2011-08-16-Celestial Gender

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Topic: Celestial Gender

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Scribe

TR: George Barnard



The Scribe: “So where do we start? It is always a good place to start at the beginning, thus with the Creator of All. The language that you commonly use is relatively poor, resulting in your inability to find an appropriate, genderless word for the Creator of All. I agree with you that we can hardly call the Creator Father an It. The dilemma is not unlike there being no real terms for ‘the distances in time’ in which Midwayers or Angels are visibly removed from you in time.

“As you do not fully comprehend how -- like distance, area, and volume -- time is divisible and exists in segments, you have no real need to find new names for this, other than time-frames or dimensions in time. For now these will do. As you do not really know how a genderless personality can create or pro-create, your language here especially also lacks the terms, and so you have a choice: You can call the Creator a He or a She. It really would not make any difference, least of all to your God, but you might follow tradition here, where there were thought to be Gods and Goddesses.

“More commonly since ancient times, and on this planet at least, one thinks of the protector of the family, and one calls God almighty the Father, or Our Father. It gets a little more difficult for you as we move down the line of His myriad divine Offspring, and very much more difficult would it be, if you were to know all of the created non-personal beings and their un-revealed functions. Fortunately for you, and saving you from political incorrectness for now during your earthly times, these mind-boggling-in-number creatures, personal and otherwise, will remain unknown to you.

“However, if we start off with those that are on your planet, humans, men and women first of all, it is clear about who is a he and who is a she. With the Secondary Midwayers, also, they are definitely either a he or a she. It does not require a great stretch of the imagination to determine the Cherubim to be a he and the Sanobim a she. And ‘by rights’ the same could apply to the Destiny Guardians, as since with the Cherubim, one is outspoken, the other by nature reflective and thoughtful. When you consider the Morontia Companions it is a little more difficult. One is aggressive, the other ones a little shy, even withdrawn, but basically you can call them both he.

“It is correct to speak of Gaia, Urantia, Mother Earth, as She because She is care-giving, motherly, and this also applies to the Third Source and Center of their immediate relationship. The latter and her daughters are the prolific of creators and therefore, care-giving, feminine.

“Within the 11:11 Progress Group and its receivers this can be the regular terminology – he or she, thoughtfully applied -- not the term ‘it’ for any of the Celestials. Especially in the case of the Thought Adjusters, consider for a moment the gender of their charges. If a female, note the Thought Adjuster as She. If a male, note the Thought Adjuster as He. Take it for granted, already at this stage, that at some future date fusion will take place between the human pilgrim and the Spirit Gift of the Creator, and therefore, the new being will either be a she or a he.


“Well, my human friend, we rather stumbled our way through this transmission at this late hour. However we have not missed anything I wished to bring to your attention. I thank you for staying the distance with me. Sleep is well deserved. I am the Scribe. I thank you.”