2011-10-06-Work of the Realm

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Topic: Work of the Realm

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: 0802-AB-Jack

TR: Gerdean



Centering Prayer: Thank you, God, for pulling us all together. Thank you for the drawing power that we get when we tune into spirit reality. It keeps us from being isolated and wallowing in our isolation, reminds us that the companionship and sociability factors of sonship are worth pursuing and we derive great satisfaction from it. Give us some good teachers here this evening with some meaningful messages for us, something we can chew on or savor, a reminder perhaps, just the fact that you are here with us is good enough but let’s talk about it. Amen.

0802-AB: Jack here, your midwayer friend. I’ve been getting a lot of good air time lately. I’m glad to have the opportunity to interject my two cents now and then. I was tied up for an extended period of time and didn’t get to hobnob as you say and so I’ve been enjoying these opportunities. I also find that those who hear me are appreciative of the proximity. There is certainly nothing wrong with hearing from those higher on the scale of universe creation, but it seems there is a certain satisfaction that is derived from having contact with someone who is so close to you, even sharing so many of your emotions and, in fact, your planet itself.


Of course, we do not delve as deeply as you do into some of the more sentient aspects of existence, but we are not without appreciation for those upper mind and emotional conflicts you get into, those moral and ethical quandaries that occupy your thoughts on occasion, and this is good because it is the real foundation of your eternal career. While you certainly do have the five lower adjutants in common with one another and the animals of existence, we have only the upper two that we share with you and so that really puts us next in line for companionship and we do appreciate your association. Not everyone is comfortable with the concept. There are still a great many fear-ridden mortals who think of us as ghosts or evil spirits or even figments of their overblown imagination, and so you can’t imagine how gratifying it can be to us to be acknowledged as your cousins, your next of kin.


We were recently talking about the Paradise Sons of God -- the Daynals and the Avonals. I know, they are quite a ways away in origin, but they do work, sooner or later, to some degree or another, with the worlds of time and space and so they are not to be overlooked. In fact, any and everything that you have read about in the text is worthy of some degree of consideration or it would not have been put there for your consideration. Some of it is truly just to give you perspective and, as you have an ordinary sense of smallness in the universe, you can reserve your adoration for those who are higher, such as the Paradise Sons, even though you cannot possibly understand them or presume to be much like them.

Still, the truth is, we derive our reality from Paradise – all of us –one way or another, and the pattern is established in Paradise that goes out into the worlds of time and space as an echo, repeating itself farther and farther into the depths of space, allowing that pattern to be repeated in increasingly more imperfect patterns the farther removed from Paradise they become. Even so, they are meaningful glimpses that reverberate within you, that stir within you a recognition, a de ja vous, as if to say “I have seen this before. I recognize this. There is something of value in this for me.” And indeed there us, even though the end result, the ultimate pattern is many light years away, many experiential ages to come.

Even so, how delightful it is to consider these echoes of reality, these imperfect patterns that we perceive here on our native world and anticipate what of them will be repeated, reinforced [and/or] reinstituted on yet other and future levels of pattern. For one thing is certain: if it has lasting value, it will survive. And how fun it is to run into something of lasting value that you recognize in a new paradigm that once was familiar to you from a bygone paradigm! In this way somehow you connect, you bridge the gaps from yesterday to today to tomorrow, and your experiential sojourn through time and space makes sense to you.

It has been a natural result of developing the practice of Stillness, of going within and tapping into the indwelling God fragment, that has enlivened for you and solidified the concept of the I AM and the ability to transcend time and space, if even only temporarily, such that you can identify with Paradise, even developing some of your philosophies based on that premise. But the good news is you will be reaching for that goal for many, many ages, and at each plateau of the journey you will be able to look back, to look at where you have come to rest, and look at what you anticipate next in your future, and thus once more get a picture of where you fit in time and space, and you share this perspective as a creature of time and space with all the other creatures of time and space.


Or “creations”; you can say “creations” if you are more comfortable with that. For some people the word “creatures” is eerie and uncomfortable, just as some people don’t like being called an animal. These are words that are used: sometimes they require a definition; sometimes they can be assumed; sometimes they are assumed and misunderstood. These are part of the risk that is taken. In fact, it is part of the risk that was taken when the Urantia Papers were created, that they would be misunderstood, and indeed they have been many times over, and they will no doubt continue to confuse the issue - not because of their academic knowledge, which is certainly one factor, but because everyone’s interpretation of the book is different.

