2011-08-04-Manifesting, part 3

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Topic: Manifesting

Group: Andover TeaM


Teacher: Mantutia, Tomas, Williamson

TR: Leoma Sparer



Mantutia: This is Mantutia Melchizedek, and yes there are several who would gladly speak to you today and address the issues on your mind – the idea of manifesting your desires. I will leave those to another. I would address from the aspect of the higher ideals which you are now experiencing as circuitry connection into the Father’s will that, in a sense, gives you a direct line to manifesting your desires. Yet that is another subject. A portion of this higher circuitry connecting you into the alignment of Father’s will is what I am qualified to address.



I would indeed admonish you to begin to think what you might term bigger, wider, deeper, stronger, and higher. Your mortal material desires are worthy. However, you are reaching a level in your spiritual attainment wherein you may entertain loftier ideals than many of your brethren at this time on your planet. So it is such as yourselves that we call upon to be further opened and made aware of the higher possibilities, the potentialities for which you are prepared to reach, yet in your material minds find far beyond your reach. It is within our parameters to stretch you, to pull you toward those higher imaginings, those higher potentialities which you may not feel yet prepared for.

We declare to you that you are well prepared; you are well on your way. You are now opening yourselves to larger possibilities and yet thinking in a linear manner and the ways, of course, with which you have been familiar. It is within the parameters of Michael’s Correcting Time and the coming Magisterial Mission to stretch you further, perhaps even beyond your comfort barriers as you speak of them. To step more readily into what you yet perceive as dreaming, as fantasizing, even as plans and dreams for your near future. These may unfold much more quickly and in ways you cannot imagine. Circumstances, synchronicities and people can come your way when you are open to these possibilities. You need not even know or be able to grasp what these possibilities are. Just simply be open to them.

So this is my entreaty for you today, and I will step aside for another to pick up from here.

Correcting Time

Williamson: I am indeed Williamson. I have once been in the flesh, but am now passing through the realms of the morontial life and have been uplifted to the ranks of the Trinity Teacher Sons, not as one of them, but working alongside them. My order of being will not be found in the Urantia text.

As you are beginning to discover, many unprecedented and creative prerogatives are being allowed, in particular for the Correcting Time on your decimal planet. Many new avenues of circuitry, energy transformation, communication and education are being employed to accelerate the Correcting Time efforts, the upliftment of the human species as a whole, and more specifically those awakening and aware such as yourselves. I am here to address you from a closer level, if you will, to your level of attainment, as I have been in the flesh. I have lived a human life in the physical and understand where you come from in your thinking and experiences.

In your linear and material ways of thinking, you most usually desire to be able to see the logical route from getting to point B from point A before you are comfortable in moving on to points C, D, E, or F as you have set the goals for your life. This is how those with skills plan out their lives not only materially with financial concerns, but also how they spend their energies and time as the phases of their lives change and move on.

So it is my pleasure and prerogative to help you now to free yourselves of needing to see a linear type of progression from A to B to C and so on. For if you consider that in your spiritual lives, your inner lives, you have taken great leaps at times, have you not? You have at times gone from point A to point D in your progression – and yet still I am talking in a linear fashion, only skipping B and C. So now we would stretch you to even let go of the points, to think in a more geometrical pattern. I will let that settle in your minds for a bit. [Pause]

Please consider that as you have grown, in the last few years of your lives, you have not only grown in one area at a time. You have grown emotionally. You have progressed in communication skills. You have progressed in mindal skills. You have progressed in relationships. You have progressed in your hearts. You have grown greatly many times by great leaps in what you term your inner life, your spirituality. You have even grown within the parameters of your own personalities to develop those personalities in ways in which you have not been so aware, but have polished the gem of your whole being. So now consider that all of these things have taken place together, more or less at the same time, all of them working hand-in-hand to progress your whole being, your whole self along the path of ascension.

This time of quickening your heart-felt desires to manifest yet more quickly is not really such a large leap as you may believe. It is simply another step on the path of progression on the continuum of discovery and attainment of which you are completely capable of reaching. The potentials which you have placed far in advance before you in your imaginations, they are much more immediate than you allow yourself to believe. Does this resonate?

