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Topic: Artistry

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Athena, 0802-AB-Jack

TR: Gerdean



Gerdean: God the Father, God the Mother, Christ Michael, Nebadonia, and whoever is listening. We reach up to You, across to You and in to You this evening to get to know You better and enjoy Your presence more and more. It is a delight to get to know You, Father God, and to learn of your attributes and qualities and try to adopt them and emulate them in our own lives. Far-fetched as that may seem, we do aspire to be like you! That is, naturally, a long way home but at least we’re started out and so as we’ve started out, let’s enjoy the journey. Thank you so much for giving it to us. Amen.


TOMAS: Good evening, my friends, I am Tomas of the Teacher Corps. It is, as always, a pleasure to be in your presence. I am not going to be your primary instructor this evening but I am going to be your host and touch base with you momentarily. There are so many things going on in your sociology, let’s call it, not to mention your planet and your own minds. There are so many levels on which to operate and so many consciousnesses you dabble with: of course we want to reach as many as possible and so we must be somewhat generic, we group teachers, but there are certainly certain truths that everyone resonates to and that’s where we are rather constrained to stay.

However, let me add that any of you who have ever been in a committed relationship knows that although there are constraints and restraints inherent in the monogamous or structured, limited construct of your making, there is great freedom and happiness within those prescribed boundaries. You no longer have to worry about what the other guy is up to, or the other girl. You no longer have to worry about who is dating someone, or who’s inventing someone, or who’s killing someone in another neighborhood, in another construct. It gives you the opportunity to live within your own domain with reverence, respect, frivolity, security and ministry all rolled into one. When then you have an opportunity to rub shoulders with your peers, you have something to talk about. It is no longer the same-o same-o that becomes monotonous and wears you down.

And, inspired by these thoughts, I will introduce our guest this evening, Athena, who is Gerdean’s mentor in her creativity. Enjoy yourselves, children.


ATHENA: Thank you, Uncle Tomas. This is Athena, the celestial artisan that has indeed been working with your protégé for some time. She has been my protégé also and -- not to fight over Gerdean and who has known her longer or more intimately – I am here to talk about creativity because I know that she and I are not the only ones that enjoy the creative nature. I heard Gerdean say there was a music maker in the audience this evening, and so there are others in league with celestial artisanry one way or another.

This visit is stimulated by several things. I’m not sure they are necessary to iterate, but the thought came today, set forth in The Urantia Book, “Are you becoming increasingly more artistic in your technique of leading hungry souls into the spiritual kingdom?” Are you becoming increasingly more artistic? What delicious phraseology, for I thrive on “artistic” from A to Z.

Artistry is something that many soldiers of the circles neglect to utilize, or they utilize their creative nature in extremely functional ways -- which certainly helps get the job done, but it is missing something. It’s missing something from that dimension that we could call the divine feminine, the right side of the brain, the creative nature as compared to the rational, reasonable, mature, sensible, male side of the brain, the left brain, which, of course, is the primary foundation for civilizations on evolving worlds. But truly one cannot function fully and well without the other, and so there is an integration of energies that come to pass, the polarities emerge, the dichotomies blend and contrast in complemental ways, such that there is rhythm created, there is an orchestration of life itself that allows you to dance or fly as well as march or stride.

Are you becoming increasingly more creative, more artistic? Let me expound for a moment on how artistic I feel you have been, I see you have been, and propose that the very creation of the Teaching Mission itself is artistic. Whether it was drafted on high by those like myself, or whether it was drafted through the personality circuits of the Universal Father, through his Adjusters, into your minds that allowed you then to give rise, to give birth to this concept which has blossomed and flowered into a paradigm of reality we know as the teaching mission. This same delightful expulsion/bursting into life also came about with George Barnard’s 11:11 progress group. Within a very short time, in fact, it had international acclaim. He has woven his character, his personality, his very life with anecdotes that, yes, weave him to his story. He gives testimony through is very life that what he teaches and believes in is true, beautiful and good to the best of his knowledge and he has integrity standing behind him, therefore he is believable and his subject matter is delightful for who is not intrigued to find out that Tinkerbelle is real and fairies are angels who are busy about us night and day, making sure that we are safe, warm, happy, exercised and secure in our faith path.

