2011-06-26-Mercy and Dissolving Fear

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Topic: Mercy and Dissolving the Planetary Fabric of Fear

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Thank you Mother and Father, for the love that you provide for us to gather in oneness, anchoring our hearts in your unity, anchoring our Adjusters together, weaving us mind to mind, soul to soul, as we focus on our Magisterial Son and our desire to be further imprinted into his energy signature to prepare the way for his coming. We are ready to serve you and our brothers and sisters and our planet in whatever ways he directs us today. We thank you so much for this time of transformation for us to participate with and our celestial helpers. Amen.


MONJORONSON: Greetings to all, my brethren. This is Monjoronson. We are gathered here amongst you today to continue to build a quality of the planetary fabric of consciousness that will facilitate my physical incarnation on this sphere. I know you are all awaiting this time in your planet’s history, and we understand the frailties of human desire—that it can sometime lead to impatience and frustration. However, as you learn to outgrow this as you commune with your indwelling Father Adjusters, you will be able to perceive more of the truth under which we must operate the Magisterial Mission and have greater endurance to walk with me, you might say, during these times of gathering in this conference call.

Today it is my delight to further impress upon your beings my energy presence—my personality—so that when we stand face to face, you will know with assurance in your heart that I am who I say I am and you feel that bond more deeply stirring in your being—that bond that we are growing here during these times together. There are many who attend you to help imprint upon you my energy presence. Focus your attention directly into your heart and we will move in you now, before we ask you to focus outwardly into certain situations on your planet. Receive. (Pause)

The quality of my energy signature that you perceive is conditioned upon your own desires to be loving and merciful with yourselves and with your brothers and sisters. One of the greatest impediments to perceiving and receiving MERCY is judgment that is based in fear—fear of one another, fear of certain ideational belief systems—that has created deep gaps between humans in understanding. This is a type of fear that creates disharmony, disunity. We are here today to help you outwork those codes of fear that have thwarted the qualities of LOVE and TRUST and UNITY among people. Feel your desire now to be more MERCIFUL, LOVING, and UNDERSTANDING with one another.

It serves none of you well to try to judge yourselves or your brothers and sisters. Begin to perceive them as having something of great value to share with you. Look for that quality of God within them that you may receive this and add something quite extraordinary into your own beings. As these ideas blend into your energy systems, it is important for you to desire this now, as we begin to take your energies of the heart and the MERCY that you are beginning to perceive, and focus it on those codes of fear that are domiciled in your fabric of planetary consciousness. Simply focus the word MERCY over your heart center and let it generate a power from your desire, and we will take this and direct it where it will do the most good. (Pause)

As you know, fear is a spirit poison, and that this energy has been operating on your world, running rampant at times. This is a byproduct of the rebellion, as you know, and we are here to dismantle this fabric of fear. We use your energies of the heart to break apart this fabric, to render it impotent, and so we ask you to feel your desire for more MERCY and LOVE to penetrate this blanket of fear that holds many souls in check, that prevents many people from moving forward in many dimensions of their lives. Simply feel your desire to have this fear fabric expunged from the planet. We will focus your heart energies and add what we can into it, amplifying your heart-generated energy with our light. If you would like to focus, simply see the word MERCY over your heart and let it stand in front of the word “FEAR” and watch what happens. (Pause)

Forgive fear. Forgive the fear that you may perceive from time to time in your being. Forgive the fear that you see expressed by others. Understand that most people are unaware that they are ruled by this spirit toxin, and we ask you to become immune to it. We will help you seed more FORGIVENESS and MERCY into your own being, that you may increasingly be liberated from this in your own lives.

When you are exposed to words, ideas, things that your culture creates that stimulates fear in your media, in your entertainment, simply forgive it and ask for more TRUTH, LIGHT, MERCY and LOVE to come into those places where people who are laboring to keep the fear fabric alive. People are truly enslaved and they know not what they do as they perpetuate these base emotions of the human nature, manipulating them to stimulate that basic reflexive response in humans for survival. This has been manipulated in many ways over the generations of your history of planetary evolution.