Allow this – not only my words – allow this knowing to settle deeply within your being until you feel it resonating and entering this circuitry which you have established more directly this afternoon. [Pause]

As you further establish this more direct circuitry into the Father’s will, you will discover the actual experience of knowing that what your heart desires and the Father wills, IS. [Pause]


It is also most helpful to the best of your ability to remove the thinking mind, the rational, logical, linear thinking mind from the equation. Recall the vision of a child seeing a beloved parent entering the room and the child just rushes with open arms and a big smile, and a full and open heart to give and receive the love of the parent. This is the image and the attitude that we desire for you to embrace as you contemplate and open yourselves to this new way of living, this new phase of living that you are now entering. It is indeed thinking outside of your proverbial box, stepping outside your comfort zones, and yet once you open yourself to this type of living, you will find that your comfort zone was imprisonment compared to what you live out and experience on a daily basis. You will open to all possibilities wherein so much more of God’s goodness and desires for you can flow into your being, into your material life, into what you feel and experience. Allow this imagery of the open-arms child, the open loving trust, to absorb into your mind now. [Pause]

For such a child in complete trust and innocence of being, there is never a thought of, “Oh yes, but…” There is no thought of “But where will the money come from… but how will I do this or that… but what if..?” All that exists is the present moment and the love flowing to be given and received. All else follows. I know from having been in your position myself, it is very difficult to let go of the what ifs and the buts. So I realize it will not come all at once.

There are still remaining the material decisions to be made. It is understood as your brother Jesus understood, there are material provisions to be made. There are practical considerations to attend to, which he demonstrated very well in his material life. So you are to be commended in the management of your resources. It is well documented in your life records that you have not lived extravagantly. You have used your resources wisely and well, and yet not ungenerously. You have not held onto your pennies or clutched to that as your only security. As most Urantians go, you have been very balanced in this. So you have proven yourselves to be trustworthy with the resources you have been given and those you have earned. Yet perhaps you have not considered resources you have been given that were not earned. There have been some and even in those you have proven yourselves wise and trustworthy, not extravagant.

The desires you have put forward, the requests you have made in your discussions about manifesting the resources you need for taking care of your family and the noble ideas of serving Michael’s Correcting Time in ways which are material, we support you. We support you in your stated intentions, your desires to move forward into the Michael Son’s desires for your living, for a higher way of living than you have yet experienced. This is most heartily welcomed and supported by all of the resources available to you, which are manifold indeed. You have little idea of the actual resources at your disposal, and yet we trust that once you discover more fully what these resources are, and how they can come to you – or manifest, in your terminology – we fully trust that you will continue to manage even these extravagant and generous resources in a wise and balanced manner. We also understand that you will request, be open to, and allow guidance in how to manage these resources so that you are careful not to be carried away by any temptation. You will not need to worry about this as you are well guided and well cared for. Your Thought Adjusters, with whom you are increasingly encircuited and listening to, will guard you from inappropriate action – even from inappropriate desires and thoughts which may lead you in any sense of the word, astray.

At this time, I will withdraw so that Tomas may address any questions.


Tomas: Well, hello my friends. This is Tomas and I have been listening.


Well, talk about taking things a step higher. You have put forward your desires. So look out! Be very deliberate and temperate in your request so that you are not overwhelmed by what you receive. Even if you are a bit momentarily over awed at first, we know that you will adjust. You have all of us to help you. Never fear. We will keep you grounded and balanced. That is what we are here for.

It is good that you have reached a point now that you will be stretched further. You will look back on this period of time as quite amazing… quite exciting… somewhat uncomfortable… but divinely guided, hand-in-hand with all of us who delight in walking this path with you. We are so privileged to be walking this walk with you. It is our delight and is great fun for us, for there are so few and you are paving the way for others to follow. So, thank you. You may go ahead with your questions.


Q: Am I right in summarizing, that Williamson said that we are to: 1) align our desires with Father’s will, and 2) have no expectations, meaning to have the attitude of the child and to be non-linear in thinking?