Artistic. Are you being more artistic? Well, each new epochal decade brings about a new insurgence, a new infusion of some kind of creative artistry. Just to recap, look at the 20’s, the Roaring Twenties. It had character. Everyone who lived through the Roaring 20’s had a frame of reference that was iconic for the level of evolution that existed in that day and time. The wars, they certainly have taken their bites out of history, interspersed through virtually every decade. There was the 60’s, which awakened consciousness through chemistry, another appropriate era for evolving life. And of late we have seen the Teaching Mission, the Monjoronson Mission, the 11:11 Mission and many, many other missions that are in existence to see to it that this planet evolves toward light and life.

There is a major movement afoot to bring about peace. Planetary peace will indeed open the opportunity for a magisterial son to work with the stuff he’s been given to work with. That’s a worthy manuscript to be written. Eventually you will each and all be able to cultivate, enjoy and benefit from your encircuitment to divinity, which is in not only your mind but in every ultimaton of existence, and so you are literally swathed in deity reality. Let yourself soar. Give up your constricting restraints that tether you so tightly to the tried and true, that you neglect to contribute to the progress of destiny. And all of these efforts to progress destiny are creative.

Art of Living

Are they also artistic? Well, that depends upon your dedication, your perseverance, your program. What is your destiny calling? What do you do? What can you do? What are you moved to do? What do you enjoy doing? What do you like to do? What do you to think about? When your mind is wandering, where does it like to go? Does it have any liberty at all? Do you give it permission to enjoy life and see where it will take you?

By my inviting you to investigate artistry in your life, and how you live your life, and how you approach your life, I am not at all recommending that you become reckless or irresponsible, not at all. I am approaching you as sons of God and daughters of Divinity … certainly aware enough to have made your decisions to be perfect in your sphere as God is perfect in His. And so if you want to be all that you can be, the best that you can be in you’re here and now, you have all the wherewithal necessary to tap into the Creator within you, in order to find out how best to demonstrate, illustrate, fashion, create, proselytize, promote, build your passion, that which you feel is your calling. That will, of course, involve from A to Z, everything from soup to nuts, from mechanics to clergymen.

Problem is, you see something that is outside the lines of convention and fear interjects its cautionary yellow flags. This is not a bad thing. This is part of counting the cost. Do you really want to take on that challenge? Do you really want to open that up? Is it something you can’t stand it unless you have done something about it now? Or is it something you can do some other time throughout eternity … if there’s still a need for it. You can’t do everything in one short lifetime here in the flesh. But there is so much you can do. Even living one day at a time, in one day there is so much that can be done, so much artistry that can be seen valued appreciated expressed, given out into your atmosphere, your environment.

It’s like music, heavenly music, the music of the spheres when this kind of energy goes out into the airwaves. It helps to counterbalance the horrors of war of poverty, of malnutrition, domestic violence, human slavery and so forth. There is so much anguish. Chords of joy and true worship, thanksgiving, helps counterbalance that energy, that weight of what you are growing out of, evolving away from, as you latch onto the apron strings of your Creator, as you beg to sit in the lap of God and be comforted, as you insist on being a part of the solution. When your zeal rises up such that it will not be stilled, it would be appropriate to say the moment was pregnant with artistry.

And so I am here this evening to encourage you to give birth. To give it up for life. Life is magnificent indeed, but it is also simplistic. It is just as important that you sing your happy song as to run for office or drive heavy equipment or discover the cure for disease, so don’t be humiliated by your smallness; rather, be strong in your humility. For the truth is, we are creators, and the opportunities to create throughout our eternal career are before us and with us without end.

