2011-05-04-Discernment and Acceptance

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Topic: Discernment and Acceptance

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “Having arrived once more in that abiding, silent place so deep within you, I desire to speak a few words on discernment, so you may better understand what this means. This little lesson is for clarification of the question in your mind, as to how to better understand and accept other people.

“The most important ingredient in discernment, I would value the habit of non-judgment as high on the list with the measure of love, because without genuine love for self or others, it would boil down to pre-judgment which is in actuality a mental poison, for when there is pre-judgment there is no true discernment.

“It is so very important to be impartial to all you meet, as with impartiality non-judgment is much easier and love flows more freely from you to others. In all actuality pre-judgment is a curse on the planet, as with that blight, one can not have true discernment for the needs of others.

“If there is to be increasing peace on the planet, then there is a great need to discern the needs of others, especially if understanding and love have been lacking as the necessary ingredients for a happy life. People, who feel they are not understood and are judged without due cause, feel very much unloved. It is in the daily living that these lessons are learned.

“Each person, who desires to practice self-discipline in all areas of life, can stand improvement. Life can be a very beautiful experience when people learn to love and appreciate themselves, as then the next step will be easier to take in loving and appreciating others as themselves.

“Often a lack of a healthy self-esteem is a deterrent to love the self, and therefore pre-judgments towards others run rampant as the most important ingredient, that of love for self and a healthy self-image, is lacking.

“Discernment of self-knowledge, understanding of self coupled with self-love, makes the daily living far more meaningful and interesting, as self-acceptance leads automatically to acceptance of all others. Be at peace and feel secure and accepted in My Love, and grow to your heart’s content, for all is well.”