2011-11-18-Coversations with Monjoronson-Healthcare

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Topic: Healthcare

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael


  • Moderator: Michael McCray, M.D.


Invocation: Heavenly Father, our Creator, we rest in your bosom, your lap, in consciousness and with love. Though you are always here it is for us to accept you, to drink you in, to become one with you, your presence is ever here with us. We are so grateful for that. We share this peace in love with others, as your Son gave as example. We are grateful! Amen

MMc: Good morning, Monjoronson. Welcome.

MONJORONSON: Good morning.

MMc: Would you like to say anything to our audience or to us before we begin?


Magisterial Mission

  • The new phase of our work is developmental

MONJORONSON: Yes. Our efforts are steady and sure. The faltering that you perceive is truly just your own questioning about how we are proceeding. We have entered into a new phase of our work and it is no longer exploratory, but it is developmental, and we have invoked some developments that will bring about evolutionary changes in your world and in your societies. You will see evidence of this in your media—not as anything spiritual, of course—but as the questioning of the reality that is around you, of the social conscience that is evident of a change of attitude. This will be slow, but it will be progressive and we will be guiding those individuals who will be key to these developments. The Most Highs are also involved in this directly with the groups and organizations that mankind has established around the world in their societies, their governments, companies, organizations and so on.

Be at peace, my friends, be at peace. We are here, God is here, Christ Michael’s presence is here, the Mother Spirit’s presence is here and we are, at one time, putting a nice warm blanket of comfort upon your world, and at the same time, urging you to wake up. This is not a juxtaposition of our intention, but it is to calm your fears and urge you into rational, loving, spiritual action.


MMc: Thank you. So we are seeing things in the news that seem to indicate that the world is changing, at least in its basic philosophies about war and dictators and who should be in charge. You say that is the developmental path that you are taking at this time?

MONJORONSON: It is not so much about dictators and administrations; it has to do more with the cultural aspect that under-girds every society. It is the culture that must change. We hope you keep in mind that we are doing our utmost to avoid political revolution and destruction in advanced democracies and societies, that there must be a rational way forward. Revolution and war is archaic and is destructive to the best, to all elements, in a society. This would be a regression of tremendous scale to occur in your world, and we are doing the utmost to avoid that. Rather than working with individuals and leadership groups, which is the venue of the Most Highs, we, on the other hand, are working with cultural influences that under-gird all of your societies, the major portions of your populations, that the attitude and opinions of the masses is important, and that they truly are empowered and will be even more so in the future.


  • Healthcare is the major topic today

MMc: The topic we picked for today is “healthcare.” Sometime during the last century, healthcare became a business here in the United States. Today in America it is a 2.6 trillion dollar a year business and everyone wants their piece of the profit in this. Like any business, next year they want to make more money than they made this year. We, the people, who must use healthcare, are expected to pay for this one way or another. So it is not surprising that in the United States the number one cause of bankruptcy is medical debt. The healthcare system in America is terribly broken; it is very expensive, it has tremendous inequities, and unless it gets a complete overhaul, it is only going to get worse. Like many of our institutions, the healthcare system is unsustainable. Current attempts to fix it are ineffectual. In our perspective as humans, these problems are serious, seemingly insurmountable. It is clear, at least to me, that we don’t really know how to fix it. I am hoping that you will share your perspectives with the rest of us.

Looking around our world for solutions, there are several other healthcare models. None of these are attractive to our population or our government. We are aware of The Urantia Book Paper, “Government on a Neighboring Planet.” In that Paper, it appears that industry had some concern in health matters, but mainly the cost of healthcare was left up to the families—the government did not get involved. But if I remember correctly, that government did a much better job than our own, in training people and keeping them employed, and I suspect their healthcare was much more regulated by government than our own.

The first question is: Considering the number of people who are out of work, or already on welfare, how do we transition to a situation where all individuals are responsible for their own healthcare?

Who is responsible for healthcare?

MONJORONSON: Everyone now is responsible for their own healthcare—that does not change over time, or with any governmental policies or programs. What you are asking [for] is, equitable healthcare for everyone. Am I wrong?

MMc: No, you are not wrong, but it is the cost of this healthcare that is borne by the individual and….


  • Who is responsible for the cost of healthcare?