Now, as we labor with you to dismantle this fabric of fear, we ask you to send your LOVE and MERCY whenever you can whenever you notice that fear is operative. Stay focused on the words MERCY, LOVE, FORGIVENESS and COMPASSION over your hearts and project it into that place where you see fear operating. Encourage your brothers and sisters to do this likewise, help them recognize that they have a choice. They can either be powerful against fear or succumb to it. Learn how to do this for yourselves that you may help others to liberate themselves from this fabric. Continue to generate from your heart your desires for this to disintegrate and we will continue to amplify your efforts through our own. (Pause)

Feel your desire for your father Michael to embrace all these children who are so mired. We are adding our perspective and energy into this as well. (Pause)

Now in your mind’s eye, focus on the word HARMONY and envision the globe in your mind’s eye in front of you and send this word to your planet. We will add more into this that will facilitate what we are doing to release this world from the bonds of fear. (Pause)

Bonds of fear are being broken. Love has spoken. There are many who labor with you in these fields of the mind to construct a new fabric of consciousness for the greater Urantian mindset. We encourage you to continue these exercises on your own each day that you will become more aware of how you relate to this collective consciousness and increasingly liberate yourself from the information and ideas that it triggers for you that is of a destructive nature. We ask you to pay close attention to how your minds are subtly influenced by these energies and to become more mindfully aware when your thoughts may degenerate into negative feelings. Simply turn the switch in your hearts onto PEACE, FORGIVENESS, MERCY and COMPASSION and know that you are helping to turn on the light into these fearful qualities into the fabric of planetary consciousness.

We thank you for your efforts today and I will be happy to address some questions now concerning the experience today, if there is anything pressing on your minds and hearts.


QUESTION: Good morning, Monjoronson. Several of us have been discussing the future of the economic situation on this planet. We understand that the current situation cannot hold but none of us can really envision the new paradigm for an economic model. I think that part of the problem we’re having with fear is that we know that this can’t stand but we don’t have a vision to replace it with. If we had an idea of what the future could hold with regards to an economic system, that could allay many of the fears that we currently have. Could you address this, please?

MONJORONSON: When you are in fearful states of mind, you block the inflow of spiritual information that stimulates your creativity and provides the information of how to build a constructive economic model that can be replicated throughout the world and be regenerative in its unfolding. You ask for the idea for the model of what an economically sustainable institution might look like, and this we cannot do for you because it must come from human congregations learning how to support and sustain one another economically.

But what we can do for you is help you overcome the fear that poisons your ability to conceptualize and to congregate together to build these economic models. One of the elements of today’s call was to help you become more immune to this fear stimulus within your beings so that as your culture continues to stimulate this, you will be less susceptible and will even be in a greater position to open yourself up to information in the areas you focus on. This may not be the answer you were looking for, my dear, but it will provide the template for you to grow in understanding as you confront these internal fears that continue to keep you in a state of enslavement to the old system. Does this help?

QUESTIONER: That was a very satisfactory answer. Thank you so much.

MONJORONSON: You are most welcome.

QUESTION: As far as my connectivity with you is concerned and with others, regarding a lot of the transmissions in the past regarding the upcoming changes in the planet, is there anything else we can do to assist you from our heart centers to help ease the transition for the fearful?

MONJORONSON: Help your brothers and sisters with whom you interact on a daily basis. Connect your hearts to theirs. Send those positive ideas that you are thinking from your mind into their hearts. Seed them with the information you have received. You do not need to do this with words. The circuits that are in place are designed to support the hearts of individuals and receive them with information that is both positive in nature emotionally and conceptually.

