2011-05-11-Living Without Attachment

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Topic: Living Without Attachment

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Rael

TR: Yoela



Yoela: “I don’t understand how to live without attachment. It seems that it may lead to indifference.”

Rael: “Living without attachment has long been misunderstood. Many times it is considered to mean forgetting, or as letting go of something that is no longer needed. In reality most use it just as a way to hide their pain, to hide their weaknesses, or hide their sincere affection.

“Living without attachment is possible only when you have matured, and you have realized that nothing is ever lost.

“You are slowly learning that everyone needs their own space and time. You are beginning to understand that you need no one but the Real Presence within you. Everybody may fail you, and you will learn that your growth depends only on your steadiness and your guidance.

“When finally you understand that the true meaning of living without attachment is to honor the design of creation, you can let go and will not strive to control, to manipulate and you will find a balance in your relationships.

“Faith is paramount, but truth will set you free, and truth has nothing to do with coercion or manipulation. Knowing that this world is temporal is becoming free and at the same time it is accepting a great responsibility, because each day is important and should be lived fully, by learning and experiencing.”

Yoela: “How can we find that balance, if we have to be responsible, but also learn to let go?”

Rael: “People are part of life and highly regarded in the entire cosmos. Love them and make them a priority above all. Forget your sense of ownership and let them discover themselves and explore their potential on their own. This is what experiences are for; this is why you should live with intention. Forget your illusions of control and do not use fear to make others do what they don't want to do. Leave each one to their inner guidance so they can realize their higher expression of the self.

“No one is indispensable yet all are needed to create and share our collective reality. Do you have any more questions? Trust is the answer. Trust, and take care of yourselves, for I am always looking after you. There is a lot to do and a lot to care for. If you help yourself you are one less problem in the world and thus our endeavors can reach were the need is found.

“This is one of the reasons we reach out to you – those who will hear our messages. We are preparing our forces to go out and do the work of our Father, when and where it is needed.

“When humans learn to take care of themselves and others, we can start working together on the many issues on this planet that need to be resolved. It is then that living without attachment becomes important, because you can focus on those important tasks beyond yourselves.

“You see? You only harvest when the wheat is ripe. If you do it before then you would have wasted all your work. This is your friend Rael, sending our love and gratitude to all who listen and desire to grow under the guidance of their Divine Presence.”