does to the mind; it sharpens the mind, it clears the mind of any residue, clears the mind of chatter, it accesses trauma in the body, it balances the nervous system.

At first it is a continual challenge between thought and just observing because there are aspects of the mind which are not comfortable without some sound going on within itself, some thought process, some thinking, some reminiscing, something that usually is non-creative. So part of maintaining a balanced mind is a conscious human effort. It is a human effort to access a process which brings the mind for this quality to bear upon it. There is no magic involved here. It is like being conscious of anything; it takes an effort, an effort which eases over time and practice but an effort nonetheless.

What this allows is, in a certain sense, it allows a freshness within the mind. It allows you to keep a lot of the blanks empty because the mind is quick to fill in the blanks. But allowing the blanks to remain empty creates a situation in which spirit can fill in that blank. Spirit can begin to interact on a greater level because you are not defining or expecting or assuming, you are just observing. This process has a greater impact on the quality of life which is available, the quality of mind to the greater discern spirit, the purpose of spirit, what spirit has in store for us, how spirit helps to bring in the future. Instead of trying to relive the past or repeat mistakes, spirit is constantly trying to bring in something different, a fresh way of looking at something, into your mind, in that sense, constantly showing you corrective measures within yourself, correct decision, albeit some of them may be courageous.

So this balanced neural mind also has to do with habits, it has to do with diet, it has to do with activity. So this body in a certain sense is like a temple and there is a sanctuary in the temple, this is the mind, and this sanctuary is consecrated. This is the balanced part, the neutral part, poised, ready to seize spirit, that which is being brought in by spirit. It is the decisions you make today which secure the future and bring in the future into the present. True, the future can come quite by accident and many times the future does come in quite by accident but the mind which knows what it is and what it wants and is comfortable with what it needs, accesses a greater capacity to bring in the correct future, making decisions today to experience the consequences tomorrow. This is where this is leading.

It is like planting seeds. You plant a seed in fertile soil and as it is constantly being nurtured it begins to grow until it reaches a point of bearing fruit. This is similar to the future; by making a decision today you are actually planting that seed. There is a time lapse between the planting of the seed and the fruition, the yielding of fruit. This is very true in a spiritual sense. The decisions you make today and the work that you perform today also secure tomorrow and the future in a way which gives you more control. It is ironic that the more you are able to control yourself the more control you have over things which are consequential to you in your life. If you have any doubts about that, just practice it. Begin to take control of your mind in whichever way you are so directed.

The great number, the dimension of spirit, is on some levels incomprehensible yet spirit has taken this into account by placing within you an aspect of spirit which is not only revealing yourself to you but it is also revealing a greater part of the universe to you, in little details, in opportunities, in potential. In a certain sense, God the Father desires to be just as much a human as you desire within yourself to be a God. And where both of these desires meet there is a balance in common ground in which God is down stepping an aspect of Himself and you are projecting an aspect of a human to God, that part of yourself which is dedicated, consecrated, that part of you which is qualified in a spiritual sense, qualified in the soul which is brought into being by the action of the human mind subjugating itself to the will of God.

And you don't have to worry, God will never actually be a human and you will actually never be a God, but both share of the same essence. God yearns for the experience to be a part, an intimate and integral part of human life, as you desire to be led into something greater and to experience more fully, life and all that life has to offer and its continuation of life in multiple and many life experiences beyond this one.


I am giving you a lot of raw material this evening, raw material which you take back with you and think about. You find something within the material which strikes a chord within you and you research it, you look how you can achieve this, you all the more begin to test your faith and begin to trust. Don't trust what I am telling you, trust what is being told to you within your own mind, observe what your own inner consciousness has to say for all truth is customized to the individual. This is one of the qualities of the Adjusters, to specifically customize material for the indwelt experience.

This is all I am going to say about this subject this evening. I thank all of you for your presence and your attention this evening. I send the energy of love out within this circle to strengthen all who are here and all who will come here, all of the blessings for a good week and I will step aside that others may also use this platform. I thank you all, good evening.


Michael: Greetings to you this evening, this is your Father/brother Michael. It is good to be here in your consciousness, in this circle of consciousness, circle of energy. I fill it with my love and my devotion to you as humans, my Urantian family. The time you are in on the planet is in remembrance of my life and the end of my life as I lived on your world. In all aspects I am thankful for the full experience I achieved while living on your world. The times I lived in are not much different than the times you live in now except for the fact that now as humans you are living in a time in which there is great consequence of the error of human decisions that was not as present as the time I was here several thousand years ago.

But in terms of human nature, there is a similarity. There are still only a not very large number of people willing to pay attention to the correctness of truth in their lives. It is so easy in the modern material world to get lost into the tasks at hand and it is also easy to dismiss that there is tremendous suffering when you yourself may not particularly be suffering at that moment. There is a tremendously diverse nature of personality on your world. It needs the unifying principles of a greater gospel; not the gospel of self ambition and personal worth, but the gospel of social celebration, celebration of the kinship of humankind and the relationship to our Father.


Unfortunately, the events which took place surrounding the crucifixion scene traumatized my disciples tremendously. They actually were not prepared for what came down. It became easy for these humans to get sidetracked into the mystery of my death and my resurrection. It was all too easy for my disciples to take the kingdom for granted, and the shock of the crucifixion and the resurrection began to create a tremendous mystery. But my death and resurrection here is not a mystery anymore. It is just a fact, while what exists in the family of man these days certainly is a mystery.

Many of you have the correct understanding of my teachings and what I attempted to convey while I was here. I was not conveying some seasonal message. The message of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of men and women is an eternal message. It is the way of being in the universe, it is the relationship. It is all seen by the all knowing Father and it is constantly being revealed to you my children from within, from within your mind. So let go of the struggle, let go of the confusion and accept that the greater challenge of this life is just serving my word in the kingdom, the will of the Father in heaven and its worship by all of the mortals on this planet.

Inner Life

Build not lasting structures externally, build those lasting structures internally, the ability to bring your mind to a greater awareness and understanding of who you are, why you are here, and what to do while you are here. All the world is quick to celebrate my death and resurrection and not so quick to take on the responsibility of my words. I do not hold this against you but I do pray to receive the day in which my word will have a rightful place within the hearts of all men and women on this planet.


So those of you who can, take up my word, take my banner and proudly wave it. Take my words to the heart of another and one day we shall all rejoice when all hearts become one, all hearts can beat to the same eternal divine rhythm. Again my friends, I thank you this evening, allowing me these few words. Go now in peace. Cherish your lives and begin to live up to the greater capacity which lies within. Thank you and good evening.