We used to observe you scratch your head and wonder “What book is he reading?” knowing full well you were both reading the same revelation. But time will tell the truth that your perspectives are different. Eventually, you will learn to value others’ perspectives as you value your own, if for no other reason than, again, having that as a point of reference to compare with your point of reference and to recognize the potential point of reference that you have still to encounter. These observations of the nature of time and space eventually and gradually give rise to a full array of higher feelings and emotions, of tolerance for the difference of other people, other cultures, other races, other ways of life, eventually even other planetary types of life. They help you develop compassion because eventually you will be able to see how limited is the perspective of many of these people and then you will see reflected back to you how limited your own perspective is, all things considered, and you will develop mercy for others because you expect them, or hope they will have mercy for you in your own ignorance.

These are the kinds of spiritual growth lessons that we learn through the Trinity Teacher Sons and the Teacher Corps, as compared to the gifts of the Magisterial Sons and their contributions to the worlds of time and space. They always work in coordination, but their “job descriptions” are not the same. I have to tell you I do not know a lot about either one of them, inasmuch as all this has only been happening fairly recently on this world. And we are absorbing it as you are absorbing it. We are trying to discern things that are, frankly, way over our head, as you might say, “way beyond our pay scale,” but we will find out what we need to find out on a need to know basis. That has always been the case and this, of course, is why we keep striving.


It may be that you strive more than we do, but I won’t make that comparison. I will only say that some of the things you need to overcome are not the same things we midwayers need to overcome and yet we United Midwayers are entrusted with the task of helping Urantia overcome the problems it has been beset with. They are many, and we are busy, and frankly we are cultivating your reality, your spiritual reality, so that you can be helpful, so that you can participate in the work with us. The more you become aware of your own consciousness, the more you become aware of the greater consciousness, the more you are able to pick up cues.

Yes! We now have hundreds of thousands of people looking at the clock saying, “What does this mean? 11:11, 2:22, 4:44. What does this mean? I’m looking at this and suddenly it’s not just a figure on a clock. It’s triggering something in my deep mind. What is this?” Those of you who have figured it out have already rolled up your sleeves and take time for granted. You are citizens of time and space. You are overseen by supernals, heavenly helpers, all the way up to and including Paradise. But you are also finite, and there is nothing more important than the work of your realm, and this is your realm. It is also our realm. We would very much like to see Urantia settled in light and life. We have a long way to go. And while you can be fairly cavalier about that and say, “Well, it’s not going to happen in my life so I’m not going to lose much sleep over it.” I have to say that while that is true, it will happen in my life, and I will lose sleep over it.

Now I didn’t tell you that to make you feel guilty. There is nothing you can do about it to up-step time. But I did convey to you my perspective, and this is just one of the things that we all must realize. We are not all on the same level. We do not all have the same amount of comprehension. We do not all see things the same. We do not all have the same perspective on time and space. There are some who waltz through time and space as if it barely existed and some of us are dependent on it and each – EACH -- is where it’s supposed to be.

I guess my message is to cherish where you are and what you’re supposed to be because this is all you can be right now. I would even go so far as to say “lose sleep over it.” I would! I get very excited about my work. Not only because it’s necessary but because I am completely invested in it. What the United Midwayers undertake, the United Midwayers do,” and what a great body of peers that is. To say what we set out to do, we are going to do. That is teamwork! That is something that I invite you to aspire to attain. Find a meaningful goal – something you can aspire toward together – and throw yourself into meeting that goal. When I say “you,” who am I talking about? You who sit around and talk to invisible people. You who have confidence that there is intelligent life in the universe that is interested in you and your bearing witness to their existence: others who have faith that the universe is thriving with meaningful entities being of service to worlds of beings beyond your grasp; people doing for people, making life more meaningful for others -- all the right stuff.