MONJORONSON: Your focus is on the wrong elements. The cost is not the business of the individual; you are principally dealing with an immoral service to the public. You remember, many decades ago where there was a charge for using public toilets, and that you were prevented from using public toilets if you did not have the money to pay for it, but your bodily functions were still going to function. It is as immoral to charge—make profit—on medical services. Everyone has a body, everyone has health issues—positive and negative—and these cannot be stopped. That industry, typical in this country, the United States, is immoral; it is founded upon the business principle of profiting from the illnesses of individuals’ bodies. This is completely unsustainable and immoral. The ethics of it are horrendous and destructive to individuals, and sets an immoral model for legitimate business.

The underlying assumption of healthcare is that it is a business. It is not a business! It is a “right” to have healthcare. If you fall out of an apple tree and break your arm, you will need to have it set and go upon your way. The American model of healthcare is inherently pernicious, destructive and victimizing. It victimizes everyone if you have a body, and of course, everyone has one, so you are all victimized. The wealthy are victimized and so are the poor. This paradigm of medical care must change. This change will occur in the coming decade in your nation, along with many other public concerns. It is one where there will be a tremendous revolution. You will eventually see the destruction of hospitals in your media. This will be most unfortunate, as it will limit healthcare even further.


  • There is a time for death

There is a second issue concerning life in your nation, and that is [that] death is the anathema of everything, yet death for those who are in serious physical trauma is a wonderful, loving, caring exit. There is a time for death and there is not a time for death. When you have lived a full life and you are now physically debilitated, mentally debilitated, death is a wonderful option. Those who are in agony need an exit besides a continuous morphine drip. This must change, it will change and it will change because it will be abhorred, loathed and in contempt by the majority of the masses who are without healthcare.


  • Extreme individualism

There is a further aspect that is cultural and peculiar to this nation, and that is the extreme individualism that is rampant in your society. We have spoken of this before, where individuals have far too much independence and aloofness from their society. This engenders tremendous egoism on the part of the individual so that they are [the] primary, primo individual, who must come first in all things and that they cannot succumb to death as do the masses, but [in] that eventuality, it comes for everyone. This is a cultural trait as well, for your nation, and this too must change. There must come about the integration of the individual as unique in a family, dependent upon the family and the family is dependent upon the individual. This is a family dynamic which needs to be developed in your nation.

In many ways, your nation is highly broken socially, and is on the verge of internal collapse. There are many exceptions to this in your nation, and they are very evident, where you see happy, healthy families and content individuals within the family dynamic. There are structures for teaching this to families; it is very progressive, it is generational and must not succumb to the vagaries of budgets, but must become a part of the education of your social structure, down to the individual so that social sustainability becomes possible. You have opened up quite a “can of worms” with your question concerning the healthcare system. It is broken; it is corrupt; it is immoral and must change.

MMc: Thank you. Most of my questions today have to do with how broken it is and hoping that you might see some way that we can go about correcting it in an incremental manner, but to hear you talk, it seems like what we need to do is actually scrap the system and rebuild it from the ground up. Am I correct in that assumption?

Profit, Service

  • A change from profit motive to service motive

MONJORONSON: That is exactly right. It needs to be changed from a profit motive to a service motive, and that the profits not be owned by a corporation, but as a quasi-national healthcare organization that is also not governmental. It is important that this not become a governmental function, but that simply new laws be devised that bring about the development of non-profit health organizations. The distribution of profits in the form of dividends is not much different than many illegal activities. This is “blood money” at it’s worst, in the form of healthy, helpful healthcare. Many healthcare stockholders are not aware of this immoral activity. It must be moved in the general public’s mind, that this model is unsustainable, further it is immoral, and needs to be organized in a way that is not in the hands of corporations who can manipulate legislators and congress through powerful lobbies, money and influence—and that is another topic as well.

  • Healthcare as a supportive element of societal sustainability

You see, you must begin to think of healthcare as a supportive element of societal sustainability, not short term, but in the long term of 50 years, a hundred years, 250, 500 years. How does healthcare fit into this picture? You would need to project or devise a vision for healthcare 500 years from now, and use the schematic of sustainability to begin designing that state. And then of course, you would need sociologists, economists and cultural anthropologists to help you stage the incremental developments that would lead to it, and stepping it back to the current time. This is how you devise and design sustainable healthcare. What would healthcare look like 500 years from now? Would there only be one healthcare corporation that would hostage ill people, sick people, injured people, for their life savings, their life’s income for their healing? Certainly not, as there would be “blood in the streets” because of that position, wouldn’t there? No, it must be something different. What you are seeing here in this nation through its healthcare system, is the development of a healthcare process, service, that can be revised through a new modality of sustainability in healthcare. Similarly as education, there is no need to build different hospitals or schools; it is simply that you have different activities go on within those areas. Healthcare and education are very similarly dysfunctional and irrational at some degree, in your nation and need to be radically revised.