I’ll give you back to Tomas for open discussion. I’ll be in the wings if you have questions. There are others here visiting this evening and so … well, Tomas, thank you for the opportunity to share your podium, and thank you for your ear.

TOMAS: This is Tomas back again with a big smile on my face, recognizing the artistry that is in evidence this hour – this specific hour, as one of the light line broadcasts. You are indeed inspired by the angels of progress when you take this newfound technology and make it work for you to further the kingdom. All these conference calls now that are springing up like mushrooms in a fertile woods. [Not toadstools, Gerdean. Mushrooms.]

Well, all these creative things that are popping up left and right are interesting, if nothing else, so let’s talk about what’s going on out there and in your life, as well, in order for y out access the floor, you need to press star six (*6). That will allow you to interact with the forum. Please! Come forward. Let’s talk. [Long silence]


Gerdean: Is the phone off the hook? Are we dead in the water? What’s going on? Is there anybody there? “Oh, my God, am I here all alone?”

Student: We’re here.

Gerdean: Okay. Thank you. [Another long silence]

TOMAS: Tomas here. Perhaps you would like to just continue. Shall we have another speaker?

Student: Yes. That would be great.

TOMAS: Gerdean is challenged, as you can imagine.

0802-AB: Jack here. Secondary midwayer Jack, that is. Some of you remember me from before. I am always happy to intercept for Gerdean, whom I have known for over 40 years, earth time. I can’t always get to her because I am often on assignment in other parts of the world but since there was time on the program for another visitor this evening and I was available, I volunteered to come forth.

Yes, I can see you asking me: what kind of assignment was I on recently? Well, you do ask the hard questions, don’t you? I will try to tell you about it. You might not think of us as heavy laborers, but we really do help in times of trouble. And there’s been a lot of trouble on Urantia lately. The storm Irene caused a great deal of havoc and there were many souls to comfort. The angels of seraphic planetary oversight had us hopping, mostly in the field of health because there were many whose health was at risk, whose very lives were at risk and so a great deal of focus was placed there, on watching out for people and helping them out of difficult circumstances whenever possible.

I have a tendency, an inclination, a pattern, to enjoy a wide variety of assignments. I had an extended assignment in … I guess you call it the Far East. It was Thailand, and India, and Singapore and that area, especially Thailand, for some time. I was released after many years of very difficult, challenging and poignant circumstances. I like to think I did some good. I certainly have some memories that I will take with me into my future, maybe all the way to Paradise.

Gerdean: Does anyone hear anything beeping? It’s very distracting (No) I’m sorry, Jack.


JACK: That’s alright. I know what it’s like to drop everything and run to take care of something out of the blue. Anyway, I was saying, I enjoy doing short assignments between long assignments. That seems to help what you would call “break the monotony” of “such a life on such a planet” upon which I have already served for many years and it looks like I’ll be around for quite a while longer. I am not as bitter as that as I used to be, but I do tend to slide into – not exactly cynicism, but something similar -- sometimes, especially when I am tired or burned out. You didn’t think that happened here, did you? Well it does. We do get tired, and when that happens we are given some leave of absence or a new assignment.

It helps us have renewed perspective, and it also keeps us abreast of what’s going on in the evolution of this world, in the lives of the mortals who live in 2011, how they go about their problems, facing their problems, living their lives, dealing with their relationships, discovering wonder, releasing joy. It’s always been fascinating. No matter how tiresome it can get, it is still endlessly fascinating. I’m sure you can understand that. It’s like going to a job that you go to every day for 35 years: it gets boring. But if you love your work, and you love the people you work with, there’s always an adventure, always something to talk about at the water cooler.

Are you on the alert for our energy in your vicinity? I don’t mean to say you should run around following disasters to find us, picking up things, although you will. I mean rather to say that we do other kinds of work. There are other kinds of assignments and, of course, they depend on many things – mainly you. What you are open to. What you are capable of. What you’re willing to. What you can perceive.

