2011-11-29-Tones of Glory

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Topic: Tones of Glory

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Damascus Scribe

TR: Lytske



The Scribe: “It pleasures me greatly that after some hesitation on your part, you give me the green light to say a few words. And this is in relation to your previous thoughts, what it would be like to stand in the presence of God to join with the angels in the choir singing Tones of Glory to the eternal Giver, of all that was ever created, is now in the present moment being created, and will forever be so created, even in the outlying giant universes now being formed.

“It is well nigh impossible for me to explain all that has happened in the eternal past and what is going to happen in the eternal future, when you humans are having quite enough on your plate in your mortal existence here, to learn to love each other, and do the will of God open-heartedly and with joyful abandon.

“It is quite enough for you to learn here on this planet as to how to conduct yourself civilly towards each other.

“However, it is truly a joy when some humans are already entertaining thoughts of what it would be like to stand in the presence of the Creator, to sing anthems in Tones of Glory to the Giver of life, and all the potentials each one is heir to, being the evolving offspring of this selfsame Creator, who has given you all untold opportunities to become what is his pleasure to endow you with.

“Even that realization in the here and now ought to be enough to, even on this planet, bring forth more anthems of Glory to the Eternal One in gratefulness of all the Gifts he has embedded so deep within you all, so all of life can be one great discovery tour, never mind how long it is going to take for you to eventually stand as a perfected being in the halls of Glory, and actually hear all the tones which even now with the most majestic strains of music on this planet only serve as very faint echoes.

“Think about how you would feel, being allowed to fill yourselves with glory and praise to the One, who has made the whole ascension journey possible for you, you who have come up from the dust of the planet. Many times have I witnessed and marvelled at the wondrous expressions of completed mortals, who finally after their eternal journey stand in the presence of the Universal Father of all things and beings.

“Imagine what it would be like to finally meet the subject of your adoration. The finality of it all! After that long wished for fulfilment to experience further adventure of service in the outlying universes now in formation!

“Please, start thinking outside the box and hold not your thoughts earth-bound, lest all future blessings fail to be part of your experience. Faith and trust is what it takes, and the bringing forth of the fruits of the spirit. Start glorifying the Great One already as thanks for life itself and for being able to exercise your free will to make all this happen. Praise, love and gratitude are the keys to God’s Kingdom.”