Sustainability, Euthanasia

  • Healthcare designed by co-creative design teams

MMc: I am not aware of any co-creative design teams that have worked on healthcare at this time. (Monjoronson: Unfortunately!) Yes. But I believe that one of the values necessary for sustainability would be quality of healthcare for everyone.

MONJORONSON: This is one of the standards that must be established in your design. You, as well, must be able to make the moral decisions about who dies and who does not die. You think this is immoral, but it is a highly moral topic that must be designed into the topic of sustainability. When you realize that 70% of all healthcare costs are incurred in the last two weeks of life of patients, then you realize that this money really simply goes into the grave, does it not?

MMc: Yes, it does.

MONJORONSON: My friend, I would urge you to begin to work for the development of a design team for healthcare, and I leave it at that. You could begin at the global level; you could begin at the local level, and you eventually will have those two ends meet, but it must be done by someone who has an interest in the medical field, who understands the rather simple process of co-creative design team work. Your side—your mortal side—is not short of any support from us to begin this process; it is something that we have been urging you to do for many years now. You have asked the question, so I put the challenge to you, is there anyone willing to work on this in a face-to-face manner? We again urge you to work in team settings, as the dynamic of face-to-face work is extremely important to your spiritual development as individuals, as a team, and as a growing consciousness. Telephone and television/computer conferences are helpful for coordinating information, but the product from the development of a united consciousness is far lacking.

MMc: My situation is changing so that I might be able to meet face-to-face with a few individuals to try to get a design team together.

MONJORONSON: You will find no shortage of individuals, even in your locale, who would be interested in this work to develop these designs. Yes, it is theoretical in nature, but this is how all good services begin in the beginning. They need not be spiritually centered, but that would be helpful. They must be willing to accept the option of receiving outside, unseen assistance, or to be at least aware that this is occurring with one or two of the members of the team.

MMc: I understand, yes.

Collective Intelligence

MONJORONSON: Do you understand the concept of remote computing? Where an agency that has a huge mathematical problem uses the computer services of volunteers around the nation, and connects the computing power of hundreds, if not thousands of computers, throughout the 50 States, for example, to use them in unison for resolving highly complex and detailed computations for the resolution on huge mathematical problems.

[Note from the editor: SETI did this in the early 1990’s to process radio frequency emissions coming at Urantia from all directions, looking for ones that might be signs of intelligent communication from other worlds. When our computers were idle, SETI used them to scan these signals.]

Once you begin to develop these co-creative design teams, and particularly in the medical field and in education, as there is tremendous public interest in these fields, and they are desperately in need of assistance, that you will find that the work of hundreds of teams throughout your nation and around the world will have similar solutions and will be addressing issues which are not addressed by other teams, and that eventually these material designs would be brought together into a collating facility for developing cohesive, consistent and contiguous designs of medical care, policies and in-service delivery formats.

MMc: In looking through my questions, most of them have been answered, if not specifically, at least in generalities that make the specific questions obsolete at this point. So I am looking through the questions to see if I can come up with something that is going to be interesting.

MONJORONSON: Certainly. Take your time.


  • Looking at alternative forms of medicine

MMc: Anyone from the outside, looking at our transcript would think that we are talking about strictly Western medicine, when we are dealing with healthcare. Healthcare in the United States is basically Western medicine. Alternative medicine is making some advent here, but there is one aspect of this that I think will be significant 500 years from now, that is not significant at the moment, and that is “spiritual healing.” About a year ago, I became a part of a group of spiritual healers and working with this group, has been of benefit to some very ill people. I have seen modest improvements in their physical symptoms, like pain and disability, also improvement in their emotional symptoms, and the increase of spirituality, not only for our patients, but for those among the group. I believe that our abilities as healers are improving, and I believe that this form of healing will be used more and more in the future. Would you care to comment?