Tomas: Those are two of the main points, yes. Having no expectations is difficult for humans, especially for one such as you. You have been so talented at making financial and life plans. I am not saying that those will go by the way-side. It is more that you will propel yourself forward into your desired new career much more quickly if you allow yourself to let go of the plans. They may still take place as you have planned, but just don’t hold on to them. Allow for other possibilities.

Q: Understood. When living your life you make plans and then take actions. I believe what I have heard today is to be careful of your expectations of your actions and their consequences. It may or may not lead to what you think you are going. But we are still to take actions, especially if our desire is in alignment with Father’s will. The universe will work around the actions we take, which may lead to the desired results, and possibly sooner than later in time.

Free will

Tomas: Yes indeed. You have the choices. Your free will choice does not necessarily derail your other paths. It may simply change how you get there. There are not necessarily wrong or right choices; there are simply different paths to take to reach the same end. The timing may be different, but what is time in all the universe? The choices that come before you are simply choices – not right or wrong. You will not necessarily be told which choice is better. Though you may feel in your heart and in your gut what the higher choice may be – the higher choice that may be cheered on a bit more. But you will be supported in any choice you make.

Q: I see. We will make choices, and some may lead to the desired result sooner than others.

Tomas: What it comes down to are the lessons that are learned along the way. Making one choice will bring a different set of lessons than another choice. Yet again you will eventually learn the lesson somewhere along the way.

So here we come to your spiritual condition, and where you are now. At this juncture, what Williamson was speaking of was to stretch you so that you may think, feel and act – and you do need to act of course – in a way that propels you on your desired and stated journey of manifestation more quickly than if you make some other choice that may not bring you some of the lessons that you need as quickly or at the time you may need them.

This is where your guidance, your heart and your deeper feelings come in to guide you, as well as your Thought Adjuster. Yet no one is going to tell you what choice to make.

Q: Understood. That is our journey here. Spirit-testing our choices might be a wise option to understand how aligned our choices are with Father’s will. And success in doing so will lead to continued growth in manifesting in this way.


Tomas: Exactly. Beyond the idea of taking action and being aligned to the best of your ability in the Father’s will, what I would further emphasize is the child-like faith and trust in taking those steps which at times may seem illogical or non-linear or certainly stepping outside what you would have normally done in your own mind.

If you truly desire to step into a new way of living, this is how to do it. You cannot step into a new way of living by using the old methods. You have learned this from your Urantia text as well. A society at large cannot move into a new way of living by holding on to its old tenets and ways of doing things.

This is a time of discovery for you, and opening up to the higher possibilities. Trusting our Divine Parents will give you everything to achieve those heart’s desires in a timely manner – in our Divine Parent’s timely manner. As you are to proceed with the coming Magisterial Mission, things are stepping up and manifesting quickly now. This is a time that is ripe for you to step in to this new way of living with great faith and great trust, knowing that whatever happens, whatever mistakes you may make along the way, you will be supported, watched over, loved and provided for in everything that you do. As you step out on that limb you will find that you will have even more support and resources coming your way. We are waiting and eager to provide all that you need to manifest your desires with our Divine Parents. You will come to understand that it is not in your mind so much as in your soul experiences.

It is an exciting time. So, we are here if you stumble. We are here if you decide to leap forward. We are here if you decide to remain in your present way of thinking and doing. We are here to support you however you proceed, as we have been for a very long time. That is just as what every good human parent will do for their children: to guide them along their way, to allow them to make their own decisions, to make their own mistakes, to learn their own lessons – yet all the while giving them all the love, support and protection that they can. Know that you are beloved children of divine parents who love and watch over you every moment. Many of us, your unseen friends and relatives, will cheer you on and do what we can to help you fulfill your dreams and desires.


Thank you today for reaching out to us and allowing us to more actively enter into your hearts and minds, to enter into your decision making in this time of stretching to a new way of living. This too will be a learning experience for us as well as we guide others to a new way of living. It is always a mutual encircuitment and a mutual sharing of learning, living and loving one another. Thank you. We will talk again. (Thank you.)