2011-08-07-Spiritual Prowess

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Topic: Spiritual Prowess

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Ophelius

TR: Chris



Teacher Ophelius: “Today’s message is about spiritual prowess. What do I mean by this?


Spiritual prowess is that need for having superior skill in both spiritual understanding, and spiritual wisdom. This is most important when we are trying to achieve a high calling, which is not to say we do not strive for the highest attainment, but that we are determined to make it our ‘business’ so to speak, to look for weaknesses in our personality that we may strengthen and also to recognize our talents that we may take advantage of every opportunity to become more adept to spiritual awareness in our life’s work. We also look forward to our future work that we are aspiring to see unfold in ways that will lead to the greatest service to the whole -- the alignment of our will with the Creator’s Will.

“While we are working, making these subtle changes day by day, we begin to notice that we are becoming more sensitive to the weaknesses of our brothers and sisters in their attempts at finding understanding, and meeting the expectations of others, who themselves have little understanding of the meanings and values of spiritual acquisition, for which they so diligently portray as the right way or the wrong way of doing or knowing. When we find that we are facing barriers in communication, we sometimes shut down the channel of wisdom and look outside for knowledge that will serve to help us overcome this gap in understanding, yet many times we are not seeking in partnership with our Indwelling Spirit or opening ourselves to guidance by our unseen teachers or guardians. When this happens, we may not always achieve the greatest good or convey the highest meaning in what we are seeking to achieve or communicate.

“If we can recognize these ‘gaps’ in understanding, then we may find the faith to trust what is being spoken to us by the still small voice within. It is this trust in the leadings of spirit that will bring about the greatest understanding of the meanings and values we are trying to convey. So too will we benefit by achieving the greatest progress on our spiritual path when we rely on spirit to provide the opportunities for the attainment of our goals and to be in control of our emotions and have mastery over situations of uncertainty. Use what you know to be true, and go within to seek the answers to that which you do not know. In this way, you allow spirit to work with you to find the right path to provide the greatest service to others and a more perfected transmutation of the Creator’s intention.

“Look for every opportunity to improve your understanding of your fellows while you seek to master the situations of life through sprit leadings. Develop your sense of compassion and be willing to serve as a channel of love that pours forth from the Creator. Be available to fulfill the spiritual needs in those who are in confusion or lack understanding, while recognizing the lessons that are being taught to you and those who are in trial. Spiritual prowess can only come when we are open to accept change in ourselves, and willingness to be led by spirit when we find no solution through our own wisdom.


“Good Day, “The Circle of Seven.”