MONJORONSON: Yes, in the future, 500 years from now, your healing arts will be extremely well developed and mature. If you look back a century ago, your medical technologies and methodologies were very primitive and were highly susceptible to error, as you saw the “scientific arts of phrenology”, for instance, and healing through some very dangerous substances that were recommended for individuals to use at the time. This has changed radically and rapidly in the last 50-70 years, and will change even as much or more so in the next 50 years. As your quantum field scientists become more aware of the power of mind to alter the atomic level of activities within a body, this will have an impact on the metaphysical treatment, healing modalities that you have begun to practice. Your allopathic healing arts will become much more efficacious, and all procedures will become very well known and routine. There will be almost nothing that cannot be done allopathically, and there will necessarily become a marriage between the naturopathic healing arts and homeopathic substances along with the psycho-spiritual activities of minds, directing energies to the specifics of mind and body.

There will also become the activities of your spiritual groups, as you belong to, that will become much more honed in their accuracy and their effectiveness, such that there will be a sense of “oneness” of mind in healing that occurs. It would be as though there is a “hive” mentality, a focused consciousness on an individual or a family or community that needs healing—that is physically, socially, emotionally. You will see a tremendous advance in these activities and their effectiveness as time goes by. Right now, the compartmentalization of these healing arts is working against this effort. However, as your society moves into social sustainability, it will be seen that these modalities that bring about emotional/spiritual/physical/social healing must work together, and that sustainability is made more possible and dependable as there is a union of the healing arts.

This is where your educational systems will come into the front of these advances to bring the public up into awareness of these changes and that their active participation is necessary. There will as well become a tremendous awareness in that the negativity that exists in individuals, families and communities is something that must be addressed as well. The organized forces of light will dominate and will generate harmony, union and oneness, whereas the individual efforts of darkness and ignorance do not work in unison. Eventually these dark, ignorant forces or energies as thought forms in individuals and elsewhere, will be slowly eliminated, but surely eliminated. This is part and parcel of the development, paradigm shifts that will occur in your society, as your world moves into sustainability, one community at a time, one society at a time.

MMc: We have a lot to look forward to.

MONJORONSON: Yes, you will see huge changes if you were to live another 50 years; you will see immense changes, turmoil and such, in the next 10-20-30 years, which are necessary for the reorganization of your societies into a much more sustainable form. The old paradigms must crumble, and in crumbling there will be a great deal of disarray, uncertainty, confusion, but there will always be the rays of organization that lie ahead, which must begin to be developed now, at this time, before that crumbling begins.

MMc: Would you tell me, please, the nature, function and impact of the pineal gland? As it relates to spiritual development?

MONJORONSON: I will not go over this again, as this has been well covered in prior transcripts, and I would urge you and readers to do research in finding those sources.

MMc: Monjoronson, you have given us quite a bit to think about. I have some other questions friends have sent me on various other topics. Would you like to get into that today, or would you…. (Monjoronson: Certainly.)


  • The growing trend of fundamentalism

Militaristic religion and the coercion existent in some countries have eliminated religious freedom in many parts of the world. How can we counter the growing trend of fundamentalism among religious leaders?

MONJORONSON: The tenets of sustainability will be highly useful to demonstrate—perhaps not prove, but demonstrate—that certain religious tenets of fundamentalism are not socially sustainable. There will come about in the years and next decade, where this sustainability test will be given to your various religious codes and beliefs and attitudes across the board, and there will be a tremendous outcry among the public that these tenets of religion and beliefs are unsustainable and brought into question. You see, you are entering the field of development of your world of the questioning of the basic fundamental beliefs of your societies and of your religions and of your economic processes, as well as education and the medical healing arts and fields.

That all must contribute to the sustainability of your world, socially. And, I am reluctant to use the term “true religion”, but earnest, honest and sustainable religion tenets will prove themselves to be infinite in term and infinite in capacity to support your societies. What I am speaking about is a huge global, cultural revolution where all aspects of your societies are brought into question as to their sustainability. You will see, when this becomes a wildfire of activity, the proving and disproving of various beliefs, which are in error, whether they have been held tightly to a belief system for decades or centuries or millennia, that it will be shown that they are not sustainable, while others are shown to be sustainable. I will give you an example: The aspect of one single gender clergy is worthy of being the primary educators, holders and performers of religious ritual, is unsustainable, because it violates the aspect of equality of individuals. It violates the quality of life and of growth, where both genders have this identical capacity spiritually to demonstrate their capacities to be wonderful educators and conveyors or religious rituals, ceremonies, procedures and truths. These will come into question, as will many others.