And this gets us back to morals and ethics, which is the fundamental essence of the Correcting Time, and this, too, brings me back to square one so I will stop preaching to the choir and throw open the doors of communication between us so that perhaps you who are busy at it can seek to consult with your peers as to how you are going about your task, the work of your realm, maybe get some insight from others or inspire others, if you will. At any rate, the floor is open and what is the mechanical …? (Pause) Star six will release you to enter the zone. Come in.



Recca: Well, good evening! This is Jack. Is that correct? JACK: That is correct. And this is Recca, right?

Recca: That is correct! And I’m glad to hear your presence here. Are you a primary or a secondary midwayer?

JACK: Oh, secondary. I’m a secondary midwayer.

Recca: It’s good to hear [voice wavering in and out]. I have several questions and I don’t want to belabor this. First of all, I am trying to acquire the longer view-point that you’re talking about, you’re here for the long run and you’re losing sleep, and your goal of light and life is also my passion. And I’m rereading and listening to the Urantia Book and I was struck recently by the notion by a statement in the Urantia Book that Christianity as it exists right now is part of the revelation of Christ’s last bestowal here, but it is also in an evolutionary phase from the church and economic, political and social overlays over the last 2,000years, and I was very struck by the way it represents Christianity over the years by a group called the Apostolic something or other that casts out demons in current people!

And I remembered, of course, that no one since Pentecost could be taken over by rebel midwayers so I didn’t dismiss that interview content, because I’m trying to develop some tolerance for my planetary brothers and sisters, but I would you to speak to this if you can on what seems to be a retrograde attitude of various world religions at this point – Christianity, Judaism, the Muslims -- religious sects, casting out demons, and this was relating to Governor Rick Perry’s prayer vigil gathering and this priest had organized this event and this was the Apostolic Brotherhood, an evangelical Protestant organization and, as I say, I acknowledge the fact that there is no demonic since Pentecost ….

JACK: You know this intellectually, as a result of reading the book, and you want to know why this is a reality for these people?

Recca: Well, yes, and I would like to know -- since I know there have been no demonic possessions since Pentecost, how can I be more tolerant of this point of view or should I be more forceful?

JACK: The first thing you can do is take a very big deep breath because it will not serve you or anyone else to launch into the middle of the fray with an academic treatise about what the Urantia Book says. You have to realize the Urantia Book has only been here 50 years. It has not seeped its way into the collective consciousness of humanity. What you have here is a reflection of Christianity and not only of Christianity but really of all fear-based religions, and virtually all of the religions are fear-based because they all want you to get holy or something bad will happen.

That’s one of the nice things about this new textbook. Eventually its teachings will infiltrate into the consciousness of humanity such that the passions that drive them will subside. The thing is, however, you have a bunch of fear-based people who are confused about religion, who watch a lot of television and movies not only about zombies and vampires, but religious films that are filled with ignorance – religious ignorance. The book recently out – I don’t know his name, the Angels and Demons guy who wrote about the seed of Christ --.


Recca: Sure, that’s Dan Brown.

JACK: Yes. These trigger the mind of man, stimulate his imagination, and he goes back to his thoughts that were formulated through the Church and through the ancient mysteries, dramatized through the Middle Agesdarkness, dungeons, beheadings -- going back to demonic possessions -- these are all fears that are fed by ignorance and they will not go away until such time as the individual believer – he is not even a believer – until the individual is transformed by a genuine religious experience.

The attempt is being made here to ease their minds. It’s a technique. Whether they are aware of what they are doing or not doesn’t matter, but if this person believes they are possessed, they might as well be possessed because their mind is going to feed it and trigger it and chew on it and hang onto it and act out on it and bleed and drool and do horrible things and wail and gnash teeth and whatever it is that it pictures the devil to be. This is a mind thing; it is not possession. Unless you want to say, “Oh, my God, I am possessed by the devil. I have to have chocolate cake! The devil made me do it!” Well, it’s the same thing, really. You have something in your mind; you have a need, a craving, an obsession, a fixation, and you are blaming the devil for it. The devil has nothing to do with it. It’s sheer ignorance.

But they are ignorant. And so the Church is trying to –not just the Church – there are many people who are trying to relieve these people of their suffering and some of them are genuinely reaching for a miracle, or a healing, and there are some who are looking for remuneration, or fame. It’s a very sad commentary, really, and yet it’s no surprise. If you had seen some of the things we have seen over the centuries, this is really rather civilized!