So many times you waste your energy with words, and because people are so constrained by language, they only hear a small portion of what it is you truly wish to convey to them. But if you focus on your heart center and say to your Adjuster: “Please convey through this circuit what I know and what I have received and what I have learned and experienced to help my brother or sister who is in great need.” And then simply open your heart and seed that love into them. They may not immediately perceive what it is you are doing, but their Adjusters will, and they will use that and water the soil of their minds to help them adjust what you have provided for them. Does this help?

QUESTIONER: Yes, thank you.

MONJORONSON: You are most welcome.

QUESTION: Today you were talking about the collective consciousness and I wonder if that has a connection with your coming in the flesh, or if your arrival is being delayed until that collective consciousness is more in line with the Paradise Father in view of the fact that there is still a pall of fear over the earth. Could you elaborate?

MONJORONSON: Fear represents a blockage of energy and this energy blockage can penetrate into the physical dimension of the planet. That is not to say that this fear fabric is completely disallowing the physical incarnation of myself and my staff, but it is to say that there needs to be a certain level of receptivity in the fabric of the planetary consciousness in order for my acceptance among the world’s peoples. More trust, more hope, more optimism, and especially more compassion. These dimensions of spirit dismantle the fabric of fear and provide a more fertile environment, mentally and emotionally, for people to receive my presence, to imprint upon my energy signature. But if there is such fear around the idea of a God-like being coming to this world to help people and the ensuing mistrust that fear engenders, this makes things more difficult and challenging. So as you consider this, we encourage you to focus on this fear fabric and ask for it to be increasingly targeted with LIGHT, FORGIVENSS, LOVE, COMPASSION and the other fruits of the spirit that will disintegrate this and help many, many billions of souls on this world to make progress in spirit. Does this answer your question?

QUESTIONER: Yes, it does. All of us are eagerly awaiting your arrival and the arrival of your staff. We appreciate that you come to us and we will work to reduce that pall of fear over the world and in our own hearts.

MONJORONSON: And we thank you for your efforts as we labor joyfully together. I appreciate the use of the word “work” that you employ, but in your lexicon there is a quality of hardship and we would ask that you think of this word “work” or “labor” as a joy, as something that brings you great lightheartedness and a sense of playfulness. This will make your focus much easier, especially if you were to experience any fear in your own being as you focus outwardly. You must keep yourselves strong in these energies of light so that you do not add to the fear mentality but are endeavoring in your best minds and hearts to dismantle it. We thank you for your comments and we are grateful for all of your participation.

QUESTION: Am I seeing it clearly that the change that we need to make is the change inside ourselves and not respond to fear, but to be in the presence of Michael’s love connected with our Thought Adjusters, to be the best that we can be and then we will begin to see the change in our lives and that will be projected outwardly to assist in what needs to be done here. Is this correct?

MONJORONSON: Yes, this is correct. There is also the added component of what you call the Spiritual Warrior, where you are actively focusing your heart energies, your mental energies into the fabric of planetary consciousness, asking for the spirit toxins of fear, greed, war, mistrust and any others that you may receive in your own mind, be dismantled. You have an obligation to your own indwelling Father Fragment to master yourselves. And then, you have an obligation to the Supreme Being and your role as a universal citizen. This outward focusing, what you are beginning to learn, is how to engage your mind in dealing with a collective consciousness: what your role is in this and how you participate in the greater outworkings of the universe.

This is a level of education that you would have been highly trained in had your planet followed a normal course of evolution. So you are getting a remedial course here at this time so that you are not only progressing in your psychic circles of development, you are coming into a greater appreciation of who you are in your relationship to your Father and the universe as a whole. Does this help?

QUESTIONER: Yes, very much. Thank you.


MONJORONSON: You are most welcome. Again, we thank you for what you bring to the table of transformation. Michael loves and appreciates each one of you and your efforts and sends his encouragement to continue to become aware of how you think and feel, of how you use your minds. He will be there to support your efforts of focusing your heart energies where they will do the most good. Grow in the light, play in the love, and we will work with you to transform Urantia in ways that will delight and thrill you. Good afternoon.