  • Evolution, not revolution

It will become quite a storm—cultural storm—that you will see within many professional fields, when they become questioned, when public policies, religious beliefs and economic beliefs, and so on, come into question from the aspect of sustainability. It will be great fun for intellectual rebels; it will be great fun for evolutionaries—I say evolutionaries, rather than revolutionaries, because they will be bringing the new era, the new paradigms into existence, where if you are going to refute the truths, the beliefs that have been long-held for centuries, then you must as well develop replacement beliefs that will last for millennia, and for the duration of civilization.

MMc: Does the majority of the world’s population remain under the control of tyrants, religious fundamentalists for the next 30 years, or will there be a springtime of freedom for everyone, before you arrive in the flesh?

MONJORONSON: You will see a springtime of freshness around the world. The phenomena that you are witnessing in the Middle East and Arab countries, will be typical of what will occur around the world. This is a social evolutionary development, which is unstoppable. As education becomes more endemic to all populations, you will see that those cultures/societies, which are less capable than older societies, will leap into their new paradigms more quickly. It is similar to what happens in a large family with numerous children, that younger children see the mistakes and successes of older children, and avoid those mistakes and go directly to the successes. So too, will societies around the world change as education becomes much more common to all populations.

Self Realization

  • A change from quantitative to qualitative life

The development of the Internet is one of the most important facilitators of this development, as now all information is accessible to everyone. There are certain societies, certain political regimes that are unsustainable. All dictatorships, all totalitarian, all fundamentally communist political regimes are politically unsustainable. They are unsustainable for the same reasons that your economy is unsustainable as a culture, because it is dependent upon the mistaken quantitative interpretation of life that you attain more value as you accumulate money and material wealth. What you are seeing in this springtime is the qualitative change that is infusing all of those populations. This simply cannot be stopped. When there is one success, as you have seen in Tunisia, you will see in Syria eventually. This will lead to one more success.

The hierarchical schedule of fulfilling human needs, as Maslow described, will continue on, and your societies will move from one rung to another more quickly, as the lower rungs in societies become educated and fulfilled in that regard. You see that sustainability is a “must” that will engender further efforts of quality in the lives of individuals. Even today in very wealthy countries, you see young individuals who have control of many millions of dollars, and can do anything they wish; they could go on an around the world two-year tour, and come back with more money in their accounts than when they left, but yet, they are lacking meaning, substance, fulfillment, contentment and happiness. They still wonder who they are. This is simply an outcome, a development that the quantitative measures of life are unsustainable and unfulfilling. You have seen in other cultures—Eastern cultures—where there are individuals who are incredibly poor, but they have a life of meaning, who have a wealth of quality in their life and in their personal relationships, and their own life within themselves, as having a life that is meaningful, fulfilling and contributing to the welfare of others in very positive ways. Wealth is not a measure of that, but there must eventually become an amalgamation between this quality and quantity of life and living, so that everyone is able to have access to the material necessities that support the development of a quality life.

Out of Body Experience

  • Astral travel

MMc: Is there a difference between the astral plane and morontia realms?


MMc: Is the astral plane equivalent to the borderland?


MMc: Should astral travel be promoted?

MONJORONSON: It is something that can be practiced; it is something that can be done. For some it is useful; for others it is escapism, similarly as using drugs, leaving this plane to aspire or travel to another plane of reality. It is something that is useful as it contributes to other areas of personal service—I will put it that way.

MMc: Is it a means to explore the morontia realms?

MONJORONSON: That is possible, yes. It is highly useful if you plan to do that though, to have a morontial guide to take you there and show you the sights.

MMc: What is doing the actual traveling? Is it the soul?

MONJORONSON: No, it is your consciousness; it is your awareness.

MMc: According to The Urantia Book, we don’t possess personal means of travel or transport until we reach Havona.

MONJORONSON: That is what the book says.

MMc: But I can recall one instance of having an out-of-body experience where I was able to reach higher realms by the power of thoughts. This experience seems to contradict that particular statement in The Urantia Book. Would you care to elaborate?

MONJORONSON: How would you elaborate that? I challenge you! You are on the right track.