There are always messages coming at you. There are hundreds, thousands, legions of angels projecting, projecting, projecting values, inviting situations, just like a massive circuit board with energy just clicking, clicking, clicking, giving you opportunities constantly to go this way or that, this way or that, forward or back, aggressive/submissive, forward/backward, up down, just constantly. And I mean your thoughts. Your thoughts are being bounced around. Your mind is bounced around.

This is what was interesting about Athena’s chat with you. She was talking about this bouncing around but in a delightful, cherubic way, a way that implies order and symmetry and pattern, and that’s certainly true, as compared to chaos, confusion, disaster, mayhem. That goes on, too. And that is a lack of order. That’s not to say it’s all bad. It’s a primitive world you live on! And it was much, much more primitive 200,000, 300,000, 400,000 years ago! It’s getting pretty soft here! Oh, I’m joking, of course. I wasn’t here back then. But it’s gotten a lot softer since I showed up a little more than 37,000 years ago. It was rather barbaric back then, certainly before medieval times. Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of water under the bridge, done a lot of work and am frankly delighted to sit here in this fashion and chat like we were neighbors and friends – which we are! – But how often do we get to do that?


I’m going to invite you to invite me in. If not me, one of my peers, one of my midwayer friends, who – when they are not dealing with another assignment – might have a few minutes and would be willing to stop by, keep you company. You have to be sensitive to our presence, though, or you’ll miss it. And frankly it helps if you send the message out saying, “I’d like some company over here. I have 15 minutes, would someone come keep me company? Could I have a celestial of some sort come over here and mentor me or companion me or comfort me for a few minutes? I’ve got some cosmic problem-solving I would like to go over. Would you send somebody over here to work with me on this problem I’ve got to figure out?” Chances are somebody will show up. The universe would have to be awfully busy – awfully distracted to not respond to your plea.

I know those of you, your housewives for example, who cook dinner ever day (old-school wives still cook dinner every day) and they go to the kitchen and many times they operate as if they were on automatic. They know the recipe. They know the steps you go through. They know where the pans are. They know how to do it. It’s artistry to them. But, if they are not in synch with the creator, the artistry of life itself, it will just not taste quite the way it should. A distraction perhaps would keep you from putting in just enough salt; or perhaps you did not have the particular brand you like that gives it just the right flavor.

You wonder why I am talking about fixing dinner so close to dinnertime. Because I want to point out to you how intimate it is, this God-consciousness, that is not just in your mind where you think, not just in your spirit where you pray, but in your very essence, in your cells, in your molecules, in your blood. And when you are with artistry, you are with the divine, divine order, and it makes life so rich! I know there are people like this because I visit with them. I visit with them at their work bench, in the back when they are milking, on the assembly line, in their classroom. There are precious moments going on all the time and I enjoy sharing them. It reminds me of what we’re working for, why we work so long and so hard. It’s for that repose, that occasion when the human being has become the pinnacle of human existence: civilized, gracious, moderate, productive, ordinary.

And so that will be my little message from the mighty midwayers this evening. What we undertake, we do, and so it has been done. Later!

Student: Thank you, Jack.

TOMAS: And this is Tomas again, returning if your host wondering if indeed there are any questions while we still have scant minutes to share. Star six (*6) will open your circuit. [Long silence] Well ….

Student: It was just a very inspiring talk. I don’t personally have any questions. I just want to go out and try it!

TOMAS: That’s good. That’s good. That’s what you call an apple for the teacher. Thank you.

Student: Beautiful. Thank you!


TOMAS: I am glad to inspire you, and our guest speakers are also glad that you enjoyed their message and feel moved to act on your light of truth. Be mindful of the ways in which you serve as you pass by, and the ways in which you seek to be artistic in bringing people into the Kingdom. Amen and farewell.