Recca: Yes, it is, now that I have reflected on it as I listened to the interview. I thought, “My goodness, we’ve come a long way!” as you say, from ghost fears, and the Urantia Book describing activities that we now no longer practice in any of the evolutionary religions.

So, Jack, what I’m asking now is, short of spending time in the Silence, which is … I commend your current daily work, working for the Correcting Time goals, and I identify completely with these things. We don’t know what’s coming next and have faith that we will know on a need to know basis, and I share your confidence that there is time in the world to do this and I love the secondary midwayers –most of all because we’re working on this together, and I appreciate your being frank and collegial.

JACK: By all means. And I appreciate your assistance toward the end goal also, but in the meantime I want to say that just because there are issues floating around, in vogue, does not mean you need to do anything at all about them. Sometimes giving them no energy at all is the most positive thing you can do.

Recca: Sure. Exactly.

JACK: Sometimes to argue with something is to bring up Mota 28 and you have nothing but argument hereafter and nothing is resolved. So, observe that the universe is working as it should. If you are not a member of this Apostolic Group that is casting out demons, you really need have no emotional response. It’s not your business. It’s not your task. What is your task? What is Recca called to do, in terms of bringing about the desired results in your life?

And when I speak of light and life for the planet, that is a very far-reaching goal that we have. It is almost better to think about, how about, Light and Life for me? Light and Life for my family? Light and Life for my neighborhood? It’s not to say to start small, because there is nothing small about a fledgling soul, for a young family, or an extended family. These are the work of your realm. This is, in fact, what is your daily task. So your goal can be within your grasp. At the end of your life, then, you will be able to say, “I have met my goals. I have participated in the settling of Light and Life on this world. It is closer to Light and Life as a result of my having been here,” and so you will have served, even though your time here is really relatively very short.

Recca: Thank you.

JACK: And thank you. Don’t feel that your life is insignificant, that just because you are not on the staff of the Magisterial Son or the director of the celestial pageantry or an Apostle. These are the tasks of those people, not millions of other ordinary beings like ourselves. It depends upon the workers. It depends upon those who “chop wood, haul water” far more than those who shine as if they were the Brilliant Evening Star. This is one thing I learned from watching the Master. I learned something about humility.


I think perhaps it’s time for us to wind up our session? Is there something else before we call it quits for the day? Anyone else? (Pause)

Geoff: This is Geoff in Texas. I just wanted to thank you for being here. JACK: And thank you!

Geoff: I just wanted to point out that the human perspective, being so limited, sometimes when you speak about the vastness of space and how the journey we are on is an infinite journey, it is extremely difficult for a human being to maintain that perspective and still get up in the morning, so I’d just like to say we are doing the best that we can and we appreciate assistance and I, for one, would dearly love to have a little bit closer contact, if that is ever possible. I realize that’s a matter of receptivity rather than choice, so I just wanted to say that and please continue to do these meetings because, for some of us, it’s all that we are hanging onto at the moment, as far as reality is concerned.

JACK: Thank you, Geoff, for your very endearing thoughts and words. Yes, for you and I, the infinitude of the heavens is beyond our grasp. The work at hand is enough to keep us busy, but it is also like the boys who look up to the stars at night and know there are many adventures out there. I and you can appreciate that there are many adventures out there even as we plod along in our daily toil. Even here, however, we are not alone. We are accompanied by legions of helpers, seen and unseen. You have your indwelling Adjuster, your adjutant mind-spirits, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth you have midwayers, cherubim, seraphim, and many other known and unidentified entities who are participating in the process with you. Just keep doing what you are doing, put one foot in front of the other, have faith, have trust that there is a plan afoot and you are a part of it. You are indeed cherished, personally cherished, and so cherish one another.

Geoff: Thank you, Jack. I appreciate that. I will just continue my practice and hope things will become clearer when it’s the time.

JACK: Don’t feel desperate, Geoff. There is nothing to get anxious about. Just be who you are and let it unfold as it will. It’s a gift to be opened one day at a time. Having received the gift, then you can give it to others. Let us be on our way! Later!