MMc: It seems that your consciousness is doing the traveling here, and the ability from consciousness to move, doesn’t mean that you are moving your physical being, whether that physical being is actually flesh and blood or a spiritual being. You are moving your consciousness to a different locality.

MONJORONSON: That is correct. Your consciousness, as we have said many times before, is non-dimensional and non-temporal. You can project your consciousness to leave this planet, to access the planes of other planetary systems. You have seen where scientists now have begun to explore other planets, that there are other solar systems around other stars. You could accurately place yourself in that realm, light years away, instantaneously, if you chose to do so, to explore the planets, how they looked and what life was there, if any. You as well, can travel to the Hall of Records on Salvington or Edentia, if you wish to see that. You would be welcomed by the receptionist, the Guardian of Records. You could go to the Sea of Glass, the planes of glass, or to the Court of Christ Michael, himself. There are no limits to your consciousness; you would be recognized, identified, it would be known where you were from. If you came to those areas you would be immediately greeted and given a tour of what you wished to see. There are some areas which are off-limits, of course, to your consciousness and you would probably not first be able to access that unless you had special permission and had asked for it.

MMc: What you are speaking of is of course what John was able to do—the Apostle John, was able to do—when he speaks of his travels in “Revelation.”

MONJORONSON: That is true.

MMc: I have been able to use my imagination to see into the future, or to see various things, but there is a disconnect for me at the moment. I’m not at the point where I am ready to try that yet.

MONJORONSON: Let me help you. Your imagination is mind based and limited to your mind. Your consciousness is not limited to your mind. Your volition is what engages your consciousness to project itself to seek and search, and to become aware. Let us go back to the statements in The Urantia Book: You are becoming more and more aware that The Urantia Book had a particular purpose in its publication, and that was to make the general population far more aware of a much larger universe than it had ever been aware of, and help the readers to understand that there is an under-lying organization of support to everything that occurs. It also had the function of limiting the curious minds of those who would stray from the duties of mortality in learning the lessons here. Escapism is one of the facets that The Urantia Book does not invest any time in. In fact, it has avoided all forms of escapist thinking and behaviors, attitudes and beliefs, so that the readers would focus upon the primary duties of mortal life and that is to learn lessons and to strengthen their belief system, in preparation for engagement with their morontial career. Remember, beliefs are a map that you take with you, when you crossover, after the mortal death. Your beliefs are what help you devise, design and develop the reality that you enter into. When individuals have erroneous beliefs and crossover with them, they oftentimes sidelined themselves for centuries and millennia before they come to a wider consciousness of the reality that exists on the other side.

It is important that mortals be aware of this belief system, that is very important for them to enter into the stream of ascending souls. The ascendant career is dependent upon accurate placement, shortly after death. If you anticipate waking up in the Resurrection Halls, then you will. If you think that you will be in a garden in Heaven, attending your carrots and rutabagas, and having bunnies and birds in your garden, then you can have that as well. The universe is very generous, and the consciousness that you carry with you, and the reality that you develop, is yours. This is very inefficient, and therefore, we have striven to give your planet an accurate map of beliefs to help you crossover effectively and engage your ascendant career immediately, rather than later.

MMc: That completes my questions for today. I would certainly like to thank you, Monjoronson, for your comments and your frankness today. The fact that you have been willing to expand on some of these issues and give us a little more understanding about what we will see in the immediate future and what we need to do with changing our healthcare system, and elaborating for us on consciousness, so that we might see some of the things that are now open to us, that have previously been closed. Thank you very much!

  • Is there anything that you would like to say before we close?



MONJORONSON: I would like to provide the closing for you then. Christ Michael told you that when in confusion, you were welcome to take on his mind, the mind of Christ. Through this mind of Christ you can be in partnership to explore your world, and to bring about a great improvement in your world through your dedication, commitment and of service to your world. He is your “Host”; he is your guide in life; he is your example; he is your Creator, and he is your brother—all these things and more. We are here to assist him in the full development of the inhabited worlds of his domain of Nebadon, for service to his worlds and to the journey of ascendant souls to Havona, to be in union with our Creator, the First Source and Center, for our ultimate service. And so, I hope you will give thanks for this journey, as I do, and for the experience of being here with you to share these insights. They may assist you to begin the hard work of reinventing your societies, to move toward sustainability to lives of quality that contribute to the ascendancy and growth of all souls, whether they are believers now or not. So we give thanks to your efforts. Good day.