2011-07-11-Common Grounds

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Topic: Common Grounds

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Prolotheos

TR: Valdir Soares



Prolotheos: “Why are human beings separate by their religions, rather than united by them? This is a question often posed by many in your world. The main reason for this is because religionists’ personal beliefs were changed into religious dogmas. A religious belief is a transcendental conviction held by the individual and it is unique to that individual. Religious dogma is a doctrine imposed on a group of individuals as the ‘faith confession’ of that particular religious group.

“The most outstanding characteristic of religion is its personal profession. Religion is a relationship between the religionist and his or her Deity. Religious faith can be embraced by philosophy as an unifying element of reality. However, it is truly beyond the grasp of science, for religion is a wholly subjective matter.

“Religious groups are social entities that bring together individuals professing similar religious beliefs, and their value is directly proportional to their function as facilitators of worship, fellowship and service to others. Religion itself, on other hand, should be seen as a human phenomenon, a spiritual endowment, a gift from Deity. Religion is not a designation for a particular creed among many. Capable of expressing true spiritual faith, transcendental faith, religion itself is the common ground that should unite all religionists.

“Religious faith is also unique, in disregard of its immediate object, complexity or simplicity, mores and associations. All that matters is its nature and drive, both being spiritual. Bona-fide religious faith infallibly reaches up to some level of Deity and, through it, to the very Father of All, the First Source and Center of all.

“Religious tolerance is one step in the right direction, but it is not enough; there should rather be religious empathy. Mere tolerance is a halfway attitude; embracing religious empathy towards everyone’s religiosity, however, a positive uniting attitude is what will bring together all religionists. It doesn’t mean that all will believe in the same way, but it does mean that from all possible ways and beliefs, we are first and foremost faith-sons-and-daughters of the Supreme Being – which is all that counts.

“So, my dear pupil, this is our living and teaching – discovering common grounds, converging paths, rather than dispersing ones. I am Prolotheos, always glad in finding a common ground between my thoughts and yours. Carry on, my dear. Peace to you, always.”