2011-07-10-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Context of Friendship

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Monjoronson, Charles

TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris





Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, this mornings gratitude stems from the relationship of friends. We had such a wonderful example of that yesterday when so many friends gathered and truly it is a gift that I am looking to recognize more and more, this gift that we are to each other and I thank you for this gift, this is tremendous, this is huge. So I am in appreciation this morning about this aspect of relationship and the ones we share right here on this circle right now and all the extended ones that ripple out. Truly, they give us meaning and purpose, they bring us bearings in our world that we can use these other individuals to position ourselves to see where we are in the world you created for us, some reference points that we can use. Without these it would be like having no stars in the sky, no reference points, just darkness. So thank you for each one of these blessings, these miracles that we call friends. We stand in gratitude.

Elyon: [Mark] Hello friends, it is my pleasure to count myself among those who you consider friends. I am Elyon and we have developed a friendship over the years and I am pleased to be in association with you in one of these cherished opportunities that you refer to as a relationship. When one is alone and isolated, there is a sense of having far less context with which to observe life as you are only observing it from your position, your point of reference. When you add relationship to this experience, the potential for awareness, for understanding, for reference of any kind is greatly increased. You are able to see yourself through the reaction of others, you are able to gauge your reaction in context to others and by surrounding yourself with numerous relationships you are able to get a much better sense of what the general perceptions are, the general level of awareness and you are then able to determine how you are relative to the perception of others or the awareness of others.


This can be a very positive balancing effect because if one has no other viewpoints to consider or interpretations to use, then there are far fewer points of perspective available and if you are only using one vantage point to view any situation you are indeed limited. Relationship provides you the benefit of alternate viewpoints, alternate vantage points, even of the same circumstance but perceived differently in accordance with the relative relationship of the perceiver. When you take all these points of reference and bring them in for your consideration, it has a very balancing effect when you can allow that such wide viewpoints may be existing side by side and that you are somewhere in this mix of perspectives with your own unique vantage point but what you realize is, it is not the only vantage point, it is merely yours, unique and individual but not sole and only.


This is a very valuable thing to learn in your ascension career, that you are but one observer with one vantage point, with one level of awareness and understanding and it is good to tap into the larger accumulation of combined perspectives and vantage points and awarenesses so that you get some context in which to position yourself and view yourself in relationship to all that you attempt to understand. You are lucky enough to have individuals offer perspectives in books and in classes and in many forms available to you for your consideration so that you may increase your base of awareness about any given topic. This is how you accumulate to yourself your overall wisdom, by entertaining within your own being the many varied perspectives and viewpoints that your fellows offer in their observance from their point.

So while one scout may go out from the pack and attempt to define for the tribe what is happening, a number of scouts going out will report back a much greater and more complete picture of what is really transpiring. This is the value of working together and accessing the collective consciousness between and among your fellows. Such an opportunity for you to gather alternate perspectives without actually having to experience them but by trusting and allowing that others have had valid experiences you then can adopt their observations and experience as a result of their willingness to share these with you and of your willingness to take them under consideration and make them part of your base of experiential wisdom.

You will find as you proceed along your ascension career, that you will greatly benefit from the exercise of opening up your arena of consideration to include all the many varied interpretations and perceptions and awarenesses. It never hurts an individual to have such a storehouse of experiences to draw from, in fact having the broadest base possible allows you to define for yourself where you stand in relationship to all these things, which ones you will choose to own and become part of you and which ones you will choose not, as they do not resonate with who you are. In a very real way you assemble your notions of who you are in relationship to who everyone else is out there and this is the value of relationship, of proximity to others who are experiencing, of fellow sojourners along side you in this journey of discovery. As you watch them experience life with you, you are granted a different view of the circumstance, alternate to yours and yet equally as valid and equally as real.

As a spiritual being, you will come to embrace this diversity as a gift to you, as a means of providing you with these points of reference, these constellations in your night sky. Having them there to reference can provide you direction and purpose, to bring you a sense of direction merely by their existence and their presence. The relationship that we have built has provided both of us a guidepost, a reference to use to come together and we return to this guidepost, this relationship of context that we have formed in order to be together. So I honor you for building such a means and maintaining it and choosing it repeatedly so that now it has become a routine and part of your overall perspective, so much so that it is now routine for you.

Thank you for making this effort so that we can come together in this way and enjoy the relationship that we have formed. I have benefitted greatly from your efforts to form this relationship with me and I know as well, as is always the case, that I am not alone in benefitting from a relationship. Each one of us is forever changed as a result of coming together in this way. I share with you the enjoyment of having been changed by this, our choice, our relationship. I now release the forum for use by others. Once again it has been my pleasure to be with you. Thank you.


Monjoronson: [Mark] Greetings my friends, yes you do have Monjoronson. I am here with you now and we have indeed formed a relationship as well. Indeed my mandate and mission immediately before me, immediately before us, absolutely requires, relies, and depends upon this most precious of gifts of grace, this choice between individuals to form an alliance to come together because they so choose. This gift of grace, this relationship, is what I have been developing with individuals such as yourselves so that we may become close enough with each other to develop a comfort zone and work together in harmony.

As you know, it is required when working with another individual, to have some basis of awareness and understanding, to have a familiarity with your partner in relationship so that you can allow things to flow easily and smoothly and know each other and therefore work closely and effectively together. That has been my objective since I have been making my presence known and my energy signature felt within this group. It has been my desire from the start that we develop these personal, even intimate relationships, where we know each other and feel each other and can grow to relax and rely on each other as any friends could do.

So it is again my pleasure to come and reenforce this dynamic, to build this bond and to create this link between us, the link that you enjoy with any friend with whom you have a good relationship. There is a sense of belonging, there is a sense of peace, a sense of wanting to be together and to share the experience together and as a result, benefit from this shared experience. So I come once again today to reenforce all of this and to remind you once again that all of us on the other side of the curtain from you, as it were, are readily available. We are always there and around and more and more there will be an ease in us coming together, there will be greater opportunities beyond the scope of meetings such as this.

There will be great opportunities before us as my mission unfolds and the parameters of spirit increase. We are fortunate, however, in that we have created this relationship before such great things can expire and so when they arise as additional acts of grace we will not be surprised, we will not be overwhelmed, we will embrace these new gifts as we have embraced these previous gifts. We will remain in gratitude, we will be in consideration of service, we will be in recognition of our purpose and we will be in unity of desire as we function together to be ambassadors of this purpose and this desire.

Such is the experience of those who are ready to open up and embrace spirit, who are positioned to be expanded by their willingness to keep open for further and further revelation of truth, beauty, and goodness. It is indeed my pleasure and my privilege and I benefit as you do from these encounters. We are currently blessed to have this opportunity between us to grow these relationships. Even in advance of our formally meeting each other we will have become familiar with each other and so the official meeting is but a formality of the real truth that already exists. So be it, it is so, even now. I will step down and in gratitude, relinquish this opportunity for use by another. Thank you.


Charles: [Cathy] I am privileged to be in relationship with this group also. In the future I hope to be even more involved with you in enhanced levels as we become more familiar with each other. A part of the beauty of this correcting time project is that it will be accomplished through the relationship of all parts of Michael's universe. Our connection is destined to expand in ways that we have not yet explored. We are excited to pursue this path of relationship to its fullest abundant harvest. I am always eager to join you and expand both our potentials and fields of action. This is a most exciting part of our great adventure together. Bring me in whenever you desire. I am always willing and able. It is my utmost pleasure to participate with you.